o1. Stand By Me [ MNET Scandal ] Choi Minho

Created by dans.future.wife on Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Memo: Yes, this is a story about the amazingly awesome, cute, charismatic Choi Minho of SHINee! Not Lee Minho of Boys Over Flowers, OK?

So MNET Scandal is pretty much idol boys going out on dates with a random fan without anyone else, other than the audience, knowing, i.e. a SCANDAL ~! The fan does not know until a sneak attack from the groups 'transportations use' and the celebrity will ask them to be their girlfriend for the week! The couple will go out for a week and at the end of the week at midnight, the two will decided if they would like to keep on seeing each other.

Stand By Me was SHINee's song in the Boys Over Flowers OST, and it basically means that they're clumsy at love. It is not Minho who is clumsy ( since he seemed like a professional on Yunhanam... ), but it is you :]

Name: Park Ji Ye ( LOL your initials are JYP <3 ).

Age: 18 ( 19 in Korea, but mentioned as 18. You are his noona! )

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 42kg

Ethnicity: Korean.

Today's Outfit: http://i.ysi.bz/Assets/GalleryImage/29/826/L_g9618370_4382629.jpg

Personality: ( Third Person's ) Very outgoing when she's around people that she knows, but when she's around others she's not familiar with, she shys down and the atmosphere becomes awkward. You could say she has a condition of her own, just like Onew. With her positive, optimistic happy attitude, she lights up the room and brings the mood up and exciting!

But when it comes to boys, she's not really the expert at them. When she sees a cute boy staring at her from across the room, she would blush and hide behind her tall friends. She's pretty popular with the boys, a cute petite figure / S - Line, long black natural hair, flawless pale skin (although, BB Cream helps!), and large, open eyes. You could say she was ulzzang! She comes off as a nerd, with the thick - rimmed glasses, but that kind of attracts the guys more who enjoy the librarian girl.

The start of Day One will start in less than an hour....

"Juliette! Oh~!" It was a spazz - tastic day for a fan girl like me. SHINee was performing their latest hit - single 'Juliette' and I was sitting front row with my friends that had surprised me with tickets for my birthday.

"AH~!" I screached, grabbing on to Hyun Rye's arm. "LOOK AT THEM! THEY ARE SO CUTE!"

"Ya, calm down, Ji Ye - unni!!" she yanked her arm away from my grip, gawking over how cute Taemin looked. "If it's anyone who's cute, it's got to be Taemin - oppa~"

"Pfft!" Another one of my friends, Soo Ra scoffed. "It's all~ about the condition (if you didn't get that, shame on you)..."

Weren't they ridiculous? Of course, we all know that Minho was the really cute one, am I right? I mean, come on, you can't help but look at his darling smile!

This lucky young young lady, Ji Ye – noona, does not know what is coming to her in less than forty minutes. Today, these three young girls came out to the SHINee concert to celebrate her eighteenth birthday, and what Ji Ye does not know is that Minho – sshi will be taking her out on dates throughout the week.

0.35.56, 0.35.55, 0.35.54...

This was the best birthday EVER. I felt like I was going to cry tears of joy when SHINee threw out small white fluffy teddy bears with their signature blue color ribbon around it's neck with their logo. Mufufu~ I caught one.

"Ma~ Soo Ra - unni~" I whined, tugging on her arm when she could finally hear me. SHINee sang 'Romantic', which was a slow song, where the fans calmed down a bit. "Let's go out to eat after! I'm hungry!"

She muttered words I wasn't able to make out ("Oh, I'm sure you won't want to eat after the concert..."). "What was that, unni??"

"Oh, nothing! Sure, we'll go!"

Something was up....

Our noona seems a bit suspicious with what her ( bad – acting ) friends have been muttering and giggling about. What will her reaction be when she sees her SHINee crush, Minho?

0.06.08, 0.06.07, 0.06.06...

I hugged the teddy bear close to my chest when we exited the concert and out to the open streets where we could finally breathe cool air! It was so congested when we tried to file out, with all the breathing and what not.

The three of us, with our arms linked, skipped down the sidewalk of Seoul. It was a happy day and we wanted to embrace it, hopefully adding more 'happy' to our day. But... I couldn't help feel like we were being... watched?

