{Bleach} Shunsui X Nanao- Love Hurts in More Ways than One: Squad 8 (5/5)

yeh this is the last chapter T^T but if you wan't me to carry on with this if you comment I might just write a sequel ;) ~ Kenny x (oh and yeh i did geek out a bit at the dance scene)

Created by KennyandByakuya on Sunday, October 18, 2009

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8 months later

Nanao was stood in Squad 8 barracks, the butterflies in her stomach bringing on unimaginable nausea.

Tension mounted by the second. She felt like she was going to be sick.

She gazed into the huge mirror Matsumoto-fukutaichou had brought over from the Squad 10 barracks. This couldn’t be real.

Ise-fukutaichou had been looking into the mirror for the last hour and she still couldn’t take in her reflection. She was breathtaking in her beautiful cream dress.

Rukia adjusted her veil and the reality hit her. Small tears formed in the corners of Nanao’s eyes as she whispered: “I’m getting married.”

Rangiku pounced.

“Yes you are and don’t you dare cry- you’ll ruin the make-up Kiyone and I did for you!” Rukia shot a glare at Rangiku, as she had messed up the veil again. “Now cheer up!” said Matsumoto, ignoring Rukia “Today is your big day so I’m not going to let you ruin it!”

Ise-fukutaichou laughed at the contradiction in her statement.

“That’s more like it!” sang Matsumoto-fukutaichou.

Nanao fidgeted and tugged at the cream silk covering her bump, which had grown large over half a year.”Only a month to go...” thought the lieutenant. She adjusted the diamond earrings and tiara, nervously.

Isane hurried over from her position at the window and called “The carriage is here!”

A spasm of panic flared up inside Nanao. “Oh shit!” she thought. Her bridesmaids escorted her out of the Squad 8 barracks. “Take deep breaths” advised Rukia, kindly.

Ise-fukutaichou caught a glimpse of her reflection in a puddle; she was deathly pale.

Kiyone and Isane stood on either side of Nanao, held her delicate hands and assisted her into the carriage. She had some difficulty lifting herself with her large bump.

After she had sat down, the rest of the bridesmaids followed: Rangiku as maid of honour, then Rukia, Kiyone and Isane.

The carriage left the barracks and they headed towards the Kuchiki mansion, as the ceremony would take place in one of the many courtyards. Nanao wondered if Shunsui and Ukitake had left the Squad 13 barracks yet, or if he was going to be fashionably late.

“He’d better not appear after me and embarrass me!” she thought.

The carriage passed through the large gates of the Kuchiki mansion, Nanao swallowed apprehensively.

They reached the courtyard and it was, to put it in a word, beautiful. Sakura trees surrounded it and two were arched over a white stage, draped with clean silk at one end of the courtyard. Ise-fuktaichou’s breath caught in her throat.

Stood on the stage was her Shunsui-kun. He was wearing a very smart suit, with a pink tie with cream sakura blossoms on, that perfectly matched, and were accentuated by her dress. However, his normally unruly hair remained so, but he had removed his pin-wheel hairpins and let it roam freely across his shoulders. The curl at the front still draped over his left eye.

“H-he’s so...” thought Nanao. She searched around for a word and finally landed on: “H-handsome.”

Rangiku gave a nod and the music started. Whispers circulated the courtyard and everyone turned around.

Shunsui turned around to face his bride and a look of utmost shock appeared on his face. “Sh-she’s so...” He thought for a second. “B-beautiful” he concluded.

Nanao slowly walked down the aisle, her bridesmaids following. She took a look around and she saw that the captains and vice-captains were all there, as was Shunsui’s brothers. Ukitake was stood beside Kyōraku-san as his best man, a hand on his shoulder as if to support the ex-captain.

She smiled. If you had mentioned the word ‘monogamy’ in front of Shunsui a century ago, he would have laughed in your face. Now, the commitment-phobic guy was getting married.

She blushed when she realised that all eyes were on her. Shunsui noticed this and it drove him insane. He wanted her...he wanted her now. It was all he could do not to sweep her up in his arms and shunpo away to a secluded area.

However, he had to be patient.

Nanao reached the stage and stood next her soon-to-be husband and they held hands. Soutaichou Yamamoto was performing the ceremony and he opened his mouth to speak. “Dearly beloved...” he began, his voice trembling with authority and power.

After a while, they reached the end and the Soutaichou declared: “You may now kiss the bride!”

Shunsui took the chance whole-heartedly. He kissed her with as much passion as he could muster and even included an extravagant back-bend, which cued many shouts from the crowd saying “Watch the baby!”

Ise-fukutaichou blushed deeply. Noticing her crimson face, Shunsui placed her back upright and pushed a stray strand of hair out of her face.

They started to leave, holding hands.

“You’re forgetting something, Nanao” sang Rangiku. She looked puzzled so Matsumoto helped her out. “The bouquet- you’re supposed to throw it!”

Nanao turned around and launched the bouquet into the eager crowd of waiting girls.

Rangiku hopped around desperately until she realised that she disliked commitment in the first place, so she stopped jumping for while. Rukia took this chance and jumped as high as her little legs would let her. She caught it and waved the flowers triumphantly. Yachiru shot evil glares at Rukia. “Hmph” she thought “I was gonna eat it! Besides, I was gonna share it with Bya-kun!”

