A Byakuya Kuchiki Lovee Story 21 after the party and a new sister?

hey this chapter is dedcated to Ahslea cuz she is the newest character to my byakuya love sotry...hehe pleaz enjoy!

Created by Ayame8Uchiha on Saturday, October 10, 2009

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Ayames pov

The captain and I walked back into the ballroom and danced till we heard a scream. It was Cait. I ran to where I heard the scream followed by Shuuhei and Captain. Both their hands on their Zampacto. I found cait sitting in the hallway the diamonds on her dress were broken around her. I rushed to her side. “Cait what happened?” I asked in distress. I looked up at Shuuhei shaking to death. HE didn’t know what to do. “Ayame there were these commoners dressed like soul reapers, and they attacked me and tried to take off my dress, but my scream scared them off. The anger built up in me. “Im gonna kill em!” Shuuhei and I said at the exact same time with the exact amount of hate. “Ayame, Shuuhei that’s not the way to go about things. First we need the description of them men and through them before central 46.” My captains hand dug into our shoulder obviously making sure that we realized he was our superior. I took as step back while my captain comforted the terrified Cait. I sneakily slipped off my shoes. “Captain, im sorry but I cant let them get away especially after they hurt my cait like that.” Then I took off running. I extended my had as black smoke appeared around it Soshi Supirittsu. “Haru we need to find a few parasites, can you feel them?” “Yeah of course…” He said in a matter of factly voice. He gave me directions as I gained speed so fast I didn’t even know I possessed. I caught up to them in a matter of minutes, I was to afar ahead of my captain for him to be able to stop me. “I grabbed one of them men collars so tight it cut off some of his air. “How DARE you!” I screamed. I could feel the hot tears in my eyes but I dare not cry infront of such scum. “Were sorry miss we know that impersonating soul reapers are against the rules.” I threw him against the walls as the diamonds fell from his hands. I picked one up. “Keeping a memento I see.” The other one defended the now hurt man. “No you got it all wrong we thought that we would be able to take a few diamonds, I mean the girl must have been rich if she had diamonds on her dress we didn’t think it would cause a problem.” I looked at the small fake diamond. “It not that you stole her diamonds its where you reached,” I dropped it on the ground and stepped on it braking it. “These aren’t even real.” The two commoners got a disappointed look on their faces. “You thought that they were real?” They both nodded there heads in agreement. I gave them a sad look. “I will let you off the hook but you still have to apologize.” They agreed to the terms and we quickly returned to Cait.

The group was still sitting there, my captain had an angry look at me. He saw the men, and immediately got what happened. His anger turned into a worried look. I mentally rolled my eyes, if I did it for real he would see and lecture me on how if I continue to roll my eyes they would eventually get stuck in the back of my head. They both apologized for the horrible misunderstanding and cait resumed back into her normal hyper self, however Shuuhei looked quite unforgiving at the too and if it weren’t for cait who told him to lay off the men he would have killed them. I whispered to my captain. “Over protective ain’t he?” My captain looked down at me with a serious gaze. Everyone had cleared the sight. “Ayame what would have happened if those were bouts? You would have been dead for sure, you’re so lucky they were normal commoners.” “Bouts?” I looked at him. He avoided my curious gaze. “Yeah there have been a few bout sightings, you know vampires, I didn’t want to get you involved.” HE waited for me to blow up at him but I giggled. “I guess Shuuhei isn’t the only protective one.” He smiled at me. I realized we fought so much was because we were both so hard headed when it comes to want we want. But the thing I want most is his happiness, I guess he tries to do the same and we try to give up our daily plans to do what the other wants to do and then everything ends in chaos. I let out a big sigh. HE pressed our foreheads together. “So am I staying at your place or you coming over to mine?’ He asked. I didn’t really want to leave home, but I didn’t want to leave him if he wanted to go home. “Lets go over to your place?” I questioned. He playfully pushed me. “EEH! Wrong I don’t know bout you but im spending the night at your house.” I laughed a little. I loved it when he didn’t act so serious, and at least tried to play sometimes. I skipped after him on the way to my house.

