Bad Blood (Hinata/Sasuke love story) Chapter 1: Shy

People...have you ever wondered what would ever happen if hinata and sasuke ever fell in love with each other???? Well...what if they fell in love with each other in a high school???? Yep that's right, this is a high school fan fic about two different kind of people: Sasuke and Hinata

Created by jammy8694 on Saturday, September 26, 2009

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Author’s note: This story is a high school romance fic so there won’t be a lot of ninja stuff involved in this. I’m sorry!

Hinata Hyuga was dreaming. Not only was she dreaming, but she was oddly dreaming of a boy she hadn’t seen for the last decade. Sasuke Uchiha, little six-year-old Sasuke Uchiha who smiled at her warmly, looking as content as she remembered him being, and giving off an aura that he, at that very moment, hadn’t a care in the world.

Hinata woke up almost immediately, panting at the sudden memory of her old friend. Her best friend. Well, that was until he was forced to leave…

She sat up and shook her head. Sasuke Uchiha was gone. He had been gone for the last ten years; she hadn’t seen him since she was six years old.

Hinata lay back on her bed again and closed her eyes. She tried to sleep but it was no use. His image was burned into her memory, a part of her that she didn’t want to look at or remember a part that she vaguely remembered anyway.

But it stuck to her like glue.

Sasuke Uchiha.

She suddenly sighed. She remembered how they had met.

Her mother was a graduate from the local college in the city that they lived in, whilst her father had gone to a prestigious university in the same city. They had meet at an important business meeting at her father’s company, or well, the family company to say, and after a few years they hooked up.

Anyway, her mother was good friends with another woman who had just gotten married to a detective. Hinata didn’t know the woman’s name, she was too young, and all she remembered was her father calling the entire family by their last name in disgust.

The Uchihas.

They were very well know for being successful, not as successful as Hinata’s family of high government politicians and business people, but fairly successful, especially when it came for keeping the city’s safety high and crime low. Hinata would never forget her father’s view on the entire family, viewing them all as low class laborers and civil servants, being particularly jealous of their family of workers being better know in the city than his family…

But that was another story. The Uchihas were fairly ordinary and nice people. Hinata remembered them only too well, as Sasuke would come over almost all the time, the mother was kind and soft looking, the father harder and well very unsocial, and the two children, Itachi and Sasuke.

She sighed at the thought of Sasuke. Of how they had met so innocently, both at the age of four. Hinata blushed, he was her first memory.

Hinata loved to dress up. Dressing up meant going out, and going out meant no scary tutors or teachers teaching things she was to learn in three years time, which also meant fun. She helped her mother put the lovely little blue and white kimono on her small frail body, and comb her short blue-black hair.

That was another thing she remembered. The tutors trying to teach her at an early age, to early in her opinion. Her father was fairly disappointed that she didn’t inherit the family genius at an early age.

“Ready to go Hinata?” her mother asked. Hinata nodded happily. She couldn’t wait.

“We’re going to the park today,” her mother had said, “There’s someone I’d like you to meet.”

So they went to the park by the lake. Her mother held her hand as Hinata slowly and curiously looked around, marveling at its entire beauty. Her mother stopped in front of two other people, a woman and a small boy.

Hinata’s mother pulled away from her mother and began hugging the other girl excitedly. Hinata sunk away next to her mother. Her mother turned to her and smiled.

“Hinata,” she remembered her say, “this is Sasuke.”

Hinata looked over at the boy. He was a little taller than her, with black hair and wearing a black shirt and a pair of sand shorts. He gave her a polite smile.

“Well come on,” Hinata’s mother said nudging her, “be nice and go play with him.”

Hinata gave her mother a slow nod and walked over to the boy cautiously. He held out his hand to her, giving Hinata a sudden warm feeling. She took it, and the boy led her off into the park to play.

Hinata walked along carefully watching her mother from the corner of her eye. Sasuke stopped suddenly and looked at her. She blushed.

“Hi,” he said still smiling, “I’m Sasuke.”

Hinata’s blush didn’t soften, and now, she had her fingers to her lip. Sasuke gave a confused frown. He then smiled again.

“What’s your name?” he asked her kindly.

“My name’s Hinata,” she mumbled trying not to look at him. Sasuke gave a polite nod. He suddenly turned to a beautiful blue flower on the ground. He picked it up and gave it to her.

“Here,” he said, she noticed he was blushing, “This is for you.”

