Devil may cry - a Vergil love story - for girls

*ahem* I know some parts r weird, but i tried ._. LOL theres a part on this story that its on the manga (the bigger conversation between Arkham and Vergil), so yeah i mixed the two stories, the one romantic that i imagine with a part of the real manga of dmc3. I writted on microsoft word, and erm forgive me if theres some mistakes in my english, which i hope there is none o_O Anyway ill try to make a dante love story too -wich would be easier...- after this one, part2. the girl that has ___ (name) its u.

Created by Merefi on Sunday, October 04, 2009


Chapter One

“the dark knight”

During the dance, ____ didn’t thought of any other thing then getting home to rest. She was tired from the shows of the theatre, and the songs she needed to learn to enjoy the people.

In the end of the dance, she went to the bath room with her girl mates, to wash her hair and body and to get ready to go to her sweet and lovely home.

- You’ve been working hard lately ____! – said Anastasia, one of her friends as she put some make up in her face.

- That’s true, you should take it easy, it’s not that Don Frederic is gonna punish you if you slow yourself a little bit. – said another girl, Anne.

Don Frederic was the man that made the shows.

- I know, but I feel that I need to work a lot since I’m gonna be into the spot light for the first time, I don’t wanna make any mistakes in my performance.

- Oh, it’s good that you work hard. But it’s no use to work THAT hard, ____! Believe me, I’ve been around here for awhile to know that. And Don Frederic is a nice man, he wouldn’t like to see his artists pushing themselves too much. – said Joana.

- Well, that’s true. He wouldn’t like that at all. He says he takes your grace and beauty away. – said Anastasia, and they both laugh.

In the end of the bath she putted a soft white dress, and let her hair light blonde, free to dry in the wind of the night.

____ got out of the theatre, and went through a dark street she hated. She used to turn around, but this time it was useless, cuz the streets were closed for something that she didn’t know what. And that sucked.

She turned left, and kept on walking fast, when she started to hear steps behind her. And when she turned right, the steps kept on following her. Then, on an empty street where no one lived, instead of a big mansion with no one there that people used to say it was haunted, the steps got near her, and grabbed her arm.

An ugly man with a scar in his face was watching ____, and then he smiled.

- You are a pretty one. Why don’t you come with me, I’ll take you to paradise.

His hand was still grabbing her, and she tried to step away but it was impossible.

- Let me go at once! What do you think you’re doing!

- Why so rough my sweet? Don’t you like paradise? Or maybe you prefer me to take you to hell? – he showed a knife and she started to scream, when ____ felt that his hand had let her arm go, she watched behind him a guy which face she couldn’t see cuz another thing was attracting her attention: blood started to fall from the guy who grabbed her, and his body was cutted in pieces, falling on the ground.

Her blue eyes passed through the corpse, and then to the stranger in front of her. The only thing she did see was a big sword with blood, and the face of the stranger looking deeply into her.

She fainted, feeling that the hands of that stranger grabbed her body with no efforts.

Chapter Two

“Close to him”

____ felt a soft bed where she was lying with no memory what so ever of what happen. Little by little her head started to hurt, and then blood came into her mind. The sword and the strange man that saved her and made her faint.

She open her eyes and felt dizzy. ____ was in a grand room, which she never ever seen in her entire life.

- So, you’ve awaken. – said a deep voice, coming from near a window. ____ looks up and sees the stranger who saved her.

She could see his face now, though the room was still dark, the light of the moon was revealing his expression, letting her see how he looked like.

- Where am I? – she asked, after a second of silence. – And were you the one who saved me?

He kept quiet, and then turned his face to her.

- Tell me where is your house and I’ll take you there. – he started to walk towards her. – What was a girl like you doing in a street like that?

She blushed seeing his serious eyes focus on her.

- I was going home of course, nothing more.

He kept on silence, looking to the window again.

- Thank you, I mean it. – ____ said, getting up of the bed. She started to walking through the room going in his direction, when she felt a strong headache and her view turned. His arms grabbed ____ body, as her head felt softly into his chest. Her heart started to beat fast, hearing his voice.

