Teen Titans [Cyborg Love] Chap. 00

Here is an ACTUAL story! It is my firts, so please be nice! Thanks! XD

Created by Kakashihatakelover on Sunday, October 25, 2009

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Name - Sapphire Geminial

Age - 19

Powers - Can control all of the elements {just think of Aang from the Avatar}

Looks - Hair: Dark brown with a red streak {like Rouge from X-Men}

Eye color: Your eyes are very unique, there are a rich purple with

glints of gold in them.

Likes -

Video games




Dislikes -

Bad guys

People who interrupt your mediation

Hyper-active people {Except from Starfire}

When people hog the video game console


You can’t remember anything that happened before you were 14 years old. But from the last 5 years of your life, they have been great! You lived with one of your friends in an apartment from the ages of 14 to 17, she was only one year older than you. When you were turning 17, on her way home, she got hit by a drunk driver and died. After the funeral, her parents gave you half of the birthday money that they were going to give to her on her 18th, which was soon (half what they were going to give here was 500,000 - half a million), for your birthday. On your 18th, you took the money that you had saved from your friend’s parents and went to go buy a motorcycle. The bike was black with a single purple rose on the back right below where the license plate goes, and flames on the front. You have known about your powers since you were 17 years old and kept them to yourself.

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