Rukia ran over to Renji and jumped up and down. “I caught the bouquet! I’m gonna get married next! Isn’t that awesome?” she said excitedly, but Renji merely blushed, which was unlike him.

The reception was held in a large hall in the Kuchiki mansion, one that was decorated all in white, with a massive monstrosity of cream and sugar that was their wedding cake sat in the corner. On top of it were two miniature statues of Ise-fukutaichou and her former captain.

The lights dimmed and a slow waltz was played by the band. A spotlight focussed on the central point of the room and the pair walked out into the middle of it.

Their bodies moved in synch with each other and their movements were in perfect symmetry. Nanao loved the regulated movements of the dance and Shunsui was surprisingly light-footed. They got lost in the dance and each other’s eyes. Nothing mattered in that very moment. Nanao was impressed at Shunsui’s dancing skills, especially as the waltz was an ordered and graceful dance. She thought that a tango or a salsa was more his style. Slowly, the music stopped and everyone else clapped and cheered.

Ise-fukutaichou blushed for what seemed the thousandth time that day and the spectators joined in with the dancing.

A quick-paced and Spanish influenced tune started and Shunsui pulled in closer to his beloved wife. They commenced a dance that started out sultry but became gradually more provocative as the song progressed. “This is more like it” thought Shunsui. One of his hands roamed down Ise-fukutaichou’s back but she grabbed it, gave him a teasing look, and moved backwards, as if challenging him to a chase. “Who would have thought Nanao-chan was capable of this?” thought her husband. He pulled her towards him and she inhaled his scent. It was intoxicating.

Their reiatsu crackled around them; the air was thick with it.

She flipped around to face the opposite direction and Shunsui ran a hand down her side and across her pregnant belly.

The music reached a crescendo and their movements became faster and faster, culminating in a passionate kiss as the song ended.

They broke apart and Nanao breathed: “I love you, Shunsui-kun.” “I love you too Nanao-chan” he replied.

Yachiru started bouncing around. “Cake! Cake! Cake!” she squealed. The couple turned to face her and agreed to cut the cake.

“BYA-KUN!” cried Kusajishi-fukutaichou and she grabbed the sleeve of Byakuya’s shihakushō and dragged him over to the cake. Renji was stunned: how could the taichou let a little girl boss him around like that?

Yachiru turned around a shot a death glare at the lieutenant and in an instant he understood- the little pink haired fluff-ball kicked ass! He ran over to Rukia in terror. “Save me!” he whimpered.

Shunsui guided his bride over to the cake and a crowd gathered around. The couple took hold of the silver knife together, his hands caressing hers, and they slowly cut a piece, with which Shunsui proceeded to feed Ise-fukutaichou .

He wiped off a smudge of frosting from her cheek and leaned in for a kiss, which she returned.

A couple of hours later, the room was in chaos. Rangiku was completely drunk and sprawled across a table, Kira and Hisagi looking very dishevelled with their ties undone and in a similar state to Matsumoto-fukutaichou. Kenpachi had practically torn the room apart looking for his lieutenant, earning a dirty look from Byakuya, when Yachiru was hiding under the table where the cake was stood, a guilty look on her face and crumbs round her mouth.

Nanao looked at all this in horror until the Soutaichou cleared his throat menacingly. Everyone became silent.

“Thank you.” started the Captain-Commander “I want to take this opportunity to make an announcement that is of high importance. After seeing, this couple go through a marriage ceremony, I can conclude that they are indeed serious about their relationship and they have strong feelings for one another. Therefore, I would like to reinstate Kyōraku Shunsui as Captain of the 8th division.”

Applause erupted from the wedding guests as the Soutaichou brought Shunsui’s old captain’s haori over to him and draped it around his shoulders.

When all the attention had died down, Shunsui escorted Nanao to a corner of the room and whispered in her ear: “Let’s get out of here.”

With this, the exited the room and Kyōraku-taichou swept up his lieutenant in his arms, bridal style and they shunpo’d back to the Squad 8 barracks.

“But, Shunsui-kun, what about the baby?” asked Nanao.

“As f I would deny my little Nanao-chan her wedding night!” replied the captain.

“Oh, come on, you perverted old man...”

“Come on my gorgeous young wife...”

Nanao giggled. “What?” asked Shunsui. “It’s our first fight as a married couple” she replied. Kyōraku-taichou laughed. “Just don’t make me use the fan...” warned Ise-fukutaichou.

“Now you’re talking!” said Shunsui with a wink.

“You really are a pervert” sighed the lieutenant “Tell me: why do I love you again?” The captain leaned forward and kissed her. The feel of his lips on hers was electric.

“That’s why” he whispered as they broke apart.

Approximately an hour and a half later, they were curled up in each other’s arms on Shunsui’s bed. Suddenly, Nanao started to squeal in pain, gripping onto her husband’s arm tightly. Tears streamed down her delicate face.

Shunsui was worried. In fact, he’d never been more concerned in his life. “N-nanao-ch-chan what’s wrong?”

“Sh-shunsui-kun...” she said between deep breaths “I-I th-think I-I’m go-going i-into l-labour.”

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