At the house

I ran my brush through my hair and laid next to my already sleeping captain. He looked so beautiful without his head ware, the way his hair fell. I smiled a little. HE was in a deep sleep. I whispered to myself. “I love you….” Hoping he wouldn’t hear me. Unfortunately any one that knows me know im a complete fail and it didn’t work out at all. He turned onto his side and wrapped an arm around me. “I love you too Ayame.” MY face went beat red and I hid my head under the covers drifting into a dreamful slumber…….

KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! I shot up looking at the clock. 3am? I threw the covers off angry. I opened the door. “Who is it?” I said a little annoyed. I was suddenly glomed by a red headed girl about the size of Cait, an inch taller than me. “OH CAIT MY SISTER I HAVE FINALLY FOUND YOU!” The girl was sopping wet from the rain. “Look I don’t know you and im certainly not cait.” She put on a pair of larger glasses as the kitchen light was flipped on by my captain. Then my four roomies swarmed the scene tired. I noticed something weird about her glasses. I poked her eye where the lense is suppose to be. “Ouch!” She said. I smacked the back of her head. “What the hell kind of excuse is that suppose to be you don’t where glasses inless your actually blind!” She covered her eyes and began to cry a little. “Hey I didn’t mean it please don’t cry!” Its to early for this! I should be asleep! “IF you say your Caits lost sister I believe you, let me give her a call.


“Yes miss ayame?” Shuuhei: Cait get off the phone its to early I at least want another 6 hours asleep!

“Cait whos there?” I asked slyly


“Ok well theres a girl here saying that shes your sister, and she wears fake glasses and glomps random people……yeah she sounds like she related to you.”

“Ohmigosh…….she wears fake glasses?”

Sigh.”Yeah just get over here!”

>>>>>>>>>Cait is over at my house now

They looked into each other’s eyes, clearly they looked nothing alike but they had that feeling as they mimicked each other’s movements. I laid my face in my hand while Byakuya gently rubbed my back.”Wow we really are sisters!” They said in unison. “CAPTAIN I GOT THE CALL WHAT IS GOING ON!” Renji Burst through the door also sopping wet…… Haru and Rae gave him a dirty look. They just finished cleaning up like 10 gallons of water. “Ah renji why!” I said. HE sat next to me. His hair was down. Not happy with my comment he shook his hair on me and accidently my captain. His hair itself held like 10 gallons of water. Now renji Byakuya Caits sister and my Mahogany floor was all wet. “Well sister what is your name?” Cait asked her. “She sat up from her slouched excited again. “My name is ashlea,I was separated at birth from you do to our mothers death, father could not take care of us both so he sent me away to live with our aunt. I ran about 20 years ago and just recently found out that you were a soul reaper.” She scratched the back of her head. “Turns out you were about five miles away from where I lived.” The eight of us smacked our heads. Shuuhei burst through the door angry. “Cait you should not be staying up this late!” I was in no mood for a bunch a yelling. I stood up and yelled at him. “SHUUHEI GET YOUR PANTIES OUT OF A TWIST CANT YOU SEE THIS IS IMPORTANT< CAIT CAN TAKE CARE OF HERSELF!” “dang it Shuuhei why did you have to come!” Haru yelled, and once again pulled the mop out of our cleaning closet to clean up the water. Ashleas ocean blue eyes flashed to me. “You have a lot of built up anger don’t you?” I sat back down. “OF course not, it’s not every day when I have a house party at 3 am in the morning.” She shook her head> “That’s not what I meant, generally you have anger.” I lowered my gave. What a smart pants. “Im going to bed, you people are welcomed to stay here if you like.” Cait jumped into shuuheis arms. “yeah come one ashlea the 3 of us can share the guest room!” Ahslea jumped on cait as Shuuhei to go up the stares. Cait looked at me and said in a baby voice. “Ayame don’t be a sourpuss, come on.” She patted to Ashleas lap. I gave them a smile and I soon joined the pile. I smacked shuuheis head. “LETS GO HORSEY IF I PLAN ON SLEEPING BEFORE THE SUN SHINES THROUGH MY WINDOW YOU BETTER HURRY!” Byakuya stepped in front of Shuuhei and took me off the pile. He guided me up the stairs. “Go to bed ayame.” I gave him a worried look something was bothering him especially when hes being so obvious about my actions. He didn’t need to tell me to go to bed, but he did….I shook the feeling off thinking he was sleep deprived……

The next day!

