Have Faith In Me (Emmett Cullen) Sex Crazed

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Emmett held Ariel's hand the entire way back to the house. He was looking forward to announce their news to everyone. He thought most of the house would take it well. He was positive only one person would have a problem with them being a couple, and that was Rosalie.

"You think everyone will be happy for us?" Ariel ask, as he parked the Jeep.

He smiled at her, unable to hide his own happiness, "I'm sure everyone will be thrilled." He said, reaching over and placing a soft kiss on her forehead.

He held the door open for Ariel and held hands with her as they walked into the house. He pushed the front door open and walked into the house. Most of the family was gathered around the living room; clearly waiting to see how it went.

Alice jumped up quickly from the couch and charged their way, coming to a halt right in front of Ariel. She didn't bother saying hello to either of them, she just wanted the details.

"How did it go?" The pixie haired vampire ask.

Ariel giggled, "It went well."

Emmett smirked, "I ask her to be my girlfriend." He said, which caught Alice's attention.

"And?" Nessie said, getting up from the couch and appearing by Alice's side.

Ariel couldn't help but to giggle at the two of them, "Of course I said yes." She said, and then was pulled into a tight vampire hug. She laughed as the two of them released her and began asking a thousand questions.

"Well." Came a unhappy voice from the corner of the room, "Since you two are together, I guess sharing a room now is against the rules." Rosalie's voice spat.

"What the hell does that have to do with anything?" Emmett ask.

The blond vampire huffed, "We all know you Emmett! Sex crazed. You'll have poor Ariel knocked up in a matter of days if you two room together."

Ariel's mouth dropped. She couldn't believe this conversation was happening.

"Rosalie, this isn't the time to discuss this." Esme said, shaking her head.

"When would be a good time then? After she's already knocked up?" Rosalie scolded.

Edward shook his head in the corner of the room, "Rosalie, stop raining on their parade."

Rosalie laughed, "Well, if Emmett and Ariel share a room we might as well allow Jacob and Nessie to share as well."

"They have been staying together for the last couple of weeks and nothing has happened." Jasper pointed out.

"But now their together! If he tries to put a move on her, she isn't going to push him away, and let's face it, we all know it's been a long time for Emmett."

Emmett growled loudly, and Ariel placed her hand on his arm to sooth him. He looked down at her and she could tell he was angry over what was being said about him.

"Personally, I think what Emmett and I decide to do in our relationship is our business and not yours." She said, directing her words towards Rosalie.

Rosalie laughed loudly, "She's just a horny little teenager as well!"

"Rosalie, stop." Victor said, causing everyone in the room to look at him. "It's none of your business what Ariel and Emmett do behind doors, just as it's none of their business what we do. If we all want to continue living in this house without problems then we're going to need to respect each others privacy and opinions."

Carlisle nodded his head, "I agree with Victor."

Rosalie yet again huffed and stormed off to the bedroom they shared together. Victor signed, "I think I'll be staying out of that room tonight." He said, meaning for it to be a joke, but no one laughed.

Emmett sighed with relief and flashed Victor a face that told him thank you. He then linked hands with Ariel and pulled her up the stairs, "She's got school tomorrow and needs her rest."

Ariel changed into something more comfortable for sleeping, and then crawled under the covers. Emmett laid down next to her, and she moved until she was laying in his arms.

"You think Rosalie will cause problems?" She ask.
He shrugged his shoulder's, "She can be a bitch, so possibly."

"I don't see why she cares." Ariel mumbled.

Emmett sighed, "I know babe." He said, leaning down and pressing his lips against her forehead, "Get some sleep, we have school tomorrow."

She smiled, and then made herself comfortable yet again and cuddled up beside him hoping that sleep would take over very soon.

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