"Unni ~" I whined again. "I'm scared?"

"Why is that?"

"I feel like... we're being followed? Watched, even? Do you guys feel it or is it just you?"

"Mm~" Hyun Rye thought. "Nah, it's just you."

"Ah! Go faster, please!" Onew called to their driver ( the second van the couple would be in followed closely behind ). It was time for Minho to have a scandal with one of his fans, and during the concert, he zeroed in on one girl that caught his attention. She never stopped looking at him while performing.

Thanks to her friends, we found out her name is Ji Ye. It was her birthday today, and they wanted her to have the best 18th birthday ever, and Minho was sure to accomplish that task.

"Minho - ah, are you ready ?!" Key was more excited about this than Minho was...

He nodded. "Ah~, I'm a bit nervous. She seemed so... Outgoing?"

"Is that bad, -hyung?" The cutie maknae asked, tilting his head.

"Mm, no. She might be too much for me to handle."

A swat at Minho's head, given by the one and only Jonghyun, was heard. "Unacceptable! WE promised that YOU would make Ji Ye - ah have the best birthday of her life!"

"That is right," Key immitated a cheap announcer's voice. "It is time, Minho, to go up to Ji Ye - noona and give her the time of her life. Good luck, young grasshopper."

Minho smiled at his trusting hyungs - and his dongsaeng - as they cheered him on when he grabbed two roses and the box of couple cell phones in a bag, sliding the door open.

Minho is getting ready for the attack, with the flowers and the secret present in his hand. On the other side, Ji Ye – noona was reacting like crazy with the slightest noise she heard, and, more specifically, scared about the mysterious black van.

0.02.03, 0.02.02, 0.02.01...

I couldn't help but notice the black van kept on following us slowly wherever we went, even when we turned the corners. I gripped onto their arms tighter.

"Calm down, unni~" Hyun Rye giggled. "I'm sure it's just a coincidence!" she giggled some more.

The van was speeding up closer to us by now. "Shut up! It's not a laughing manner!"

Noona is ready to rip her friends' arms off and just take a run for it, that is, until the door opened...

0.00.44, 0.00.43, 0.00.42...

The van was right behind our tail, and soon it was already right next to us. I hid behind Soo Ra - unni when the door slid open. And I could not believe who came out of it....

"Ji Ye - noona?" the deep voice questioned, trying to peer behind Soo Ra.

"Oh my gahd..." I breathed out. Choi Minho, THE Choi Minho of SHINee was standing right before our eyes, holding two roses and a small bag.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY, UNNI / DONGSAENG!" Soo Ra and Hyun Rye giggled.

"Ah~, Choi Minho im nida and I will be your boyfriend for the week," he walked closer, handing me the flowers when I finally got the courage to come out from behind of Soo Ra... Thanks to Hyun Rye.

"Did... you guys do this?" I asked, turning to the giggling girls, who were staring at Onew and Taemin.

"Wa?" Hyun Rye asked. "Oh! Yes we did, right Unni? We wanted you to have the best 18th birthday ever! Since your Sweet Sixteenth sucked. You're welcome!" She smiled.

"OH MY GOSH, I LOVE YOU GUYS." I whispered harshly, so only the two could hear, giving each of them a quick, tight hug. I bowed down to Minho when I was done spazzing over. "I'm ready, Minho - ah!"

"The second van is over there, were we'll have some privacy," he smiled, leading me over to the charcoal - colored van.

Now that the two have met, it is time to start on their first date. How will this go? Will Noona's fan girliness get to her head? We will have to find out in five... four...

0.00.03, 0.00.02, 0.00.01...

D A Y O N E B E G I N S.

When we got in, the atmosphere seemed awkward and... unpredictable? It was quiet during the ride... wherever we were actually going.

Are you... hungry?” Minho asked.

I nodded, smiling a bit. “I hadn't eaten in hours! I skipped dinner because my friends and I were so eager to see your guys' concert. By the way, you were amazing out there~” I had to make sure I kept my fan girl – ing under control. What if he thinks I'm a creep who'll just cling on his arm every day this week?

Why thank you very much,” his cheek bones pushing up into a smile. He told the driver to take us to the mall for a snack. “Here, I got us these couple phones.”

