Do You Wanna Touch Me? [Dean Winchester] {15}

Thank you for the lovely messages =] Still using the same episode from the last chapter and it's mostly what I remember peoples

Created by CharmedLuna on Friday, September 25, 2009

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“I thought they’d be different.” Sam said as we were in the Impala.

“The angels?” I asked.

“Yeah.” He sighed.

“I tried to tell you.” Dean said.

“I thought they’d be righteous.”

“They are.” I said.

“And that’s kinda the problem.” Dean added.

“But, I mean, this is God? And Heaven? This is what I’ve been praying to?” Sam questioned.

“Look man, I know you’re into the whole God thing, you know, Jesus on a tortilla and stuff like that. But just because there’s a couple of bad apples doesn’t mean the whole barrel’s rotten. I mean, for all we know, God hates these jerks…don’t give up on this stuff is all I’m saying. Babe Ruth was a dick but baseball’s still a beautiful game.” Dean answered.

When he said about the angels he didn’t know he was talking about me. I was an angel but I wasn’t stuck up like them… well maybe because I don’t have my grace but other than that I wasn’t bad. I had feelings. I ate. I have urges like any other human being.

“Don’t worry Sam. It’s how they are. Cold and distant from human emotions that’s why they’re like Ken dolls down there.” I joked.

Sam chuckles. I looked at the content of the hex bag Castiel gave us and I took out a finger bone. I showed to Sam and we both agreed on something. Dean starts up the car.

“What is it nerd herd?” Dean asked.

“Will you stop calling us that?” I hissed.

“What? It’s like you two have your own secret club and you use these big words, all right.”

I rolled my eyes. “We were talking how it would take a lot of heat to do this to the bone. Something that would go to high temperatures.”

“Okay, Betty Crocker,” He joked but I punched him. “Crap… what does it mean?”

“It means we’re making a stop at the school again.” Sam concluded.


“What’s the big deal?” Dean asked as we searched through the teacher’s things.

“The hex bag popped up not after we talked to Tracy but-”

“The teacher.” Dean finally caught up.

“Exactly.” I said.

I found a drawer but it was latched.

“Hmm, what are you hiding?” I thought out loud and took anything I grabbed at first. It was a hammer and I pound it until it opens. There were several bones and it was disturbing.

“They’re all children’s,” I examined each bone and so does Sam. “Sicko.”



“Ready?” Dean asked me as I checked out my ammo.

I smirked. “Of course.”

“All right.” Sam said. “Go inside stop the rising from Samhain.”

“And save the world from plunging into darkness.” I said with a cheery tone.

“Right.” Dean said cocking his gun. “Let’s get these son of a bitches.”

We assumed the ritual was going to be done at the basement of the teacher’s home so we found out his address and sure enough I felt the chills of something bad going on.

Sam knocked the door down and we searched the first floor for anything and finally found the door to the basement. I opened the door and I could hear the incantation coming from downstairs. We went down slowly making sure we weren’t seen or heard.

At the final steps we saw the whole place was ready for the rising of Samhain. Hardin had Tracy tied up and he had his knife going down her neck but not drawing blood. He lifted the knife to strike her and that’s when Sam, Dean and I shot him through the back.

He falls to the floor.

“Get her down.” I told them and Dean did it while Sam and I checked Hardin’s body.

“Dead.” Sam muttered.

“Thank you, he was gonna kill me! Ugh, that sick son of a bitch. I mean, did you see what he was doing? Did you hear him? How sloppy his incantation was?” The last part made us all look up at her. “My brother-” She started and everyone raised their guns towards her. “Always was a little dim.”

She threw up her hand and yelled an incantation and sent us flying across the room. I hit the wall and landed on my side. I cringed as I heard my bone crack and winced when it healed it self.

I groaned and I heard Dean call my name.

“He was gonna make me the final sacrifice, his idea, but now, that honor goes to him. Our master’s return? The spell work’s a two man job you understand, so for six hundred years I had to deal with that pompous son of a bitch. Planning, preparing, unbearable.”

Tracy kneels down by Hardin and picks up the knife and the chalice.

“The whole time I wanted to rip his face off.” She said as she digs the knife into Hardin’s bullet wound brining blood and catching it in the chalice. She looks at us as we wither in pain.

“And you get him with a gun, uh, love that.” She stands up again and goes to the alter over at the table. “You know, back in the day, this was the one day you kept your children inside. Well tonight you’ll all see what Halloween really is.” She starts the incantation.

“Bitch needs to stop talking.” I gasped as I tried to get up but my other wounds were still healing slowly.

Sam crawls over to Hardin’s body and gets the blood and smothers it over his face. I gave him a disgusted look.

“What hell are you doing?” Dean and I said at the same time.

“Just do what I did.” He whispers back.

“It’s disgusting.” I made a face and the next thing I know his hand is all over my face and I almost yelped when I felt the blood on my face. I pursed my lips.

Dean chuckles at my reaction and then I take some the blood too and smother all over his face. He looks serious now and I smirked.

“Really unnecessary.”

“As was your chuckle.” I shot back.

The ground shook when she finished the incantation. A crack was made near Hardin’s body and black smoke poured out and went inside Hardin. His eyes snap open and they’re entire white with black pupils.

He rises from the ground and Tracy turns to him and he kisses her.

“Gross…” I whispered softly.

“My love.” Tracy said.

“You’ve aged.” He said.

“This face… I can’t fool you.” Tracy said looking away.

“Your beauty is beyond time.”

I shook my head in disapproval.

He leans in and their foreheads rest together before he suddenly snaps her neck sideways and she falls to the floor. “Whore.” He muttered. My eyes go wide in surprise. I did not expect that.

He turns around as he sniffs the air and sees us lying on the floor, walks over and looks at us for a second, and after a second SAMHAIN walks past us and leaves, shutting the door behind him.

I finally took in a breather.

“Shit… that was close.” I sighed.

“What the hell was that? He looked right at us!” Dean said.

“People used masks to hide from him.” I smiled to Sam.

“So I went for it.” Sam smiled back at me.

“You went for it?!” Dean screeched.

“Hey! It worked. I can’t believe we didn’t think of it before, nice one Sam.” I punch his arm lightly. “Come on, we gotta get to the cemetery.” I groaned as I got up so did Sam and Dean.

“The one place to raise his zombie army.” Dean caught up.

We hurried out the basement and house and to the Impala. I used my shirt to wipe off the blood off of my face.

“We need to get real masks.” I muttered and got inside of the Impala.

I went to the back and took out a new shirt from my bag.

“Don’t look back here.” I scolded the boys and Dean started the car and made our way to the cemetery.

I took off the bloody shirt off. I glanced towards the front and saw Dean looking at me through the rear view mirror.

“Pervert!” I punched his arm hard.

He laughed.

“This demon is pretty powerful.” Sam started.

I stopped midway from putting my shirt.

“Might take more than the usual weapons.” Sam said suggesting what Dean and I already knew was wrong.

“No.” Dean and I said.

“Why not?” Sam asked.

“Ruby’s knife is enough.” I said.

“No psychic… whatever.”

“It’ll be easier.” Sam said.

“The angels said not.” I said as I put the rest of my shirt one.

“I thought that was all crap?” Sam asked.

“They’re right this time, Sammy.” Dean said.

“I don’t know Dean, it doesn’t seem like they’re right about much.”

“Sam,” He turns to me. “It’s not good if you keep using your powers, it’s like playing with fire and you’re going to get burned one day.” I take out Ruby’s knife and hand it to him. “Please? For me?” I said with my best puppy look.

He smiles and takes it.

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