Just a wolf with a demon heart(Kouga love story)chapter 31

Created by wolfdemon323 on Wednesday, October 28, 2009

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A month later (ur baby’s coming!)

Scar’s POV

I woke up an hour before sunrise, as I always do, and looked around. A few of the wolves were awake, but other than that, nobody. I saw Kouga and Emiko on the other side of the cave. You two should be ready. Emiko’s child is due soon. I stood up and looked at the horizon. A thin stream of sunlight was creeping over the forest. I jumped down into the forest, knowing that Emiko would need some herbs soon. I had helped a few of the other women in the pack, so I knew what herbs she needed. I ran into the forest, nose in the air, smiling to myself. My leader is having a child. I’m pretty excited myself! I’d better hurry and find those herbs.

Kouga’s POV

I yawned and opened my eyes. Scar is gone again. Oh well. I saw that the sun wasn’t even up yet, so I slowly drifted back to sleep.

Two hours later

“AHHH!” Emiko shot up screaming, nearly ripping my arm off of my body. I sat up too.

“Emiko, what’s wrong?” I asked.

“I… i… AHHH!” Scar ran over with Lily and Miko.

“Kouga, your child is ready, you idiot…” Miko growled.

“Shut it, Miko!” I turned to Hakiro and Riki.

“We’ll get everybody out…” They rushed the wolf demons out of the cave and jumped down themselves. Emiko grabbed my hand and screamed again.

“Emiko, it’s okay! Help her!”

“YOU help US!” Miko yelled over Emiko.

“I’ve never helped somebody give birth before!” I yelled back.

“Just hold her hand and try to keep her calm!” Scar demanded. I trusted him with this.

“Emiko, just take deep breaths and this will be over before you know it.”

“IT HURTS!” she yelled. She squeezed my hand so hard, I could have sworn she broke it.

“It’s okay Emiko, just hold on! How do I keep her calm?!” I asked frantically.

“Talk to her about something!”

“Uh… Do you think it’ll have a tail?” I asked her.

“I don’t know! Probably!”

“What color fur?”

“I have no idea!”

“Both of us have brown fur. Do you think it will be brown like ours?”

“I guess so! THIS HURTS SO MUCH!”

“I know, but keep talking to me. What color eyes?” I asked.

“How should I know?!”

“Your eyes are dark blue and mine are light blue. Which do you think?” I could tell she was calming down a little bit. I hate seeing her in so much pain… I have to keep this up, but I’m running out of questions!

“Dark blue for a boy and light blue for a girl I guess!”

“Great… what am I supposed to talk about now, Scar?!”

“Think of something! It’s working!”

“Emiko… look at me!” She looked at me, her eyes full of pain. “You can do this, got it? You’re strong! I know you can do this!” She took a deep breath and tried to keep calm.

“How did you do that?” Scar asked.

“Just help Emiko, Scar!”

“Oh yeah, right! Emiko, this is going to hurt a lot, but it will be over soon” he reassured her.


“YOU have to do it!”

“Emiko, keep it up!” Miko said.

“A bit hard to, Miko! This hurts like-“

“If a weakling like me can do it, a warrior like you can do it!” she yelled. She grabbed my hand even harder and I winced. I put my other hand over hers, crushing my right hand.


“It’s okay, I’m right here!” After an hour of screaming and hand crushing, Emiko gasped. There was a soft crying, but it wasn’t any of us.

“Congratulations, you have a son.” Miko wrapped him up in some fur and gave him to Emiko.

“He’s beautiful…” she said panting from pain.

“We going to name Takeshi, right?” I asked.

“Yeah… Takeshi…” He had light brown fur with light blue eyes and yes, he had a tail.

“Can we let your pack back in yet?” Hakiro asked.

“Go ahead.” I replied, staring at my son. Wow… can I really do this? I don’t care. My son looks like a true wolf demon warrior, just like me...The wolves and wolf demons entered the cave again and all of them had clever smiles on their faces.

“So, do you have a son?” one asked. I nodded, still staring down at him.

“Ha! You give me all of your food all week! I TOLD you he would have a son!” Lily sighed at her loss. Emiko looked up at me and handed Takeshi to me. I was going to question her, but took him anyways.

“He looks just like you, Kouga…” she said.

“I guess he does…” Emiko yawned and leaned her head on my shoulder.

“You’re worn out, aren’t you?” I whispered.