Minho took out two LG KS360( s ), one pink and one blue. I was assuming mine was the pink one, and it was the cutest sliding phone ever!

Oh! How cute~” I gushed, playing with the sliding device. “Kamsahamnida!”

You're welcome – what are you doing?” he asked, when he saw the pink phone up in front of my face.

Wa? Oh! Just playing with the video recorder. Eh, so, stranger, may I ask what your name is? I'm sure the viewers here are just dying to know, especially female fans, am I right?”

He rose an eyebrow for a bit and shook off the confusion. “Choi Minho im nida,”

Hm? Choi Minho? Have we heard that name before? Would you like to to tell our viewers where?”

Is this necessary, noona?”

I pouted. “Please, oppa~” I whined.

You're … silly.”

And you're shy! I want to bring out the inner Minho. Now, will you please tell us where we have hear this Choi Minho before?”

He sighed, grinning at my childishness. “Ah~, Flaming Charismatic Choi Minho im nida of Shining SHINee~” he chanted, even adding the signature arm movement.

Yay!” I cheered, clapping. “Minho – ah, what do you like to do for fun?”


I think our viewers would like to know your interests and what you do on your spare time, don't you think?”

Mm... Well, I like to read... ? I like soccer and basketball, and I like banana milk.”

Ew, I prefer chocolate milk. But this is a documentary about Minho, not me, so is there anything – wait, what are you doing ?!”

Hm? Oh nothing. Just 'playing with the video recorder'. So who might you be, stranger?”

I tried covering my face with my small purse. “Park Ji Ye im nida?”

Alright, and have we heard this name before?”

I hope not!”

And what do you like to do – stop hiding your face~”

I like to play volleyball, figure skate, draw, listen to music, and sleep and no, I will not stop hiding my face!”

Why are you hiding?”

I'm camera – shy~”

I placed one of his hands over the purse and guided it down to my lap. “I showed my face, now show yours,” he grinned.

I sighed, smiling and waving an his phone. “Anyong anyong! Hi! Park Ji Ye im nida. OK, I'm done, now turn it off!” I grinned.

He chuckled, sliding in his phone. “We're at the mall, come on,” he got out first, then took my hand and helped me down from the van. Minho quickly lifted up his hood, to avoid fans, and we headed inside.

It seems like these two are getting along just fine, don't you think? Will noonas figure out that these two are dating later on?

We skipped (well, I skipped...) towards to where we agreed to eat and the waiter said us down, giving us our menus. As soon as we ordered, Minho began to ask questions so we could become closer.

So noona, have you ever dated anyone younger than you before?” he asked.

I blushed, scratching the back of my neck, laughing nervously. “Aha ha, well you see... I've never really had a boyfriend before, let alone a first kiss...”

He seemed surprised by this. “Really? How is that?”

Well, I mostly focused on my studies instead of focusing on boys. The only boys I really focus on are the bands, he he~” I giggled. “But I have been asked out a few times here and there. I thought the glasses would help me become... ugly? To be honest, I don't need them. I can't tell if I really needed them to avoid dates or if they actually helped.”

Minho was silent for a minute. “Will you take your glasses off for me?”

I grinned, winking. “Nuh uh uh~!” I wagged my finger. “Not yet! Maybe tomorrow.”

Why not?” he pouted.

I like wearing my glasses! Maybe if I have an unfortunate fall, they'll magically come off~”

After waiting a long fifteen minutes, our food arrived. It was... a big portion of what we ordered, but undeniably delicious, if not said otherwise.

Mm~!” I gushed. “You picked an excellent place to eat, Minho – ah. Wanna try mine?”

Sure. And thank you.”

Open wide~” With my chopsticks, I picked up a piece of beef and popped it in his mouth. He smiled – I guess he liked it. “What about you, Minho?”


Tell me about your past relationships and dates.”

Well... If Yunhanam counts, then I've had a total of two dates.”

Oh! The one where you bought a gift for the lucky noona and she cried? That was very sweet of you. I would've cried myself! She seemed very happy~”

He nodded. “But all – in – all, girlfriend wise, I've had zero, you know, with my schedule and all, as well as the fans. I'd be afraid to get her hurt. I was hesitant about this date as well.”

