Another Uchiha?! (A Sasuke Love Story) Ch.16

I'm so mad, I just tried to make this quiz and it got an error generating it. DeathRose12020, KimaraMew, and Inuyasha1618 all have great Sasuke storied, also KadiBug and Araisboy have really good stories, but they're not Sasuke stories, I still recommend them though, and I know it's been a long time since I updated but with school, bestfriend fights, my great-grandpa's 89th b-day, and other such things my life's been hectic.

Created by Azrael13 on Thursday, September 17, 2009


Recap:Let's see, they're about to enter the chunin exams.
We were about to enter the doors when we heard a voice behind us.
Lee:"hey you, with the attitude, hold on."
Everyone, excluding me:"huh?"
Sakura looked freaked, I was just annoyed.
Sasuke:"What do you want?"
Lee:"I want to fight, right here and right now."
Sasuke:"you wanna fight me here and now, huh?"
Lee jumped down from the balcony thing, or whatever it was he was on.
Lee:"Yes, my name is Rock Lee, you said it is common curtesy to give your own first right, Sasuke Uchiha?"
Sasuke:"hmm, so you know me."
Lee:"I challenge you, everybody's always talking about the Uchiha clan, and how great they are, I want to see if it is true, I figured you would be a good test for me, and also, oh Sakura, I love you."
Sakura screamed, I smirked. *better her than me.*
then Lee looked at me.
Lee:"I do not know which to choose, they are both so beautiful, but alas I must choose Sakura, because Kurai has another in mind."
I blushed lightly.
Sakura was still screaming.
Sakura:"aaaaahhhhhh, noooo, those eyebrows can't be real, and your hairstyle is horrible too, but those eyebrows are so bushy, you're such a weirdo."
Lee:"you are both angels, sent from heaven."
Then he started blowing weird pink hearts at us.
I just side stepped and dodged them while Sakura kept backing up, trying to play limbo, until she hit her head on the floor.
me:"geez, can't you get serious already, we don't want pink hearts stuck to us."
Lee looked down, then smile wide.
Lee:"I will win you over yet."
Then he started blowing pink hearts at me again.
I just jumped out of the way, finally I hid behind Naruto, who got a pink heart stuck to him.
me:"knock it off, I just said I don't want them stuck to me, you loser."
Sasuke glared a Lee, but I was too busy looking at the pink heart stuck on Naruto's forhead.
Sakura had gotten over her shock by now.
Sakura:"hey, keep your creepy little valentines to yourself, I was dodging for my life there."
Now Lee looked very sad.
Lee:"you do not have to be so negative Sakura."
me:"you want negative, how's this for negative, I don't want your stupid hearts, your stupid love, or to be in your presence at all."
Lee:"why must you be so harsh?"
me:"because you're annoying"
Sasuke finally stepped in, thankfully.
Sasuke:"you've heard of the Uchiha clan, yet you're challenging me? You must be even more psycho than you look, if that's possible, you wanna know more about my clan? Then I'll teach you, the hard way."
Lee:"bring it on"
*What is Sasuke thinking, is he trying to show all his techniques?*
Naruto:"hold it, I get him first, this weirdo is mine."
*damn, they're both idiots.*
Sasuke:"go for it"
Naruto:"what it'll take me two minutes to have this guy begging for mercy."
Lee:"no thank you, right now the only one I want to fight is Uchiha."
I jumped a little at this *thankfully noone but the hokage and team 7 know my last name*
Naruto:"yeah? well I've got news for you, Sasuke can't compare to me, believe it!" he said while running at Lee.
Naruto went to punch Lee, but Lee knocked his hand away, then he went to kick Lee, but Lee swiped his foot under Naruto's and spun him away.
*I knew this guy couldn't be underestimated.*
Lee:"just accept it, you have no chance against me, your skills are inferior. You see Sasuke, out of all the top leaf gening, I am the best.
*Is that so? Maybe I'll get a chance to fight him sometime too, but now is not the best time.*
Lee:"Fight me and I will prove it to you."
Sasuke glared at Lee at first, then smirked.
Sasuke:"hmph, this'll be fun, let's do it."
Sakura:"there's no time Sasuke, we've got to register by 3:00, that's less than a half an hour."
