Be My Nightmare (Naruto and CodeGeass Crossover)

Haruno Sakura, parents was killed when she was is young and soon being adopted to the late Emperor Charlies of the Holy Empire. She made a special promise to Lelouch. Can she keep her promise? NarutoXCode Geass, SuzakuXSakura pairing.

Created by SerenadeCrush on Sunday, October 04, 2009

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"Be My Nightmare"

Title: Be My Nightmare

Rate: T

Summary: Haruno Sakura, parents were killed when she was young and soon being adopted to the late Empirer Charlies of the Holy Empire. She made a special promise to Lelouch. Can she keep her promise? NarutoXCode Geass, SuzakuXSakura pairing.

Genres: Action/Adventure/Drama/Humor/Angst/Romance

Fandom: Code Geass and Naruto

Pairing: Suzaku and Sakura

A/N: Hiya Everyone, this is my first time trying a Code Geass and Naruto Crossover, everything or most of things will be explain in Chapter One. Sakura is 10 years old, Suzaku, Lelouch are 10 and Nunnally is 9. Sakura, Suzaku and Lelouch will be 16 in later chapters and Nunnally 15. I do not own Code Geass or Naruto. Just own the plot and my ocs.

Sorry for the grammar and spelling mistakes!

Prologue: The Promise

August 10th 2011

On August 10th, 2011. The Holy Empire of Britannia declared war on Japan. The superpower nation Britannia over power the small island. The after myth was predictable. Japan had become the territory of the empire and was stripped from its name and freedom. Area 11, is the new name of Japan.

Ten years old Haruno Sakura, closes both of her jade green eyes painfully at the sight before her and her friends, Lelouch, Suzaku and Nunnally.

“This is horrible.”

“Onii-san, Nee-san what's wrong?” Nunnally asked, sitting in her wheel chair helpless behind of Suzaku and Lelouch. Lelouch didn't reply and neither did Sakura and Suzaku. They don't know how to put this in words. Buildings were torn in two most of them are, along with huge dents on the streets and the smell of dead flesh and smoke in the air. Suzaku let him self fall onto his knees, age of ten he don't have much energy unlike Lelouch does.

He had to pushed Nunnally's wheel chair up the hill in the first place!

He took in a deep breath, regretting afterwards at the taste and smell of smoke.

Lelouch and Suzaku let their eyes travels the ruins and then to the Japanese civilians who now laid lifeless on the street, covered in blood and gun shots both Women and children along with men.

Lelouch ball up his two hands into a pair of fist angry.

His face twisted into the look of rage, that Sakura and Suzaku barely knows that this is really him.

“Suzaku..Nunnally...Sakura... I'm going to crush Britannia” He said at last.

Sakura opens her jade green eyes, looking over Lelouch on whats he is doing and acting.

“No Lelouch.”

Lelouch looked at Sakura about to say something else that will cause a huge argument.

“We both going to crush Britannia together.” Sakura said.



Here's the prologue rewritten, but not beta. (sighs), but I did my best in this one. Next one will be Chapter One. Please review^^

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