My Japanese Sister

Created by AdamVikingen on Saturday, October 03, 2009

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It was a normal winter morning here in Sweden. It was sunny outside and the snow was shining in the light. My name Adam Maxe, my last name is not swedish but Valonish (Belgian/German) i have short blond hair and i have a berad witch i am really proud of (witch 16yo boy wouldent) and i am a Marxist. I live right now with my sister Jenni and her and her huspend Tony´s house. It´s a pretty big house and it has like two or three mini houses around it, i live in the one ontop of the garage. I have my own bathroom and kitchen so i can stay inside for as long as i wish, altought i´m a loosey coock.

My sister Jenni is 20years older then me and she has been talking about adopting a child cuz she dont want to have a screeming baby , she want one that is a "few" years old, i thought she was kiding about that but it seamd like i was wrong cuz one day she came up to me and said:

- Adam! im going to Japan.

- (me) what! thats one of my dreams to go there (im an otaku aswell)

- Well sorry, but im not there to have fun, im going there to adopt a child.

- (me) What, your serius? I tought you were joking about that stuff wean you told me you wanted to adopt!

- Why would i joke about that?

- (me) I dont know? Bad humor?

And there the convensation ended and a few houers later she and Tony left for the airport. I had left for school a long time ago. I tried to concentrate but all i could think about was waht kind of person my sisters child would be.

The day past away and i got on the buss to my sisters house so i could watch some TV to pass the time until i went to bed. But as always wean i really needed the TV to think about somethinh else all the it has to come with is some weird talk-show or this FUCKING sports shows. So i went to my Video/DVD stashin the atempt on finding something suiteble, all i coulod find was a docementary about "Fidel Castro", it had to do, and it took about three houers so the time did atleast fly away.

Wean the docementary was over it was still a loot of houers left until it was time for bed, i could always go to sleep early but im not tierd.So i desided to take the time left to paint some "Warhammer" (yeah i know im a neard, and i´m PROUD OF IT). As always wean im painting "Warhammer" the time just flying by and after a short wile (i thought) the clok was about 00.30 and i was finaly tierd so i went to bed and all i could think about was about new collor-schemes to my "Imperial Guard".

The next three day it was all the same, going to school, coming home, watchinh TV or using my computer. But then on the 3rd day someone knocked on my door, I thought finnaly Jenni´s home. And wean i opend the door Jenni stod there smiling and simply said:

- We´r back! And we have a new family member with us.

- (me) Ah, well hey to you to sis! And what may the new member of ouer cult of death be?

- Really funny Adam, really funny. Her name is Makie and we wont bother changing it cuz she to old.

- (me) Why would you need to change it even if she was younger, i think Makie is a cute name!

- Yeah Yeah, but she will be comming over to you later, we will show her around the house wean she wakes up!

- (me) Okey, i wait then.

- Good, and be nice to her, shes only 12years old!

- (me) Dont worry, i will be nice!

- Good, see you later then, Bye!

And so she left, and there i was standing, now with a thousen thoughts in my head. Dam, what the hell should i do now, what the hell should i say to the new family menber wean she comes to my little aprtment. I have no idé how to talk to girls, i have never even huged a girl besides my mother and Jenni. well hpfully she will be a little afraid of me so i might gain a little confidence talk, but what will i talk about?

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