I came out of the bedroom wearing a uniform like soifons, I stepped out of the room ready to do my daily exercises when cait came out of the room same time as me wearing the same outfit. I let out a big sigh. “Ill change this time.” She gave me a peace sign and ran off down the hall. I pulled out my usual uniform, black that wrapped around the waist with a red ribbon and a slit in the side. I heard a knock on my door as Ashlea busted in screaming my name caring flowers in her hand. I held back my laughter and covered her mouth and pointed my sleeping captain. I assumed she understood and finished wrapping uniform. She put a black cosmos in my hair and said. “sorry did I wake him!” =_= ok she didn’t get it. My captain sat up his hair in his face, and bags under his eyes. “Why is she in your room and Why is she yelling?” He said as if Ashlea wasn’t even here. She stood up on my mattress making herself look bigger. “IT’S A FREE COUNTRY SO MIND YOURS!” Then Byakuya lost it….”COME HERE YOU LITTLE BRAT I GOT LUNCH FOR YOU EVER HEARD OF A KNUCK SANDWHICH?!” HE was also standing on my bed no. I fixed the black flower. “Captain please calm down.” “YOU CALM DOWN I AM A CAPTAIN I GIVE THE ORDERS!” HE stepped on my bed frame as flashy red and yellow lights were behind him and a trumpet played in his honor.” Ashlea stuck her tongue out at him. I giggled. “what a fail….” “WHOS A FAIL!?” Byakuya was now sitting on the bed again. Ashlea pushed him off. “You are of course.” My captain didn’t move. “…that’s it im going to kill her…..” Ive never seen someone get under his skin as much as that……I felt well a little jealous. I played it kool. “Ashlea um maybe you should give him is flower later he is still a little grumpy.” She smiled. “I think caits out in the back yard have you given her ,her flower yet?” She gave me a shocked look and raced out of the room. I stood next to my captain he was now laying in bed looking at the ceiling, he grabbed my hand and pulled me over him. “Don’t worry your still my number one annoyance.” I blushed lightly. “Good.” He reached up and kissed me gently. I looked deep into his eyes….then he pushed me off the bed. “Now leave im still tired and any dramatic event seems to follow you.” I gave him an angry look. “DOES NOT!” “AYAME AYAME MANI BURNT HERSELF ON THE STOVE!” Rae burst into the room. “Just proved my point.” He through the covers over his head. I ran out of the room Ronin and Taro were already there. She cried to me. “YAM CHAN I HURTED MYSELF!” I picked her up and ran her finger under cold water. I put on some of the pain relieve stuff and a bandage and kissed it better. “That better mani?” She wiped her tears and nodded her head. She ran to ronin and he picked her up. He gave her a worried look. “Mani you know your not suppose to be in the kitchen when theres a stove or oven on.” She playfully smiled and pulled his hair. Renji came down stare wet in a towel just when cait and ashlea both came in with more flower, caits flower was pink ashleas was blue. Ashlea froze up her cheeks blazing hot. I ran towards them Shuuhei right on my tail. “cait don’t look!” He creid. “Your only children!” truth was ther were the same age as me but that was my only excuse. Shuuhei and I tackled them at the same time the four of us breaking my front door. “Well that was new.” Haru commented Taro cried a little. “Wow I feel so replaced.” Haru smacked his brothers back. “Its ok, we still have the back door.” Haru picked his brother up by his collar and threw him through the back door. Taro gave him a thumbs up The four of us crawled into the house. I gave haru an annoyed glance. “Your paying for that…” He smaled. “Just so ya klno we share a bank account so its still your money…” grr I pointed at renji. “THEN YOU PAY FOR IT!” “WHY ME!!!” I thought of a reason. “BEACAUSE YOU HAVE YUMMILIIOUS ABS AND IF U WERE FAT AND GROSS THIS COULD BE AVERTED!!!” “Yummilious?” My Captain questioned, he too had his shirt off, it was memorizing. The 5 women of the household glanced in worship….

ok that’s all the time I have right now I will continue this little sahinanagin in the next chapter…)
this is ashlea
ashspic.jpgyou should already kno wut Ayame and cait look like...

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