Sasuke:"relax, this'll all be over, in five seconds."
Sasuke ran towards Lee and went to punch him but Lee dodged, suddenly he saw behind Sasuke.
Lee:"leaf hurricane." he said, trying to kick and hit Sasuke, really fast, with Sasuke barely dodging.
Suddenly he kicked Sasuke through the air, right at me.
My eyes widened in surprise, there wasn't enough time to move, so Sasuke rammed into me, knocking us both down to the floor.
Sasuke was over top of me.
*damn that hurt, what's this guys problem?*
Sasuke slowly stood up, completely ignoring the fact that Lee had just kicked him into me.
I got up as well and glared at Lee.
me:"hey freak, next time watch where you're kicking a person, kick him into Sakura instead."
Sakura glared at me for a second, but then she didn't know if she liked that idea or not.
Sasuke glared at me for a second, then smirked at Lee.
Sasuke:"I've been waiting to try this out." he said.
I widened my eyes in realization.
*That's right, Sasuke has the sharingan now too, I almost forgot, but is it enough?*
Sasuke ran at Lee, full force. Lee just kicked upward into Sasuke's jaw.
Sakura looked very shocked at this.
Lee:"you see, my technique is not ninjutsu or genjutsu."
*damn, the sharingan won't be as useful against him.*
Naruto finally woke up and saw Sasuke fighting Lee, and getting beat.
Naruto:"huh? Sasuke!"
Lee:"you get it now? I am using taijutsu, that means no tricks, Sasuke."
Lee then appeared behind Sasuke.
Lee:"it is just straight martial art, nothing more."
Sasuke:"why you!" he went to attack, but Lee dodged.
Lee:"I know your technique, forget it, it will not work, not on me. I know you can see through your opponents jutsu, that sharingan gives you the ability to read his chakra, and decipher any movements. You can guess what he's going to do almost before he knows himself. The problem is taijutsu is a little bit different."
Sasuke:"right, so what's your point?"
Lee:"I do not try to hide or disguise my moves. I do not have to, even if you can read them you still can not stop them, you are too slow. Your eyes may be quick enough to stay one step ahead of me, but if your body can not keep up, what good does it do you? You know what? Here is what I believe, there are two different kinds of ninja. Those like you who are born with talent and do not have to work at it."
Sasuke got seriously pissed off and ran at the guy.
*don't have to work at it? what is he talking about? he could never understand those countless nights I stayed up training to become stronger, how much work I put into it to achieve my two goals, he'll never even begin to understand.*
Lee:"and those like me, the ones who have to train everyday of our lives."
Sasuke tried to punch Lee but Lee dodged.
Lee:"Fact is your sharingan is the worst match for my extreme taijutsu, here is what I mean."
Lee kicked Sasuke really hard into the air, suddenly Lee was behind him.
Sasuke:"dancing leaf shadow."
Lee:"good eye, now I will prove my point, that hard work beats out natural talent."
*hmm, wonder if I should help now, before things get too ugly.*
Lee:"you're finished."
I was just about to help when someone threw a shurikan and pinned part of Lee's bandages to the wall.
Lee:"this is bad"
There was a big turtle on the ground and it said "alright Lee, that's enough."
Sasuke started to fall, and since Sakura was closer she ran and caught him.
I ran over quickly to see if he was ok.
Lee noticed my speed and suddenly his eyes sparkled with interest, but he turned his attention back to the turtle.
Sakura:"are you ok? Sasuke!"
Sasuke just looked at Lee, well glared at him.
me:"Sasuke? Sasuke are you ok?"
Sasuke ignored us both.
Lee:"you-you were watching us the whole time?"
turtle:"of course, that last technique is forbidden, you know that."
Lee:"I am sorry, I did not mean to..."
Lee started babbling
Lee:"I was not planning to use a forbidden jutsu, it is just, I was in the middle of the fight, and I mean, you understand-"
I tuned them out.
Sasuke and Sakura both had 'huh?' looks on their faces.
Naruto ran over.
Naruto:"hey, you guys!"
Sakura:"what Naruto?"
Naruto:"that weird thing he's talking to is a turtle, right?"
Sakura:"obviously, what'd you think it is?"
