My life with a vampire...

Well, this is my first story. My life with a vampire. Yes, another vampire story and a lame title but I couldn't think of anyting else. This is the first part. This part is not very exciting but I'll post the second part as soon as possible ;) Hope you'll have fun reading

Created by LeonieT on Friday, December 16, 2005


Alina Warners: She's 17 year old, brown slightly curling hair and green eyes.
She's the main person in this story.

With a sleepy head Alina entered her school and sat down in the school cafeteria with her friends; Patrick, Danny, Dyana and Samantha.

“Morning!” Dyana said.
Alina looked at her wide smiling face and rolled her eyes. “How can you be in such a good mood this early in the morning?”
”So maybe I can fix something about your mood.” She answered grinning.
”What’s wrong with you? Haven’t slept last night?” Patrick asked.
”No, I’ve been studying all night for physics” She said and yawned. “But it just doesn’t stay in my head. I keep on forgetting everything.”
At that moment the bell rang. “Ow shit! Time to face another bad mark.” She groaned.
Samantha got up and laid an arm around her shoulder. “Hey! What are friends for? You can watch with me when the teacher doesn’t look.”
Alina smiled at her. “Thanks” And then they all went to class to start another long day at school.
At lunchtime Alina was fully awake again thanks to Dyana and Danny making jokes and acting weird all the time.
”Hey, Dyana, Samantha. Shall we go to the gym tonight?” She suggested.
”You’re not gonna ask us?” Danny contradicted and pointed to Patrick and himself.
”You 2 can come along as long as you put on a dress.” She grinned. “It’s girls-night from 7 PM till 8 PM and guys aren’t allowed.”
”Oké Oké! Never mind…”

Alina turned to Samantha and Dyana again. “So, you 2 wanna come?”
Samantha shook her head. “I can’t, I have to baby-sit on my little nephew tonight.”
”And you Dyana?”
”hmm….I think I can come. At 7 you say?”
”Oké, I’ll go with you.”
”Great!” Alina said and smiled happily.

It was 6 PM and Alina was already at the gym. She wanted to take part to a kick-box training. She didn’t even had to ask that to Dyana or Samantha. They hated violent sports.
Her hair was soaked. She came by bike and it had started to rain. A typical autumn’s day. Cold and wet.
But after an hour kicking and beating sandbags and everything else that was used as a target, it almost looked like her skin was shining because of the sweat. At 7 she stopped ant went to the fitness room. One of the trainers was just chasing away the last guys.
When she opened the door it made a lot of noise. They really have to fix this door, it’s freaking annoying!
She looks around and notices she’s the only one.
Alina walks to the tread mill and starts with a warming-up while waiting for Dyana.
But after 15 minutes she still wasn’t there. Suddenly her phone rang in her sport bag. When she picked up it was Dyana. “Where are you?” Alina asked.
”Sorry but I don’t think I’ll come…Have you seen the weather? I’m not going to cycle through that!”
”Well can’t your parents bring you by car?”
”No, they’ve gone to visit some friends.”
”aw, to bad… Otherwise we would have the room to ourselves. No guys, but also no girls.”
”Well, next time better then…I’ll see you tomorrow at school. Bye!”
”Bye!” Alina said and hung up. ”Then let’s just profit of being alone.” She said to herself and sat down on a bench and started to lift some weights to train her arms.
Softly she sang along with the radio that was on. After a few minutes she suddenly had the feeling she wasn’t alone anymore. She turned around and saw a man standing there. He had very dark brown hair and he had blue eyes. Icy-blue eyes because she got chills of the way he looked at her.
”What are you doing here? You’re not allowed in here till 8 PM.” She started with a kinda nervous voice. There was something weird about this guy.
”I’m just watching you…” He answered and smirked in a scary way.
Ow great! The freak was watching me! She got quite irritated now. “Listen up! I don’t like to be watched by some freaky stranger like you! And since you’re not allowed to be here I’d like you to leave right now!” She says almost yelling and walks to the door and opens it and gestures the stranger to go away. But he stays standing, just watching to her.
”Do you want me to call for someone so they can kick you out or something?!” She says very angry now.
Now the guy finally responded and left the fitness-room without saying anything.
Alina threw the door shut and covered her ears from the irritating noise it made. But suddenly she froze. She didn’t hear the door before when the guy came in….And there was no other way to get in this room. She shivered. “OMG I’m starting to see ghosts…”
As distraction she put the radio on louder and started on the cross-walker.
After 30 minutes she found she had enough for today and went to the dressing-room, dressed and went to the exit. It was dark and still raining outside. It doesn’t matter if I rush or if I just take it easy…in both ways I’ll get soaked. She thought and walked to where she placed her bike. She’d put it to a lamppost with a cable-lock.
But she saw someone standing next to her bike. When she came closer she saw it was the same guy that was watching her in the gym. Again he starred at her in a scary way.

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