She blushed harder, “Thank you.”

He suddenly laughed, “I hope you like it,” he said rubbing a hand through his hair nervously, “A pretty flower for a pretty girl.”

Hinata laughed back. And so the day went, and every week Sasuke and Hinata would play at the park. And when they were older they would play more frequently, until the point where they were both six years old and best friends.

Hinata gave another sigh. That dream, that was the memory of when she last saw him, before the accident happened.

Sasuke and Hinata were sitting at there favorite spot at the park that they had met each other two years ago. They were lying down, watching the clouds float by in the sky. Sasuke looked a little tenser than usual.

“Sasuke,” Hinata said softly, Sasuke turned to her and smiled.

“Yeah,” he replied lazily.

“What’s wrong,” she asked him shyly, “you look very…” She suddenly held her tongue and turned back. Sasuke laughed, he usually did when Hinata would chicken out at saying something. Hinata frowned at him, and blushed. Sasuke suddenly became a little more serious.

“It’s my brother.” Sasuke said sounding slightly annoyed. Hinata knew that Sasuke envied his brother because of all the attention given to him from his father, so she would usually avoid the subject.

“He’s been really weird lately,” Sasuke continued, “My dad’s getting really annoyed. Itachi’s been given this big promotion at the agency and he denied it.”

Hinata sat up and started fiddling with her fingers. Sasuke sat up beside her and smiled.

“My dad’s been giving me some attention though,” he said his voice filled with excitement and pride, “He took me to the station and everything. It was really cool.”

Hinata smiled, “That’s great Sasuke.” She tried to keep a steady face but she was actually trying to focus on something else. Her mother had been very ill ever since her sister was born and it had been getting worse. Sasuke knew and stood up.

Hinata just sat there and watched him pick a little blue flower and gave it to her. She took it and blushed deeply. Sasuke took his hand out to help her up.

Hinata looked at the flower and then looked at Sasuke. She was so shy around him, and he was her best friend.

“Thank you,” she said, “I wish I could give you something back.”

“Don’t mention it,” he said with his usual warm attitude, “you don’t have to be so shy.”

Hinata smiled, she got closer to Sasuke. He suddenly blushed.

The alarm clock suddenly rang saying it was 5:30 am, and Hinata snapped out of her memory. She got off of her bed and walked into the bathroom to take a quick morning shower. As Hinata slowly took of her clothes and turned on the tap so the shower would start, she let out another deep sigh, whilst the steaming water lightly stung her face and body making her creamy skin quickly pink.

It was so nice to feel the heat against her skin. Like it was purifying her somehow, from all her problems, and she suddenly felt calm. Her mind suddenly silenced from her troubling memories.

And they were troubling, all of them. They reminded her of a time when her life was perfect, and blasted the cold hard truth that her life since had just gone south. Everything then in comparison to everything now was so much better.

Her mother and father were having ‘domestic issues’ then. Well, to put in more specifically, her mother and her father’s family were having ‘domestic issues’ and it was ruining their marriage. Not to mention the fact that her mother had just had another baby and was now horribly ill.

After the incident with Sasuke’s family, her mother left. Just took the baby and left Hinata and her husband. Hinata visited her but, those visits became less and less frequent; her mother just got sicker and sicker.

A few months after the break up, her mother had to get rushed to the hospital. Her illness was had caused her to collapse and she was having a serious seizure. She died soon after, and Hanabi had gone to live with her grandparents.

Her father wasn’t the same again. Despite what the others, the others being his family, had said, he really did love her mother. He became even more closed and distance, and even less forgiving and compassionate.

Hinata took a bottle of coconut and jasmine shampoo and squeezed a little shampoo out and washed her long soft hair. She rinsed it all off and soaped herself, so that when she was clean, she smelt of lavenders. She closed the water and dried herself, then put on a pair of skinny blue jeans and a black tank top and placed a white puffy hoody on top of that.

She got out of the bathroom and looked at the alarm clock. It now read 5:45. She dried her hair and tied it up in a long pony tail. She grabbed her school books, pencil case, and book bag, and left her room to go to the kitchen.

Hinata sighed at the note she saw on the fridge as she went to get herself some milk. Her farther was going to be away for an entire month. Hinata scrunched up the paper and threw it away with little hesitation.