“You bet… that hurt more that you could imagine…”

“I bet it did. I’m pretty tired myself. I also think you broke my hand…” She saw that I was holding Takeshi with the forearm of my right arm and not my hand.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry!”

“Eh, I’ll be fine… here” I gave him back to Emiko and stood up.

“I’m going to get my hand fixed up. You should rest” She smiled and fixed Takeshi in her arms, then fell asleep. I walked over to Scar and sat down. He already had a bandage ready for my hand.

“She has a killer grip, doesn’t she?” he asked, taking my hand.

“OW! Yeah, harsh. I didn’t think she could actually break my hand!” Scar grunted and tied the bandages together.

“It’s a few hours after sunrise. Because Takeshi was born in the morning and in fall, he’ll be a great fighter and fighter; brave, strong, loyal, just like his father.”

“Thanks. I feel so proud… like nothing I’ve felt before…” I said.

“That can happen to a man, you know. I’ve never had a kid before, so I can’t understand what you feel. I did watch after you as a pup though. Do you remember?”

“How can I forget? You taught me almost everything I know today.”

“Almost?” he asked.

“I’ve taught myself some things. Emiko’s also taught me.” Scar ‘aah’ed and nodded.

“I see now. Well, sorry about your hand. Shall I take a group out hunting?” he asked, standing.

“If you want...” He nodded and went out with a few hunting wolves. I walked over and sat beside Emiko as she slept with our child. They look so peaceful… I love them both, even though I’ve just met my own son. I swear on my life to protect them and give my son what I never had as a kid. I won’t be like my father…


I dont have a pic of ur son yet, so just hold on!!!

kouga fangirls:KOUGA AND I HAVE A SON!!!

kouga:What have you done to me, hunter....

me:its u and Emiko, not all of them! geez, bro!

kouga:ah... Takeshi is a nice name. 'warrior'...




hakkaku:what are they doing here?!

ginta:they're more insane than ayame!!! (sorry, ayame fans)

kouga:i know!!!

me:shut up and RUN!!!

emiko:back off, freaks!!!

fangirls:*slowly back away*


emiko:calm down... you'll blow up...

me:thats what I always tell him!

emikio:you must be hunter, his sister!

me:i am! nice to meet you!

takeshi:hi! im takeshi!

me:ur adorable!!! u look just like your dad! i'm ur aunt, Hunter!

takeshi:i like ur name!

me:i like urs, little 'warrior'

well, enough of that... heres some pics!!!

kougaandtheboys.jpgoh yeah! Hakkaku is asleep again!!! no!!!!! lol... ^_^

kougaswtfface.png okay people, now for some seriousness! kouga:what?! me:were nearing the end of this story... kouga:no! i like my fanfictions!!! me:shut up, bro... im making u another one with Hantaa... kouga:oh... cool! me:i thought so too... kouga:ill miss emiko, but hantaas cool too emiko:what?!*slaps him*were so over! kouga:wait, no! dont leave me again!!! damnit... me:sorry... kouga:i hate you... me:you still hae Hantaa... shes pregnant remember? kouga:oh yeah! emiki:YOU SUCK, KOUGA!!! takeshi:DIE, YOU NO-GOOD DOG! kouga:my own son... screw hantaa! Emiko, come back!!! me:when will emiko learn thats a personal joke kouga and i have? its not real...

kougacrying.jpgkouga:emiko, Hantaa isnt even real! emiko:YEAH RIGHT!!! kouga:*cries*shit... me:im sorry... ill get her back! !an hour later~ kouga:hunter, your dead... emikio:KOUGA!!! ^_^*glopms him* kouga:EMIKO! takeshi:DAD! kouga:TAKESHI! me:BROTHER! kouga:HUNTER!!! X( me:0.0 CRAP!!! kouga:CRAP IT RIGHT! GET YOUR SCRAWNY TAIL BACK HERE!!!me:*snickers*not smart... kouga:*skids to stop*oh, dont even think about it! me:im doing it! hey, look! its kouga! fangirls:KOUGA! kouga:SHIT!SHIT!SHIT!SHIT!SHIT!!! me:alright, thats ehough.. BACK OFF OR YOU'LL BE MY LUNCH!!!! fangirls:*walk out slowly* me:that s what i thought... kouga:Hunter, i love you, sis! *hugs me* me:i love you too, bro!

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