- You don’t seem alright at all. If you want to rest a little bit more…

- No, no, I’m fine. I’m just tired; I’ve had a long day. – She felt his eyes focus on her again, but then his hands pulled her away from him, has he stared at her with an evil glare.

- Rest. I’ll come to take you home after I’m done with some things I need to do.

____ didn’t dare to answer, as she went back to bed and saw that man leaving the room. For a moment she felt lonely, but then she started to think how could it be that he had his eyes so evil and at the same time so intense, when he looked so young?


“Darn…!” she thought, has she get out of bed. “I need to stop thinking of him, and start to think what if he wants to do something bad with me! I need to get away!” Though he didn’t look that way to her. He looked too serious to do something like that.

Well, men are men. Even serious, a girl needs to be careful with them.

Chapter Three

“The conversation”

____ open the door, and saw herself in a big corridor, with a red carpet in the floor, kind of messed like someone had been fighting around there. Her eyes encounter a girl in a cute dress, staring at her. It was a child.

- Hello. - ____ said, feeling that if the man who saved her come back he would be mad to see her in the corridor instead of being in the bed, resting.

The child didn’t said anything, and then disappeared before ____ eyes.

- What the… Maybe I’m seeing things, oh my God.

She kept on walking for like fifty minutes, when a voice deep that she recognized called her attention. Her heart started to beat fast, but she didn’t know if she was afraid or nervous, or maybe the two feelings involved. He shouldn’t know that she was there.

Another voice called her attention, and she got close of the door, that was opened. She stood in the wall, listening.

- About 10 years ago… a girl was killed at the edge of town. – said the voice she didn’t know. – It was an unusual death. Her home burned to the ground, and the cause of death was unclear. There was an apparent struggle and a number of feathers and scale-like objects were scattered around the crime scene. On that same day… One of the forbidden texts was found deep inside an old church. This text was unlike any seen before and was put into care of a single librarian. This librarian had an interest in occult paraphernalia, and decided to try to decipher it. And one day, he was witness to an incredible miracle. – of moment of silence, and she heard that the guy who talked was taking something off. – The blood still flows every now and then. And when I meet a demon like I did last night the wound festers continuously. The one who gave me this injury appeared out of nowhere. I had never seen anything like him, although looking back, he was a rather mundane demon, at best. – his voice was filled with enthusiasm now. - But he was my benefactor, the one who made me believe in miracles.

- Miracles, you say? – said the deep voice that ____ knew who was. – An infinitely festering wound is hardly something to be thankful for.

- Its not your liking? I apologize. But these are the fruits of hard labor. Idle hands do the devil work…or so they say. The first seal has been broken. Some texts refer only to four. There should have been three seals remaining. But seven were mentioned to me by the first seal.

- The deadly sins.

- Pride, envy, gluttony, lust, sloth, greed, wrath. The first… called himself Gouman. It means “pride”. If seven demon exist… It’s likely there are seven separate seals.

____ was listening, not understanding anything. Demons? “What are they talking about… demons don’t exist.” Thought ____, has she kept on hearing.

- So what is it that the ancient texts failed to mention? What did the authors overlook? Or maybe it’s a test. Perhaps the four spoken of in the ancient texts hold the key to finding the others.

- Where are the seals?

- I know of one… But not the remaining three. And certainly not seven.

- Fine… So I’ll destroy the ones we do know about, while you research the others.

- Bravo.

The girl she found on the corridor, was near her at that moment. When she turned her face and saw her. ____ gave a step and open more the door where the man that saved her was talking with another man she didn’t know. ____ face went pale has she kept on hiding on the wall. Their voices stop talking, and she started to feel her heart beating even more fast has she heard the steps coming near the door.

The girl that she saw step on in front of the door, making the steps stop.

- Alice, leave us alone. – said the man she knew, and then Alice step away with a sad look on her face.

It was time to leave that place, ____ thought. She took some steps and then started to run has fast as she could.

Chapter Four

“The kiss”

____ kept on running for more than five minutes till she saw the way out. She opened the door, and found the man in front of her.

- Where are you going? - asked in a cold voice.

- Since you weren’t coming, I thought I could go home alone since I’m feeling okay…

- Do you want to be attacked again? – asked with sarcasm.