Hiashi Hyuga was almost always away, Hinata reminded herself this whilst she grabbed some milk from the fridge and took some cereal out of the cup board. She stabbed the spoon into the cereal angrily. He had always given her the impression that his job, the family job, was more important than her.

Hiashi never really spoke to Hinata, of coarse he spoke to her, but the conversations would be so rehearsed. She couldn’t speak to him about anything, and the few times that she ever did, it would usually end badly and result in her making a fool of herself, making her slide away into a little hole and be left there.

He disapproved her friends, saying that she should have the decency to hang out with slight classier people, and he had constantly expected her to be the best in everything academically, because she was the heir to the family business, but she was just not good enough, always second best. He would question her when she was out later than usual, which only happened rarely, being as her curfew was at 11:40pm, and she actually thought that he didn’t believe her when she told him that she was still a virgin.

Hinata suddenly blushed at the embarrassing fact, and quickly thrusted another spoon of cereal into her mouth, preventing her from groaning.

Sakura told her not to be embarrassed and to be patient and that it was something to be proud of, but Hinata found it a little annoying that she was the one telling her this when she had slept with Naruto whilst Hinata was dating him. That relationship quickly ended after that, even though Naruto and Sakura both had proof that they were both totally wasted that time, still Hinata had lost some respect for them, and Naruto’s love too, and now Naruto was going out with Sakura.

Well Sakura wasn’t as bad as Ino, who had done it with every guy in her class at least twice. Hinata suddenly laughed at that fact. Ino was the one who told Hinata all about the facts of life, every, graphic, detail, and how she had ‘idolized’ Hinata because of her ability to have stayed abstinent for so long, which wasn’t really that long since she was only 16. Hinata heard that, after, Ino screwed Kiba whilst she was dating Shikamaru, and, before, she loved up Choji, and Shino, and Konkuro, and his brother Gaara all in one weekend.

Hinata chuckled to herself. Temari a senior in her cousin Neji’s class had told Hinata that if you looked up the words slut, whore, and prostitute, there would be a picture of Ino beside the description. Ten Ten, who was dating Neji had agreed with Temari and said that if you looked up Ino in the dictionary, it would say to go look up the words slut, whore, and prostitute.

Temari said that sex just made everything complicated in a relationship, but Hinata also recalled her saying that not having sex also complicated relationships too, but only if you and your partner had had it before. Temari was currently dating Shikamaru, the pair of them hooked up the weekend Ino was shagging her brothers. Neither of them really forgave Ino for that, not to mention when Konkuro and Gaara found out that they laid the same girl they weren’t very pleased.

Hinata however, thought that the best advice she had gotten about her virginity was from Ten Ten. “Hey,” she remembered Ten Ten say when they were talking about this, “It’s called making love for a reason, you should do it when your ready and love the man very much.” Hinata knew that Ten Ten and Neji had done it, but from the very little she got out from Ten Ten they didn’t do it frequently and she really did love Neji. And Hinata knew that Neji loved Ten Ten too, in his own little Neji way, which was really sweet when you figured it out.

Hinata cleaned up and grabbed her things and went off to school. She waited at Neji’s to walk with him. After a while Neji came out.

Neji lived with his mother a few blocks away. His father had been killed by a gang who had accidentally mistaken him for someone else. This had troubled Hinata when she was told the story. Her father and Neji’s father were identical twin brothers, so the fact that he had been mistaken for someone else had always made Hinata a little scared at wondering what would have happened if her father had run into that gang…or if her father had anything to do with that gang for that matter.

Neji looked a lot like Hinata’s father. He had long brown hair which complimented him very well. He had the Hyuga pale blue eyes, and he was very tall and muscular. He was wearing a pair of black jeans and a loose white cotton shirt which on the top right side of his front had a small almost invisible Hyuga insignia. He smiled at her politely, he was fairly quiet.

“Hey,” he said as they began to walk to school, “what’s up?”

Hinata looked down at the pavement and answered that she was fine. It was silent the rest of the way, which was both awkward and pleasant at the same time. Awkward in a sense that neither person really had anything to say to the other person which would sound interesting or genuine and pleasant to the fact that both people, despite the fact they found the situation slightly awkward, liked each others company.

Hinata yawned and gave a large sigh. Neji turned to her.

“Tired?” Neji asked softly, his voice carried elegantly by the wind into her ear.

“Yeah,” Hinata said closing her sore eyes, “I didn’t sleep well, bad dream.”