I nodded. “Ah, I see. It would be hard for keeping a secret relationship if you tried.”

He nodded, too. “Now try mine. Ah~” I leaned in, taking in his meal that he ordered (indirect kissing, YES >D). It tasted better than mine...

Minhooo~,” I began. “During your concerts, whom do you notice the most?”

Well, I do not know their names, but definitely those who wear bold, bright colors and crazy signs and hats. I... Think I've even seen you at one point... Was it... The Inkigayo concert three days ago? I saw bright neon pink.”

I laughed nervously, scratching the back of my head. “Ah ha... Yes, I was there, but I didn't think you actually noticed... Well, that was a happy accomplishment~”

You had a sign, too...”

You have good memory.”

What did the sign say?”

Uh...” This was a lot harder to say than I thought it would. I even told myself if they were to call me up on stage, I would say 'Saranghae, Minho – ah~'... “Well... Don't think I'm a creep, please?”

Of course I won't.”

Uhm, how do I say this... Well my sign said that I~ think you are the best rapper ever!” I exclaimed, lying through my teeth.

He laughed, throwing back his head a little bit. Ma~, did I mention how much I love his smile (and laugh)?! It was heart warming...

You're lying~”

Wa? You knew that the sign said 'I Love You'?”

Well... no. I could just tell you were lying. But now I know~”

My jaw dropped. Wow, was I stupid or what?! Now he must think I'm a creepy fan girl, right? Minho leaned in, stuffing a piece of meat in my mouth. I smiled, chewing it with a bright blush on my face.

You're clever, Minho – ah. I don't know if I should be impressed by this or very embarrassed....”

He continued to chuckle. “I think you should be very impressed.”

Is this how it's going to be like the whole week?”

It could be. Who knows?”

We thanked our waitress and left the restaurant, but not with out a tip. Minho suggested that we walk around the mall to walk off the heavy feeling of the meat, but that soon stopped when we stopped in front of an ice cream shoppe.

Would you like some dessert?” he asked, taking out his wallet.

Sure! My treat~!”

No, not your treat,” he smiled. “It's mine. I asked you out, remember?”

B – But~”

No buts!” he sounded so much like my mom right there....

He took my hand and dragged my childish figure into the shoppe. We ordered our favorites and he payed. If we weren't in public, I'd so throw a fit~

So with our ice cream cones, we started small talk, like what our favorite colors were, our favorite animals, favorite sports, etc etc. Then we came across a small table with various hats on them... I stopped.

Minho – ah~” I sang. “Try, uh... this hat on!” I picked up a random one and handed it to him, getting my new phone out.

He didn't seem to have a problem with this since he was a past model. Quickly, without anyone noticing, he took his hood off and put the hat on.

Pose for me, darling~!” I faked a non – straight male photographer's voice.

Laughing, he posed several times. I grinned. “So setting one of these to your default whenever you call or text me~”

Now it's your turn~” OH NO IT'S NOT. I disliked taking pictures when I haven't looked at myself in front of the mirror within a time gap of fifteen or so minutes. There was no way I'm taking one now.

Uh... Only if you can catch me!” I exclaimed, dashing towards a nonspecific corner. By this time, we both finished our ice cream cones. “Kekeke~

I swerved here and there through the random poles, giggling like a little girl. Minho followed closely on my tail. Even if I was in track, I wasn't as fast as my classmates. I was better at running and leaping, AKA hurdles, but there were none I could jump over... So that meant he caught me.

He grabbed my waist and swung me around one time and then set me on the ground, leaning his face forward with his hands still on my waist. “Gotcha.”

I was still giggling when he set me down, but it soon stopped, when his face came close. I blushed a deep red. “Eh~” I scratched the back of my neck. “Well – Oh hey, look! Funky glasses! I want to try some on~” What an easy escape, fufufu~. I grinned, skipping over to the table of frames and Minho followed, shaking his head.

So it seems that these two are becoming more friendly and that these two are having a great time, with some harmless flirting here and there. These two really seem to fancy each other. I'm jealous!

I grabbed the enormously huge glasses frames that had no lenses in them and tried them on. I looked at Minho and grinned. “Nice, huh??”

Click! I guess while I was running towards the table, Minho, being a smarty – smart – smart pants, had his camera phone ready to take a picture... Yet again, Minho “got me”.