Naruto:"ok then, so maybe it means that turtles can be senseis too."
Sakura:"how would I know if they can be senseis?"
me:"both of you shut up, your really annoying."
they glared at me.
Naruto:"jerk." he mumbled.
I glared at her.
me:"well at least I actually help the team instead of just standing around."
Sakura:"what is your problem, why do you have to always be the one to put everyone down?"
Naruto:"because she's just like Sasuke, I can definately see the family resemblance, especially between her and Itachi."
Luckily Lee wasn't listening when he said that, but I jumped Naruto and kicked him in the face, right into the wall.
Next I held a kunai to his neck, and slowly put my mouth next to his ear, and whispered "Don't compare me to that scum, mention that again, Naruto, especially in front of other people, and, well let's just say you won't ever have to worry about being hokage again."
Naruto gulped.
Sasuke just glared at Naruto, and if looks could kill, well, I'd rather not go into details.
I walked away from a very pale-faced Naruto. Sakura just looked scared, but I ignored her.
Just then we heard a very loud voice say "You're a disgrace, you think you'll get away with a bunch of lame excuses like that? A shinobi never reveals his techniques, unless it's apsolutely necessary. It's such a basic rule you should know it by know."
Lee:"Forgive me sir."
turtle:"are you prepared to take the punishment for your actions?"
Lee:"I-yes sir."
turtle:"alright then, please come out, Gai Sensei."
Gai Sensei:"hey, what's shakin, how ya doin everybody, life treatin ya good?"
A guy that looked exactly like Lee but older said standing on the turtle doing a very lame pose.
Everyone, including me this time:"aaahhh!!!" O.O!!!
Naruto:"he's got the biggest eyebrows yet, they're almost alive!"
*he sure recovers fast*
Gai:"Hi Lee." he said, smiling with his teeth sparkling.
Sakura:"too weird."
Naruto:"So that's where Lee gets it from, same soup bowl hair cut, and even bushier eyebrows."
Lee had an anime vein on the back of his head.
Lee:"Do not insult Gai sensei! he is one of the greatest men in the entire world!" Lee yelled.
"more like Gay Sensei." I mumbled.
Naruto:"well excuse me for not noticing his greatness, I was too busy watching him crawl out from under a turtle!" Naruto yelled back.
Lee:"he did not crawl out!"
Gai:"give it a rest Lee."
Lee:"yes sir."
Gai:"now for your punishment, you little fool." he yelled punching him.
everyone:"wtf? faces."
Gai walked over to Lee.
Gai:"I'm sorry Lee but, it's for your own good." he said with tears in his eyes.
Gai:"oh Lee." he said crying.
Lee:"oh sensei-I am-so sorry." he said crying as well.
Gai:"alright, it's over, no need to say any more."
Then Lee ran up and hugged him, while they both said the other's name while crying.
I looked away completely disgusted.
Gai:"it's ok, it's ok."
Lee:"I'm sorry Gai sensei."
Naruto:"huh? actually it's kinda sweet, the way they're all huggy and stuff."
Sakura:"huh? you've gotta be kidding they're both totally crazy!"
Gai:"you're just caught in between, you're too old to be called a boy and not yet quite a man."
Lee:"you are so good to me, Gai Sensei."
They were both still crying now.
me:"Not to interrupt, but can you guys go find a room already, this is getting really sickening now."
Gai:"A room? what would we need a room for? Isn't that usually what people say to lovers? oh, how could you say something like that?"
then he covered Lee's ears.
Gai:"you will ruin poor Lee's innocense and youth with that kind of talk. We are nothing compared to what you are saying."
me:"whatever, Gay Sensei, now would you just leave, or maybe we should."
Gai:"I am not gay, and yes, we will leave one who's youth has been soiled by such words as those that come out of your mouth. We will-"
me:"just go away!"
Gai uncovered Lee's ears "Now take off, I want you to give me a hundred laps around the practice feild, show me what you got."
Lee:"yes sir, no problem!"
Gai:"run into the setting sun, run and suffer, but don't mess up your hair."
Then he turned around with his sparkling smile.
Gai:"Let us go."
Naruto:"hey, wait a minute, we're not finished here, you guys can't take off like that!"