“Oh.” Neji said looking straight ahead of the path, “What about?”

Hinata opened her identically pale blue eyes at Neji and swallowed hesitantly, “Sasuke Uchiha.”

The air around them both suddenly gave an eerie chill. It was in a word, slightly graceful, yet, they both felt it freeze them both with an unthinkable feeling at the very sentence. Neji knew their past to well, he was occasionally forced to join them from time to time, but he never knew what would happen to them…

It was common knowledge, everyone knew. Little Sasuke Uchiha came home from the park one day, to find his parents slaughtered, and his home destroyed. He was forced to leave the city and live with a foster parent, but, rumors of him began to slip about what had become of him.

Hinata remembered her father telling her that she was lucky that she never saw him again, and she remembered always staying silent when he said that. She didn’t agree with the cold hard facts, she didn’t believe any of it.

Sasuke Uchiha didn’t murder his brother six months ago.

He wouldn’t have changed so much to have killed his own brother.

It wasn’t right.

She refused to believe it.

Neji gave a slight murmur. Hinata fixed her eyes at the path ahead of them, trying now not to make any eye contact with him. Neji sighed.

“Hinata,” he told her softly, the sincerity of his words were always well hidden but in a twist always noticeable, “you should move on. People…people change…you told me that remember?”

Hinata gave herself a slight smile. She had told him that, Neji was a true believer of the phrase, ‘you can’t change who you are’. She nodded, he was right, people do change, but…Sasuke wouldn’t do that…ever…

They walked over at the school, and almost instantly the gloomy mood was suddenly uplifted by the sight of their friends. Neji gave away a heartfelt smile when he spotted Ten Ten sway to his side.

She was dressed in a light pink shirt and a pair of black khakis, her hair tied up neatly, giving her an elegant look. Neji kissed her gently on her soft rouged cheek, and held her hand. She turned over to Hinata.

“Hey!” she said cheerily to Hinata, “How are you?”

Hinata gave her a soft smile and nodded her head. Ten Ten was always so nice to her, everyone was, and she knew she shouldn’t be feeling so upset. Sasuke Uchiha was a part of her past, a part which hadn’t really been intensely thought about in the past ten years. She should let go.

Hinata walked over to Shino and Kiba who were both finishing a few last minute biology questions. They both greeted her sweetly and she took a seat beside them on the bench of the school ground. Hinata looked over at the others.

Sakura was with Naruto, and they were both holding hands and talking to each other. Ino surprisingly was talking with Konkuro. Gaara, Lee, Choji, Shikamaru and Temari were all talking together in a group about what sounded like finals in three months time. Neji and Ten Ten joined them. The bell rang and everyone departed.

Hinata walked over to math and took her seat at the far end of the room. She gazed out the window, and found herself remembering the rest of the memory. The class was filling up quickly, and the teacher was slouched on his chair reading the paper in an obviously bored manner. Hinata couldn’t help herself, her mind suddenly drifted back.

Hinata just sat there and watched him pick a little blue flower and gave it to her. She took it and blushed deeply. Sasuke took his hand out to help her up.

Hinata looked at the flower and then looked at Sasuke. She was so shy around him, and he was her best friend.

“Thank you,” she said, “I wish I could give you something back.”

“Don’t mention it,” he said with his usual warm attitude, “you don’t have to be so shy.”

Hinata smiled, she got closer to Sasuke. He suddenly blushed.

The lesson was starting. The teacher began talking about something fairly basic, sounded like trigonometry. He began writing on the whiteboard.

His flushed face gave her a rather awkward smile. She closed her eyes. She heard him breath faster.

The door opened.

She placed her head so close to his face now. Their noses were touching each other. Hinata fiddled with the flower in her hand.

The teacher stopped writing on the board now, and turned. He suddenly looked slightly paled. Hinata gave a slight frown.

She was blushing now. She brushed her lips on his softly and kissed him. At first it was awkward for them both, but they suddenly didn’t care. He pulled away from her.

The principle entered the room. Hinata suddenly sat up straight. Principle Tsunade never came into a class…ever…

He looked at her and smiled.

“Hinata.” he whispered…

“You can come in now.” Tsunade said both sternly and slightly kindly, “This is your math class.”

The boy came in.

“Sasuke…” she had whispered back.

“Sasuke!?” Hinata whispered to herself.

As if by fate, as if the stars and planets had planned this, as if destiny wrote that this would happen, it was him.

