A Jacob and Renesmee Love Story Gone Too Far?

I don't own any of the twilight stuff, that all goes to stephenie meyer. This is a love story between Jacob and Nessie with a twist to it. Some of it has reminders of what happened in the twilight movie. In this story Renesmee has twin sister, that wasn't in the twilight series, I added that on my own. Rate and Message!! Your messages will help me to make my story better!

Created by rebeccalynne67 on Wednesday, October 14, 2009

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Renesmee’s POV


"Nessie, get down here!" My mom, Bella, yelled. It was Saturday morning. Mom and Alice, my aunt, were going to take me shopping. My boyfriend, Jacob, was dying to have a date night, but being a fourteen year old half vampire with a full vampire family and trying to have a date night with my werewolf boyfriend didn’t exactly work out so well. The only other half vampire is my sister, Rebecca, but everyone calls her Becky or Becca. Just like everyone calls me Nessie. Becky wasn’t against me and Jacob’s relationship, but she didn’t exactly like it either. On several occasions her and mom saved Jacob from a huge fight with daddy. Daddy didn’t really like Jacob, probably because since he couldn’t have mommy, he went after me. Well, he imprinted on me. As I walked down the stairs, I found that everyone was piled in the livingroom, except of course, Jacob. Why didn’t this shock me? We were having another family meeting. I wonder what about this time. I decided to take a seat next to Rosalie, my other aunt. On my other side was Edward (my daddy). I couldn’t help but have a feeling that this was going to be about Jacob. "Nessie," my mother began, "we need to talk to you about you and Jacob’s date night." Of course, here we go again. "Yes, here we go again." My father stated. Did I tell you that my father is able to read minds? Well, he can. "Why is it that every time Jacob and I plan something, we have to make a family meeting out of this?" "Shut up, Nessie. You haven’t heard what they are going to say yet. You will like this idea. Trust me." Becky informed me. Of course, she was sitting next to Esme, my grandma, and Carlisle, my grandpa, was on her other side. She was of course filing her nails, for the fortieth time this week. Usually people’s grandparents are old and wrinkly, not ours. Since, we are half vampires and we live in a house with eight full vampires, things were definitely different. For one, vampires don’t age so whatever age they were frozen at, is the age they stay at. Carlisle and Esme were in there early to mid twenties when they were turned into vampires. Emmett, my uncle, and Rosalie were twenty when they were turned. Emmett and Rosalie are married, and have been married several times. Don’t ask it’s a thing they do when they start over. Jasper, my other uncle, and Bella were eighteen.

Alice and Edward were about seventeen. Becky and I are twins, practically identical. Our mother gave birth to us when she was human, then she was turned vampire. Edward is our biological father. Full vampires cannot have children, since their bodies don’t change. We are not sure if half vampires can have children or not. "Nessie," My mother began again, "We’ve all decided that you can have this one date night with Jacob. If that goes well then we’ll think about letting you have more date nights." "Oh thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" I kept repeating and then went upstairs to call Jacob. "Are you serious?" He asked. "Yeah, can you believe it? I thought they were going to lecture me about wanting to go out with you." I said. He laughed. It was weird how compatible we were. I guess being imprinted on has its benefits. I heard someone walk in so I told Jacob I had to go and quickly hung up. I turned to see Becky. As much as I loved her, I wished we had our own rooms. Sharing a room with her was like sharing a room with an OCD person, oh wait she is OCD. Only a little though. I’m not even sure why we share rooms.

