Law and Order- SVU....A fanfic

ok. i have had this idea in my head for who knows how long....and i am finally getting around to writing it. enjoy!

Created by ilovefredandgeorge on Monday, September 21, 2009

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Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson were at the detective's office when the phone rang.

"Hello?" Olivia asked.

" is this the NYPD?" the woman asked nervously.

"Yes, why?" Olivia said, Elliot was listening to every word.

"Umm well a body has been found....ina trashcan.."

"All right. We'll be there soon. What is your location?"

"55 South Street. In the alley behind it."

"Okay thank you." Liv hung up the phone and looked at Elliot. "55 South Street." She said.

Elliot and Olivia arrived at 55 South Street. They went to the alley behind it, where police officers were gathered around a trashcan.

"Excuse me." Elliot said, pushing the officers out of his way, Olivia walking in his wake.

They reached the trashcan and saw a girl in it. She had medium brown hair and olive tonned skin....but she was also beaten severly and Elliot and Oliva could see her ribs through her shirt.

"oh my gosh.." Olivia said as Elliot reached a hand forward and put it on the girl's head, where she had a gash.

When Elliot touched the girl's head, she groaned and turned her head to the other side.

"Well she's not dead." Elliot said.

"Not very alive either." Liv commented.

The girl's eyes fluttered open slowly and she looked at Elliot and Olivia.

"w-w-who a-re you?" She whispered/

"My name is Olivia Benson and this is Elliot Stabler."

"We're here to help you." Elliot said.

"Is he here?" The girl asked fearfully.

"who?" Olivia asked.

THe girl looked at Elliot and Olivia with scared eyes..."I can't say..." She whispered.


Elliot and Olivia were outside the hospital room where the girl was.

"Hey." Odafin Tutuola said as he walked toward Elliot and Oliva.

"Find anything?" Olivia asked

"Yeh. Her name is Holly Watkins...and she is 16 years old. Thats all we know." Odafin said.

"What?" Elliot asked.

"someone must have stolen her records because thats all we could evidence of her going to school...or taking lessons...or playing sports....nothing." He spat.

"Thats odd..." Liv wondered.

"Yeh..someone doesnt want her to be found. I think she's the mastermind." Odafin said,

"You think she beat herself up?" Liv asked

"No, i think she pissed someone off and they beat her up. but she is the criminal."

"I dont think so." Elliot said. "you didnt see how afraid she looked when we found didnt hear what she said."

"You told me what she said....and I dont believe a word of it!" Odafin snapped.

"She was severly beaten....she was extremely dehydrated and shehasnt had any food in a few days... someone wants her gone." Liv said.

Odafin shrugged and walked off.

"I still want to question her though." Elliot said.

"Yeh, but when she gets better....I mean, she is hooked up to about 4 I.V.s now, how about tomorrow?"

"Or later today?" Elliot suggested.

"we will have to ask the doctor.."

Right then, the doctor walked out of the room.

"Whats up, doc?" Elliot asked.

"Well, as you know, she was dehydrated and didnt have much food in her system....she was beaten severely and she has a twisted ankle.....And I found some prescription drugs in her system."

"What were they?" Olivia asked

"Birth Control Pills." The doctor answered.


ok, thats part uno! part two will be coming sooon, i hope....message/rate!

ok this is jsut a fanfic...all the characters are fictional and created by Dick amazing diretor....JUST A FANFICTION!!!!

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