My face blushed behind the protection of my tiny hands. I peaked in between my fingers, trying to get a glimpse at Minho. He grinned, looking at his phone.

And just why are you smiling?!”

Hm? Oh nothing. This is just going to be my default picture for you whenever you text or call. No big deal.”

That is very much a big deal !” I wrinkled my nose. “Darn !”

Why do you hate pictures so much ? The camera loves you .”

Nuh – uh !”

Yeah – huh. Look at you, you're cute ~” Minho flipped his phone so I could see the picture that he took.

I'm... cute ?” I looked up and stared at him in disbelief. No one has ever called me cute before.... Well, except my mom...

He smiled warmly, as well as his eyes, arching up forming the oh – so very famous 'smiling eyes'. He leaned over so that his ( kissable ) lips were barley touching the top tip of my ear, and he whispered, “Very.”

That one simple word coming from his mouth, in that deep tone of his, could give any girl a heart attack. I know I would've had one if I didn't have the burden of being embarrassed in front of him... He is such a tease...

He continued to smile, then he grabbed my hand, taking me away from the table. After jogging to catch up with him, he didn't let go of my hand. You would think this would be a romantic situation, with it being dark and the stars showing, the city lights, and us holding hands, but it was pretty awkward. His hand barely touched mine, his fingers slightly laced in mine.

The two of us didn't really talk five minutes into our night stroll, and hell, I knew I wouldn't be the one to start a conversation. The pounding in my chest hadn't calmed down since this date started, and sooner or later, I knew at the end of this date, I would have a minor heart attack.

Uhm,” Minho began. “Do you want me to let go of your hand … ?”

You don't have to if you don't want to. Why ?”

You aren't talking, so I thought I did something wrong.”

I smiled. He's so … sweet. I laced my hand more into his. “No … of course not.” And we continued to walk.

Whoa … they're holding hands already ?! Minho seems like he really likes Ji Ye ! I can tell. I know these things. But sadly, The date must come to an end.

An hour passed since he and I were walking and it was … perfect. We continued to learn more about each other, our favorite colors, favorite foods, favorite candy, etcetera. And throughout that hour, our hands were still laced together.

The apartment building I live in wasn't far from where we were walking, and he offered to walk me home. We stopped at the end of the block to say our farewells.

I'd say that this date was successful, right, Noona ?” Minho grinned.

Most definitely ! I'll see you tomorrow ?”

Most definitely.” I reached up to wrap my arms around his neck. Lightly, he wrapped his arms around my waist.

We hugged long, but not long enough. He was so warm and perfect to hug ~! He smelled pretty nice, too … Like Axe !

When we released from our hug, quickly, he kissed my cheek. “E – eh ?!”

He handed me a velvet rectangular box and whispered, “Happy Birthday, Noona,” and walked away without another word.

My cheeks were heating up, today was unbelievable. A date, a kiss on the cheek, and a present with Choi Minho. I couldn't have asked for something better.

But Soo Ra – unni and Hyun Rye – yah are going to want something in return, and I think I have a feeling about what it's going to be, and it isn't going to be easy, either ….

Opening the velvet box, the present that Minho gave me was a necklace with two silver - painted hearts. It was like dog tags, but formed the shape of a heart. I need to out - do Minho on his birthday...

It looks like we have come to the end of our date. It seemed very successful, just like he said, am I right ?! Ji Ye is one lucky noona, but what will happen tomorrow ? We'll wait and see. Stay tuned, for the next, MNET Scandal !MC Taeko, OUT !


1061062984-1.jpg "Hello, Noona ^^ Did you like present that I gave you ?"

JiYe-1.png "Of course I do ^^ I hope you know I'm going to beat your gift on your birthday !"

1061062984-1.jpg "Is that so ? And how are you planning on doing this ?"

JiYe-1.png "Well ... Actually, I don't know yet ... But I will ! Just you wait, ㅋㅋㅋㅋ ;D"

1061062984-1.jpg "ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Well, I cannot wait, Noona ^^ well, I better go. I have practice TT good night, Noona. Can't wait for tomorrow ^^."

JiYe-1.png "Good night, Minho - ah ! Have fun ^^ !"

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