Chapter: My Dad Wants My VCard. My Stepdad Wants My VCard, My StepBrother Wants my VCard...anyone else? :3:

Created by BiteMe098 on Sunday, September 20, 2009

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"So your my new sister? Well that sucks" Zach said.
"Why?" I asked, hypnotized by the sound of his gorgeous voice.
"Because the guys at school won't be able to keep their hands off of you." he pulled me closer to him. "But I want you for myself" he whispered seductiely in my ear making my face go crimson red. Then he went upstairs. His room wa across the hall from mine. I walked into my room and saw a uniform laid out of my bed. Along with a note.
"Here's your uniform Miss Gabrielle.
You'll be attending Madeira Academy for Boys And Girls
Be ready at 7am each morning
Along with Mister Zachary.
"Who is Heidi?" I wondered outloud.
"Zat would be me" someone replied. I jumped. By my closet stood a tall teenage girl. Her dirty blonde hair was up in a bun and she had on a tan skirt with a dark brown blouse.
"I am the second floor maid. Heidi Doofensmirtz"
"Um nice to meet you" I said shyly. A maid? I'd have to get used to this. She exited the room. I decided to try on the uniform. The navy plaid skirt was short and barely went past my thigs. The light blue top was tight and squeezed my boobs together, creating much cleavage.
I looked in the mirror and shook my head.Ugh, slutwear. There was a knock on my room door.
"Come in" I called. My mom walked in smiling.
"So do you like the house? And the boys?" she asked hoping for a positive answer.
"Yeah. The house is amazing and Rich seems nice. Conner is so precious and well Zach.....he's a teenage boy." I said truthfully. Ann laughed and then hugged me. I hesitantly hugged her back, not used to this kind of affection from my mother.
"That's great Gabi. We're getting married in a month. Oh and dinner will be ready in about half an hour" she said before leaving the room. I sat on my bed. A month? I find out a month in advance. Wow thanks mom.
I changed back into my clothes and finished unpacking until dinner time.

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