- No. – she said, feeling sad with his colder voice.

- Then come, I’ll take you whatever you want to go.

They walked through the dark street in silence. Something felt on the ground on an abandoned house, and in fear, she grabbed his arm, making him turn his attention to her.

- You’re always this frightening?

- When I’m in a dark street, with someone I don’t know and if in that SAME street something bad happen to me, yes, believe me I get very frighten! – she answer nervous, and saw his eyes turning evil again, but he didn’t said anything. After awhile, he spoke.

- What’s your name?

- ____ and you?

- Vergil.

They stopped in front of a modest house, when a flash came in her head. She left her keys in the theatre!

- I left my keys in my work… - said, and then she looked up into the window. – But the window is open. If I could go in there… - looked around. – It looks impossible to climb.

Vergil hands grabbed her, and jumped to the window, making them enter ignoring her screams. When he let her on the ground, she step on something and grabbed his coat while falling, making him fall on top of her. Both lips touched for a second, while Vergil eyes were full of confusion, he step away from her.

____ cheeks were beating red, as she stands up, nervous.

- I… I’m sorry. – she said, getting close to him. His eyes although were looking at her, his mind was far away lost in thoughts and feelings he couldn’t understand. Then a glare.

- I need to go now.

- We’ll we see each other again? – ____ asked, still feeling her cheeks burning.

He didn’t answer, and let her alone in her house. And the loneliness came again. Then questions: how could he jump so high? And what was the demon conversation? And… would they really see each other again?

She looked at the clock and saw it was 3 a.m., It was time for her to get some rest, since she needed to get back to the theatre tomorrow at 6 a.m.

Chapter five


She waked up, with the thought of Vergil killing the man who wanted to hurt her. It was normal, since she never saw someone killing before, she would have these nightmares till the end of her days, or maybe till she could forget which was hard.

____ made chocolate milk, and after drinking it she prepared herself to go to the theatre.

When she arrived, Anastasia and Joana were already ready for the dance, and they were talking about the guy that came on the news, that died slashed in pieces. ____ ignored the conversation, and started to arrange her cloths and her hair.

When the others came and Don Frederic too, the dance started.

At the end of the day, ____ took her bag with her which it had the keys inside.

She walked by the same street, and looked to the mansion. She knew that there was where Vergil, Alice, and another man she didn’t know, were staying. She didn’t know why though.

She kept on walking, and went home to her room. Took the things out of the bag into the bed. The lyrics of the song, and the cloths for the show were all there.

____ grab a sleeping dress, which was light blue, and went to the living room, to watch TV.

After awhile she heard something coming from her room.

Her heart started beating fast, as she went to check on who it was, with her hopes up.

She opened the door, and saw Vergil with the lyrics in his hand. Her cheeks started to burn as she came close to him.

- You can use the door, now I can open. – she said, but then she meet the glare and shut up.

- What’s this?

- It’s for a show. I dance in the theatre.

His eyes focused on the paper again. ____ came close to him, and then she stop, when he talked.

- Why do you dance in a ridiculous show like some common girl? – He seemed angry, and she felt like her heart was breaking apart.

- It’s my job. It’s what I’m good for. I know how to dance and sing!

- Songs and dancers are all right, but not on a show like that and with such a silly composition like this one.

- You’re taking it to serious; it’s just a show for fun!

In a flash he was near her, grabbing her rough against the wall. Her face blushed a lot, as she saw his lips almost touching hers.

- I’ll tell you why I’m so serious about you. Or maybe… You should tell me.

- I… I don’t understand. – she murmured. She felt covered by a rigid gaze of Vergil.

- You can’t understand me?

She kept quiet, and then his voice went colder.

- Let’s see if I can make you understand then.

His lips touched hers again, but with a brute passion. His hands grabbed her, pushing her body to his, in despair. After some minutes, he let ____ go, and stood back awhile.

- Now you understand?

____ stood quiet, nervous. Then she spoke of the only thing that came into her head.

- After the show… We’re gonna have a ball… You should come… With me… It would be fun… You and me in a dance…

Vergil kept quiet, and then with a sigh, went away leaving ____. When she realized that he was gone for sure, she felt on the floor, feeling the burning on her lips and his taste.