"So, when you going out with Jacob?" She asked looking a little uncomfortable. "Um, tonight actually. You know, it’s Saturday and we’re both free, so why not?" I replied just as uncomfortable. We both knew that the only reason she was asking was so mom and dad knew; otherwise she wouldn’t really care. She went to go report to them and came back with Alice. "Your first date!" Alice exclaimed. Alice always chose out are clothes and sometimes even did our makeup. I didn’t understand how this was fun, but whatever. She pulled out a dress that I knew dad would not approve of, it was a knee length red v-neck halter. I hated halters, but put up with it for Alice’s sake. After getting dressed, she did my makeup. Her, Becky, Rosalie, and mommy thought I looked stunning. After my makeup she started on my hair. It all took like five minutes. Did I mention vampires are very fast? Well if I didn’t, they are. I went downstairs to show everyone. I got a couple joking whistles from Emmett and Jasper. Carlisle stared for a minute then went back to what he was doing. Daddy looked like if he could have a heart attack, he would. "Go change. You are not wearing that!" He demanded. "Dad, you’re going to have to take that up with Alice. She didn’t choose the outfit, Alice did." Becky interjected. "Come on Edward. It’s one date. She doesn’t look that unreasonable. She could look like she just walked out of a strip club as one of the strippers. Just be lucky Alice chose something that covers her torso and some other important parts that should be covered." Mom pointed out. Dad just nodded. I sighed in relief. Once that was over Rosalie pulled me to outside, far enough away so no one would hear. "I know you’re fifteen and it’s your first date with Jacob. I also know that your hormones are probably making your decisions for you so here." She slipped something into my palm. "A condom? I’m not sure that we’ll go that far, but if you insist." "I just want you to be safe. Since we don’t know what could happen, it’s better safe than sorry. Oh, and do me a favor, don’t think about this when we get back to the house because if your father found out he’d kill me. Actually, I think besides Jacob, he’s the only one who doesn’t know I gave you that." She informed me. "Sure thing. Oh, I suppose I should thank you for the weird, but thoughtful gift. So, thank you." I said while hugging her. We walked back to the house in silence. It was a little weird because of this little event, but better safe than sorry. When we walked through the door my father was giving me a weird look. I returned it with a comforting smile. He didn’t believe me, but he let it slide. Next thing I knew the doorbell rang. I ran to open it, but was beat by my always-annoying sister. "Hi, Jacob." She greeted and then moved aside so I could get through. "You two have fun." Then she smiled at Jacob and gave me the look that said ‘Don’t do anything stupid that you’ll regret.’ I smiled and disappeared into Jake’s car. "So, where are we going?" I asked cheerfully. "To the reservation. Dinner on the beach and then see where it goes from there." He confidently replied. The drive seemed to last forever. Probably because I was so excited. I had a strange feeling that Rosalie was right to give me that condom. I just couldn’t shake the feeling. I was also happy because no one but Becky and I were allowed on the reservation. Since everyone in my family (except my sister and I) are full vampires they weren’t allowed on the reservation because of their treaty. Even though they only hunt animals, the Quileutes didn’t want to take a chance of something happening to one of their people if one of the vampires lost control. It was a relief to know that I wasn’t going to be watched by my family. There was a chance Becky could watch me, but I doubted it because she was so against invading my privacy, even though everyone else invades hers. I had a huge grin throughout the whole fifteen-minute drive. I was so excited that I could barely talk. "Jeez Nessie, you’d think I was buying you a car." Jacob said. "Well, excuse me for being excited for our first date." I replied, a little harsher than I intended. He laughed and pulled me out if his car. We headed towards the beach, which wasn’t too far from his house. It was a little chilly out tonight, not that I could really tell considering the cold never bother me. Most dinners consisted of fancy restaurants and what not, for normal people. Our dinners consisted of going in the woods and hunting. I caught a deer and was finished. I didn’t like hunting animals very much, it seemed too irrational. Seriously, why hunt when I could get a small bag of donated blood. Jacob was still in his wolf form eating away at the deer meat by the time I had sucked mine dry. When he finished, he changed to human form and got dressed. We talked about everything from school to home to whatever. We actually ended up play wrestling in the sand. That was definitely interesting because I got sand everywhere and I think he did too. In the middle of the match he ended up kissing me. Probably trying to trick me so he could win. It wasn’t a trick though. It was turning into something more, I could tell. I was too into it to tell him to put the condom on that Rosalie gave me for this particular reason. I couldn’t believe Rosalie was right. Especially since Alice couldn’t ‘see’ us. Alice could see into the future. For some reason she couldn’t see half vampires or werewolves. So I had no idea how Rosalie could have known that this was going to happen. The last thing I remember was falling asleep in Jacob’s arms on the beach. The next morning I woke up with a terrible headache. I looked over and screamed, "Shh!" Becky warned. "What the heck are you doing?" I asked. "Waiting for you to wake up, so I could ask you if Jacob was telling the truth." She replied cheerfully. The truth? "What truth? What are you talking about? What did he say?" I demanded. "Well, he said that you two had sex on the beach last night." She whispered. She knew that they could hear us, but it didn’t hurt to whisper. "Yes, it’s true, but you can’t tell the guys or I’m toast. Carlisle already told me the last time that he wasn’t keeping anymore secrets for me. Jasper and Emmett could never keep a secret this juicy." I told her. "Wait, last time?" She asked. "Yeah, when Rosalie gave me the condom." I said. "Oh that last time. Did you even use it?" She asked. "No…but I doubt anything would happen." I said to her. "I don’t know. I mean, they thought that nothing could happen when mom and dad, you know, but you see where that got them. Two kids and one of them just had sex with a werewolf and didn’t even use a condom." She stated sounding a little smug. I wondered if anyone heard this conversation, just in case, I tried not to think about last night. I went downstairs and went to look for mom. I found her in the livingroom talking to Alice. "Hey, where’s everyone else?" I asked concerned that my father may or may not have heard this. "Well, your father went hunting with Carlisle and Jasper, and I think Emmett and Rosalie are in their room. Esme is somewhere, probably in her room." She informed. I sighed with relief. She seemed to understand why because once I turned around she said, "While you’re upstairs, get dressed and come back downstairs with your sister, we need to talk." Oh no. I knew what this talk was about. I think Rebecca heard because she was in our room looking a little frightened. "You know what this talk is going to be about. The same thing you and Jacob did last night. Only it’s going to be about safe sex. The one where you actually use the condom someone gave you." She clarified. "How did you know that’s what we were talking about?" I demanded. "I’m not stupid. I was eavesdropping at the top of the stairs. Don’t be mad. I would’ve found out anyway because of moms lecture she’s going to give." She reminded me. I decided to wear my faded blue jeans and a red short sleeve shirt. We went downstairs to find mom, Alice, Esme, Rosalie, and Emmett. Emmett had a big stupid grin on his face and I immediately knew this wasn’t good. "Sit down." Alice said. Rosalie just seemed to glare at me. Did she know I didn’t use the condom? If she, did how? Not Jacob, well, maybe Jacob. I don’t know why he would tell her that though. They practically hated each other. I chose to sit on the floor opposite everyone else. Becky chose the same. It was silent for a few minutes. I couldn’t understand why they would bring us down here if they weren’t going to tell us straight out what they wanted to tell us. We already knew, but they wanted to lecture us, and what they wanted they got to do because they were older.

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