Naruto Truth or Dare: I Hear Wedding Bells!!!!


Created by narutosnumber1fan on Wednesday, September 23, 2009


"Well, I don't think we're gonna see those two any time soon." I said.
"Yeah." Shikamaru agreed. He looked at me. "Truth or dare?"

A smile spread across his face. "Pay back time."

"Bring it."

"I'm going to be nice and give you a choice." He told me. "You can either, one, elope with Sasuke, Lee, or Neji, or, two, you can elope with an Akatsuki member."

I glared at him. "I hate you."

"I know. So which is it?"

"I'd rather marry an Akatsuki member then one of these three. So, which one?"


"Fine." I took out my cell phone, and everyone looked at me. "Speed dial. Hellooo." Ipressed the one button and waited.








"Hey Tobi-kun." (Needle scratches on record). "I need to talk to you. Yep. Yeah. Bring the thing. I'll meet you at the usual spot. Love you." I put my phone away. "Let's go."

Sasuke looked at the others. "Tobi-kun?"

Lee looked at the others. "Usual spot?"

Neji looked at the others. "Love you?"

Everyone else just shrugged, then followed me.

I led them across Konoha to an alley way behind the Ramen Shop.

I walked up to Tobi, took off his mask, then kissed him. (Needle scratches on record again).

"Guess what? I was dared to elope with you."

He laughed.

(You: Wait! Hold on a second! Rewind! Freeze! Tobi? Tobi! Why Tobi!? Me: Cause I love Tobi. I hate Sasuke. Lee is creepy. And I hate Neji. End of story. You: But... Me: No Buts! On with the story!)

"So that's why you told Tobi-kun to bring the thing."
He laughed. "Tobi's a good boy, and Tobi litened to Jessica-chan." He took out a ring and went on one knee. "Will Jessica-chan marry Tobi-kun."
"Yes!" Iyelled. "A million times yes!" I hugged him, then remembered that we had an audience. "Oops. You should probablly put your mask back on." I turned around. "Okay. There's nothing to see now. You can leave."
They just stood there.
"Let me rephrase that. LEAVE!!!!" And they were all gone in a flash.
"Come on Tobi-kun." Then we walked into the sunset, and...well...let's just puit it this way. The others never saw me again.

Next series by Narutosnumber1fan: Akatsuki Truth or Dare!!!!
<3Hee hee<3

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