Chapter Six

“The Demon”

After awhile she stood up, and went to the kitchen to drink something. Her hands were shaking as she hold the glass in her hand.

Her lips kept on burning. It was marked.

She went to bed, but didn’t have any sleep.

When it came the 6 am she stood up, and went to get dressed to go to the theatre. In the way, she kept on thinking of what Vergil have said. And during the dance classes, she couldn’t stop thinking about him.

- What’s wrong with you ____? – asked Joana when she was alone with her.

- Nothing much…

- Come on, I can see in your face that something is wrong. Just tell me what it is.

- I’m having problems.

- Problems? With what?

- I met this guy…

- Oh my God! DO tell me everything! – said Joana. – You are in love, right?

___ heart started to beating a little bit fast again.

- Yeah, I think I am… I never met someone like him before.

- Then what’s the problem? – asked Joana, while grabbing her hair and seeing herself in the mirror.

- Well… I… I dunno.

Joana stare at her, perplex.

- You don’t know? What the hell, then you don’t have any problem. Just go and talk to him and say how much you like him.

- I cant do that.

- Sure you can. Get some balls, and go woman!

____ laughed. She was right… What was the problem? She knew that he loved her; he said it – in a weird way – yesterday. But why did she have this feeling that it wouldn’t work out between them?

- You’re right. I’ll go to him. Can you tell Don Frederic I got sick, and went home?

- Fine by me. Oh, and good luck!

- Thank you Joana. – she smiled, and went away.

She passed through the street, and looked up at the mansion, decided to go in.

The front door was open, and she walked slowly looking to the grand hall. Up the stairs she saw something with blood in its hands. It didn’t look human, and it didn’t notice her presence.

____ hide behind a statue, and saw the creature getting near the hall. A man appeared at the top of the stairs, with a smile in his face. ____ recognized his voice has the other man Vergil was talking too.

- Wasn’t easy to dispose of that demon?

- Shut up Arkham. – said the creature, changing its form.

- Forgive me. I shall go to the librarian; I’ve still not done my research. – Arkham went to the left corridor, and let the creature alone.

After a minute the creature was no longer a creature. It was Vergil.

____ heart was beating fast, as she understood what she saw. Vergil wasn’t human. He was a demon. That’s why he could jump so high, and that’s why he… “killed that man” thought ____, feeling her heart breaking. Was she right? Or was she just having crazy ideas? Vergil went out of the mansion, and after awhile ____ reacted, getting away from the mansion.

Chapter Seven


When she arrived at her house, she felt that Vergil was there. Quickly looked in all rooms and in the kitchen and living room, but he wasn’t anywhere. He was simply in her head.

He was demon, what would she do now? Call Joana and say that unfortunately he was from a different race then her? No, she would think ____ liked a pony or something. Or that she was crazy.

____ dressed the same sleeping dress and went to bed.

When she waked up, blood was in her mind again, but this time the demon Vergil was in it too.

She looked through the window, and saw it was a raining day. And unfortunately for her it was the day of the show and the ball.

____ went to the bath, and dressed the cloth for the show, and then a large and big coat that made her look ridiculously fat, when she was so skinny. But it was a need, so the cloth wouldn’t be wet when she got there.

She walked on the same street, and ignored the mansion. When she arrived at the Theatre, she could see Don Frederic preparing everything for the show and the ball for the night. She helped and doing it so, ____, Anastasia, Joana, Anna, and another girl named Raquel, started singing the melody they were suppose to sing during the dance.

For hours ____ heart was filled with joy instead of the thought of Vergil being a demon, but sometimes that same thought would come back, and make her sing more heavy with no joy.

When they were over, it was time to eat, and wait a few hours for the opening of the theatre.

- How was it? – asked Joana all of a sudden, and ____ sigh.

- I didn’t said anything.

- Damn, where are you balls?

- I don’t have any balls.

- True. In BOTH ways.

- Come on Joana, you know it is hard to express your feelings.

- Yeah, it is… A lot, a lot…

- ….I know you are teasing me. – said ____ sending a glance to Joana, which ignored her, smiling.

