Damon Salvatore

[damon salvatore, renesmee nessie cullen] I'll see how this story goes from here. If ratings are good and comments come, I'll continue this story! : ) So if you want to know what happens next, do rate/comment.

Created by AshleyxA7X on Wednesday, October 21, 2009

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"I should tell the other wolves of this vampire," Jacob said, letting go of my hands. But Daddy had stopped him.

"We can handle this," Daddy said, staring deep into Jacob's eyes. "You take care of my daughter."

Daddy and Jake was never close, but I know deep down that they have respect for each other. But whatever Daddy had told Jake to do was totally outrageous.

"Why can't I go too?" I voiced out, my teenage rebel coming out.

Daddy looked at me and swiftly finger-combed my hair with love. "Because I don't want you to get hurt out there, should anything happen."

"That's not fair!" I argued but his mind is made up. And unfortunately, the others had agreed with him.

"Please, Renesmee. Don't go out of the house til we're back," Daddy looked at me with a pained look.

I scoffed in response and turned away, walking back towards the couch. I sat down and crossed my arms in anger.

I watched as Daddy turned to Jacob with some secret message look before the whole family left the house.

Jacob turned to me before he grinned his goofy grin. "You look so adorable pouting like that."

I huffed and looked away as he walked up to me, picked me up as he sat on the couch before settling me on his lap as he nuzzled on my neck before he paused.

"What?" I asked, self-conciously.

"Even though you're half-human, you kind of smell bad," he teased but I stood up, glaring at him. He reached out and held my hand. "It's just your vampire side!"

I jerked my hand away and strode towards the stairs as he called out for my name.

"Nessie, come on," he pulled me into a hug. "I'm sorry. I was just teasing."

He looked into my eyes and smile. "Forgive me?"

I couldn't be angry with him for more than ten seconds. So I pouted and buried my face into his chest.

"Don't ever joke like that again."

"I'm sorry. I won't," he apologized and wrapped his big warm arms around me as he rested his chin on my head.

We must've stayed that way for a few minutes because the doorbell rang and Jacob froze. I looked up and saw him growling from his throat as he glared at the front door.

"What is it?" I asked.

"The bloodsucker that your family is looking for is outside," he said his tone was calm, though his body language was betraying him.

"He is?" I asked, looking at the door, trying to ignore his comment on

Jacob nodded his head. "I'm calling your family. Stay here."

I watched as Jacob disappeared into the kitchen and the doorbell rang again. I stared at the door, contemplating if I should open the door or wait for the adults to come home.

I scoff at the idea of my aunts and uncles being the adults when they look as young as I am.

Technically, I'm an adult, just like them, I reasoned with myself before walking towards the door.

Slowly, I reach out for the door and opened it.

There, outside the door was a man, not younger than Daddy looking at me with his deep dark eyes. He was wearing a black shirt, black pants, black shoes and a leather jacket. It matches his raven hair that is short and boyish.

He looked at me with a smirk. "You must be the vampires who live here. I just moved in and I brought a gift."

I looked down to see a human lifeless body. I took in the scent of the blood and felt my hunger come back.

"Though of course, you should've been the ones to welcome me into this town," the guy kept babbling.

"What are you doing here?" Jacob snarled as he went in between me and the other vampire as if to protect me.

"Whoa there, wolf boy," the stranger had his hand up as though he was surrendering. "I come here in peace."

The stranger looked over Jacob's shoulder towards me. "Can I come in?" he asked, politely.

"No," Jacob growled, his body stiff and tensed.

I looked at both guys in front of me before settling on the stranger. He didn't look like he was going to kill anyone. Plus - my eyes shifted down to the lifeless body - he just had his dinner.

Before I could answer, Daddy was there in a blink of an eye as he pushed the stranger back, causing the latter to fall to the ground.

Daddy crouched down getting ready to attack in case the stranger decided to strike back. His lips was curled back as he hissed at the stranger.

Instead, the stranger laughed and went back on his feet. "I didn't come here to pick a fight with you."

I saw Carlisle walking towards the house with careful steps and shadows by the woods that didn't move.

I looked down at the corpse and back to the shadows. I know the others couldn't come over or their vampire instincts would kick in. It was probably the reason why they stayed in the woods instead.

With Carlisle being a doctor for so long, he had gotten used to the blood.

"Why have you come?" Carlisle asked, his tone was stern.

"Just greeting with gifts," the stranger pointed to the corpse. "Before your boy attacked me."

Carlisle stood in between Daddy and the stranger, his body straight and with no hint of fear for the stranger. "We don't drink human blood."

The stranger seemed amused with Carlisle. "Another vegetarian," he said with disappoinment. "Just like Stefan."

"Why have you come to Forks? This is our territory," Carlisle asked.

"It's not really your territory. You only signed a treaty with the Quielettes. I didn't," the stranger said with arrogance.

"If you take another life from here, we would be forced to take action," Carlisle said before adding, "And we do not wish to have violence among us."

"And the Quielettes would have to take action against you," Jacob added.

"We'll see about that," the stranger said, looking at me with a look that was familiar before he turned. "Oh, by the way, I have a name. And it's Damon Salvatore."

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