Artemis Fowl- In Love. Ch.6: Holly Short

Hey! Well, here's the sixth chapter. It's a lot longer than the others so far, so enjoy and please rate :)

Created by Rosemmarie on Friday, October 23, 2009

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“Sir, the girl –” Butler started.

“The girl is of no importance – for now. At the moment, I am busy formulating a plan. Surely by now our little fairy friend’s friends will have noticed her disappearance and have viewed the recording from her helmet camera. No doubt they will attempt to get inside Fowl manor once they realize just exactly who it is who is holding Holly Short hostage. To that, we must have a plan as to what we will do and exactly how we shall do it.”

Butler’s mind was whirring. “I see,” he said curtly, although he had absolutely no idea what Artemis had said, seeing as he said it so fast.

“Do you, Butler?” Artemis said testily. Butler sighed.

“Run it by me again.”

Artemis sighed. Then something on the monitor on the wall behind him caught his attention. Charlotte was looking around, as if trying to find some way to escape. It was impossible. Nothing got by Artemis Fowl the Second. Nothing.

“Butler,” Artemis started.

“Yes, sir?” Butler replied, fairly sure what Artemis was about to ask of him.

“Be a good man and check on our little fairy friend. I have a feeling she’s up to something. Bring her some food. And bring our guest some food as well. I’m certain she’d be hungry by now.”

Butler gave Artemis a curt nod and headed out the door, closing it carefully behind him. He made his way quietly to the basement and typed in a key code on the wall to Holly’s room, flung open the five foot wide steel door so suddenly that she jumped and looked around frantically. Realizing it was only Butler, not that this was a very comforting thought, she seemed to calm down slightly. Very slightly.

“Evening, Short,” Butler said audibly. Holly pretended not to have heard him.

“Hungry?” he asked. Holly looked around at him. She was starving. Butler chuckled a bit. “Our food is not poisoned. You are of no use to us dead.”

“Fruits. That’s all,” Holly replied, looking away from Butler. Butler smiled and closed the door behind him as he headed out into Charlotte’s room.

“Evening, Charlotte,” he said, using the same routine as with Holly Short.

“Glad you didn’t say ‘good evening,’ because it most certainly isn’t one,” Charlotte said, her voice laced with anger.

“Hungry?” Butler asked. Charlotte scoffed.

“No,” she said. Her stomach grumbled.

“Sounds like you are,” Butler said with a little smile. Charlotte put on a skeptical expression.

“Like I’d ever eat your food. You probably poisoned it.”

“I did not.”

“Somebody did.”

Butler remained silent for a while. “No. Nobody has poisoned the food. Killing you so soon would be unwise.”

Charlotte took a moment to register what Butler had just said. Killing you so soon would be unwise. What was that supposed to mean? Killing you so soon...

“I don’t want any food. If I am to die in this rat hole, I’ll die with dignity. I’ll starve.”

Butler couldn’t help but laugh. “Starving yourself has nothing to do with dignity.”

“It does when you think about it. I’m not going to just let you kill me. If I’m to die at anybody’s hand, it’s gonna be my own,” Charlotte said, looking Butler right in the eye.

“Have it your way, then,” he said, and he walked out of the room.

They really think I’m that stupid, Charlotte thought. They really think they can just poison my food. Idiots.

She began to pace the room. She would die soon and she knew it. If only there was a way out of this hellhole. But for now, she would have to make do with what she had.


Captain Holly Short of the Lower Elements Police was captured by Butler and Artemis Fowl while attempting to complete the Ritual, a process which refills a fairy’s magic. The fairy would have to go out on the night of the full moon and pick an acorn off a tree at a river’s meander. They would then have to bury the acorn far from the tree and the Ritual would be complete. Holly, an elf, had just begun the process when Artemis had captured her and shoved her into this room unconscious.

Holly was the first and only female LEPrecon officer in Haven City’s history. With short, auburn hair and tanned skin, she was barely less than four feet off the ground. Her pointed ears added to the inhuman look.

Holly was looking around the room. The walls were solid cement and the door was five feet of reinforced steel. And she was underground. An idea struck her. She grabbed the cot on the side of the room and smashed it against the far wall. A small amount of dust rose. She smiled. She hit the wall again, and again, and again, and kept going at it with all her strength, every time making little progress. Artemis wouldn’t know what hit him.

Artemis was watching live feed from Holly’s room from the comfort of his own. At first he was puzzled, but then he seemed to understand.

“She’s trying to escape,” he muttered to himself. He smiled his vampire smile. “Impossible.”

He switched his attention to Charlotte’s room. She was still pacing. Possibly thinking of a plan. One that would no doubt be unsuccessful. Then he looked at the feed from his mother, Angeline’s room. She was lying in bed, cuddling a pillow. Artemis’s heart sank. His mother had been going through severe depression since his father, Artemis Fowl Senior, had disappeared nearly two years before. She often cuddled pillows and other objects, thinking they were her husband, and talked to herself. Sometimes she didn’t even recognize her own son.

Artemis thought he’d better go and check on her. He got out of his revolving chair and headed upstairs to Angeline Fowl’s room. The door opened with a slight creak and Angeline looked up.

“Ah, Arty,” she said dreamily, rubbing her hands on the pillow.

“Hello, Mother,” Artemis said a bit carefully. Angeline Fowl smiled wide and turned her attention to the pillow.

“Look, Arty, your son has come up to check on us... How sweet of him, isn’t it?” she said to the pillow. She giggled and stared dreamily at the pillow for a few moments. Then she looked back up at Artemis Junior, who was still standing at the door.

“Who are you?” she asked curiously. Artemis felt the burning sensation in his eyes that meant he was about to cry.

“Mother, I – I am your butler,” he said quickly. He felt a tear roll down his cheek.

“Oh, very well, then – fetch us some dinner, young man!” Angeline said kindly, returning her gaze upon the pillow, which she now was hugging tightly and mumbling to. Artemis bowed and closed the door, heading back downstairs. How nice it would be to have a father again.

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