Sakura:"And what about the chunin exams? There's no time for fooling around."
me:"shut up, Sakura, maybe they'll be gone for a while."
Gai sighed but stopped, "Oh, right, I forgot about that, Lee you did not only disobey the rule about the forbidden jutsu, but you disrupted the chunin exams, I think that warns a slightly more severe punishment, don't you?"
Lee:"yes sir."
Gai:"500 laps, how does that sound?"
Lee:"outstanding sir."
everyone but me:-_-
Sakura:"they're insane."
Naruto:"proabably, but nevermind them, what's the deal with that turtle anyway?"
Sakura:"ugh, no, he's looking at us."
Gai:"tell me, how is Kakashi Sensei?"
Sasuke:"do you know him?"
Gai:"do I know Kakashi? well people say, he and I are arch rivals for all eternity."
I could not believe this guy, there's no way him and Kakashi were just rivals, I'm sure Kakashi has beaten him many times.
Sakura/Naruto:"there's just no way!"
Lee:"how dare you, if Gai sensei says it is true then-"
Gai:"let it slide Lee, a ninja's actions always speak louder than words."
Gai then appeared behind us.
Gai:"my recon is fifty wins and forty nine losses, which is one better than his by the way."
Naruto:"haaaah? your kidding, how'd he beat Kakashi?"
Gai:"the fact is I'm stronger than Kakashi, and faster." he said giving one of his signature smiles and with his teeth sparkling.
Lee:"you see, Gai sensei is the best there is."
Gai:"I'm sorry for the trouble we've cause you, look into my eyes and accept my sincerest apology, also notice my handsome manly features."
Gai:"Lee you should accompany these fine young ninja to the classroom, right now."
me:"I think we can handle it ourselves."
Gai:"don't be ridiculous, it's our way of saying sorry."
me:"how about you don't bother us anymore, that would be a fine apology."
but he ignored me.
Gai:"remember give it your best Lee, farewell."
Lee:"yes sir!"
me:"really it's not necess-"
he just dissappeared.
Lee:"hey Sasuke, actually I have not been totally honest with you. I said I wanted to test my skills and that is true enough, but you are not really the one I wanted to test them against. I lied to you when we were fighting before, I told you I was the best genin here but there is another top ninja, someone on my own team. I came here to defeat him, you were just practice, now you are a target, I will crush you, there you have it, consider yourself warned."
*yeah right, I know Sasuke can take care of himself, but if it comes down to it, I'll fight Lee before he can even think of seriously injuring Sasuke.*
Lee jumped away, Sasuke just glared at him, then turned away.
Sakura:"oh, Sasuke."
I glared at where Lee had been.
Naruto:"ah, how bout that, looks like the Uchihas aren't as great as everybody thinks they are."
Sasuke:"just shut up, next time I'll drive him to his knees."
Naruto:"yeah right, who just got his but kicked?"
Sakura:"stop it, what are you saying, just cut it out Naruto!"
me:"shut up Naruto, what do you know, besides, I didn't even get a chance to fight him."
Sasuke just glared at Naruto.
Naruto actually ignored me.
Naruto:"you saw his hands, when he took off the tape, I'll bet old bushy brow has been training till he drops, day in and day out, he trains harder than you."
Sasuke looked surprised when he mentioned the tape, but glared at Naruto.
me:"Naruto, do you ever know when to shut that stupid mouth of yours?."
Naruto:"why don't you shut up Kurai."
me:"I will when you do."
Sasuke just turned away.
I glared at Naruto.
me:"what the hell is your problem? do you enjoy kicking people when they're down, well I hope your happy now." I said, glaring daggers at Naruto, then I walked away.
for some reason I had an almost uncontrollable urge to go up to Sasuke and hug him, but I just walked past.
Then Sasuke clenched his fist and said."This day's starting to get interesting, the chunin exams, can't wait to see what's next."
Sasuke:"Let's get started, Naruto, Sakura, Kurai."
I just walked out with them.
*wow, that was really unlike Sasuke.*
ok, hope ya liked it, here's some pics
lolz, I luvs this pic
here's Kurai, except she has black hair and purple eyes, outfit's described in story.
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thank you to these people especially, they have great Sasuke stories
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