He smiled at her and held her hand softly and then quickly left. He headed back to his home, his last words being, “Bye Hinata.” which was then meet with a sudden pause, “I’ll see you tomorrow…girlfriend.”

It was him. He was older, taller, wearing more black, but it was him. He looked around looking slightly nervous and scared, but it was really hard to tell, by the solid look he gave on his face.

He was wearing a pair of baggy black jeans and a loose buttoned up black shirt. His face looked exactly the same, just slightly matured, but it was his face. His hair was the same too, the same raven hair she had once grown accustomed to.

It was Sasuke.

“Please take a seat Mr. Uchiha,” Tsunade said calmly looking at the teacher sternly, “Professor Iruka, can you please step outside for a moment.”

Sasuke walked over to the farthest seat on the left, the seat right beside Hinata’s seat. Hinata just stared at him as he walked past. His eyes were fixated at the floor, not making any eye contact with anyone, Hinata wasn’t even sure that he had even seen her. He just sat down and made sure that his eyes were placed so that they looked like he was focusing only at the middle of the desk.

Hinata only stared. If someone looked at her from a distance, one would think that Sasuke had something on his back that was about to consume him whole or use his body for world domination. She didn’t drop her gaze. It was just so unbelievable.

It was Sasuke.

She heard people whisper. Everyone knew who he was. Everyone knew where he’d been and what he supposedly had done. Iruka eventually came in.

“Class,” Iruka started, “this is Sasuke Uchiha, he’ll be joining us for the rest of the year.”

Hinata didn’t even look at Iruka. She didn’t even hear him at all. She just glared at Sasuke.

It was Sasuke.

“Miss Hyuga,” Iruka suddenly said, Hinata turned to Iruka.

That was when Hinata felt his eyes on her. It was like a dagger being stabbed into her side. He had remembered the name, he must’ve, she felt him staring at her, like she did with him. Hinata sat up a little straighter.

“Help Mr. Uchiha with his schedule.” Iruka said firmly, “Thank you.”

Hinata nodded and gave a quick swallow. She turned her head slightly to look at him, and she was right.

He was glaring at her, his lips slightly parted from surprise, but keeping a fairly straight face, making him look like he had no feeling toward the discovery. Hinata suddenly felt slightly hurt by the gesture, and turned back quickly.

The lesson went by slowly. Painfully slowly. Hinata felt him look at her from time to time, his glare cold…not like when they were younger, when it was fresh and happy…it was cold. An hour and a half later the bell rang and everyone stole looks at Sasuke before going to their next lesson to probably warn the others of the new arrival.

Sasuke stood up from his desk and looked at Hinata the entire time whilst she packed her things for the next period. Hinata didn’t look at him straight in the eyes. She walked out the door and he followed her.

He didn’t say anything. He just patted her shoulder and gave her the schedule, and she gave herself a mental sigh. They had exactly the same subjects, except for one free period. She didn’t say anything to him, she just gave the schedule, and he followed her to her first free period of the week.

They went down to the hall were they sat down at the edge of the room. None of her friends had the same free period as her today. He sat opposite her and just stared at her.

Hinata was confused. It was Sasuke…but, he was so different, he wasn’t the bubbly child she had grown up with; he was so…so much more closed. He began to shift slightly in his chair.

Hinata shook her head and turned away. He suddenly frowned.


She suddenly turned around at him and looked at him. That was the first thing they had said to each other in ten years. She became slightly softer, and gave him a weak smile.

“Sasuke?” she asked him sounding slight dazed, “Is it really you?”

He gave her a nod, it was fairly gentle, but he looked at her an empty expression on his face. No beautiful smile.

“Yes,” he said softly, “it is me.”

She looked at him softly, studying every aspect of his face. Reading every feature to try and find out what he was really feeling, and, she drew a blank. He seemed to emit a mellow aura around him. He wasn’t calm, but he wasn’t tense either.

He closed his eyes and waited for her to finish. She blushed at his action.

“I’m, I’m sorry.” she said softly, “I…it’s just…it’s been so long.”

He shook his head, “It’s ok.” he told her gently, “it has been a long time.” He opened his eyes and looked at her blushing at him. He frowned slightly.

“What?” he asked her

Hinata’s smile grew larger and warmer, “Nothing,” she murmured, “I’m just slightly surprised.”

Sasuke nodded, “Yeah.” he repeated, “I am too.”

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