After those hours, the doors were open to the people, and after awhile every chair –which would be removed afterwards - were taken.

- So many people! - ____ said, feeling nervous. – Oh my God, I cant do it.

- Of course you can, or Don Frederic will kill you. – said Anne, smiling.

- Not funny, not funny at all…

- Yeah, cuz if she screws this up, we get screwed too. – said Anastasia

- Thank you, I bet she feels a lot of comfort now. – answered Joana.

- Sorry… - said Anne. – But its kinda true.

Don Frederic called them to the stage, while the curtain was still closed to the view of the spectators.

When they were in the right position, the curtain was raised, and the song and the dance started. Everything was going well, while Joana smiled to ____ like saying that everything was okay, and Anastasia and Anne were smiling too, but only for the show, cuz in their eyes ____ could see it very clear “if you screw it we’re screwed!”.

After some minutes, the dance was over and the song too, and the “fairies” went away letting others take the stage with another dance to complete and keep going the story.

- It wasn’t bad, but now you’ll need to go again. – said Don Frederic to ____.

After awhile ____ entered alone in the stage, with a pure voice she singed to the angels asking to retrieve her beloved one from the skies.

In the end of the play, she knew that they wouldn’t give her what she wanted. In a certain way, when she singed, she was singing to one person, one person alone. And she knew he wouldn’t come. She was certain. It was a stupid show for him, he wouldn’t come for her. And what he was … what he really was… Could she accept it?

In the end of the show, she thanked to God that everything went well. She couldn’t see Anastasia nor Anne face with worries no more.

The curtain was raised again, to let Joana sing. It was the end song of the play, and one that almost everyone knew the music. Her and another man singed it: Beauty and the beast.

____ was walking around the people that were sitting, when she saw Vergil in a corner looking at her. She trembled a little bit, and when the music was done, she went to near him.

- I didn’t know you would come.

- I wasn’t… But then I wanted to see you. – his eyes focused on ____, while she came closer to him.

- I wanted to see you too.

They stood in silence, and ____ could see the people staring at them, and she could hear some girls saying how beautiful he was. Vergil didn’t seem to react nor hear what they were saying, lost in his thoughts and looking at her deeply, like wanting to read her soul.

When the music started, ____ noticed that the people were going away, and the chairs were being taking to give space for the dance. Then the voice of Joana called for everyone, telling that it was time for a dance! That everyone shall ask someone to dance.

Vergil looked at her, and ____ smiled, shy.

Both went to the middle of the theatre where people were already dancing at the sound of the piano. Vergil grabbed her to him, and danced with her.

- It’s like everything its normal… - Vergil said, and ____ looked at him.

- Yes…

- Maybe… I’m loosing my mind. – said in a cold voice.

- It’s just for a day.

Vergil looked at her, and she smiled. They kept on dancing like no one was in there…Just them.

At the end of the night, he took her to her house. ____ asked him to come with her, and he stood on the living room, while she made some coffee for him.

She went to the living room, and gave the coffee which he tasted a little bit and then let it up on a table near the sofa.

- Oh. – said ____ nervous. – Is it bad?

- No. – he answered.

- Vergil.

He looked at her, thoughtful.

____ talked, feeling nervous while he stared at her.

- I know what you are. I went to the mansion and I… saw you… changed.

He kept silent, like he already knew that she was there that day.

- And I just want it to say that… whatever you are, I… - she stopped talking.

- Say it. – asked Vergil, getting near her, and hug her. – say whatever you want to say.

- I have one question first… How come you like me?

- You’re so innocent, and beautiful… And that’s why I don’t like you being a common girl in that theatre. Because I don’t see you like they are. You are different.

____ blushed, while felt his arms taking her near the couch. He sit, making her sitting next to him, hugging her. Then his lips touched her face, going down till her lips, softly.

____ arms grabbed Vergil to her. Then, he made her lay, and stared at her, hugging her.

- I wanna be with you… - she murmured. – But I have this feeling that we cant…

- I have some things to settle. – he answered. – When I’m done, ill come back for you…

- Promise? – she asked, and his lips met hers. They passed the night together, but no promise came from Vergil mouth… Only “I love you ____”.

The End

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