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Father of Child: Edward Elric.
Name: Claire Diamondback
Army Name (if you have one):Dusty.I have the alchemy to form dust or ash. I can even make tornados.
URL for my pic: girl white hair/Nobuela/Role Play/GirlcryingwithWhiteHair-1.jpg
Audiomail where (if they don’t have any say so): Left Hand.

How you met~
“let me get this right, you want to work with Edward Elric because?” “I want to learn how to transmute my hand.” I told Roy smiling I loved learning. And to learn from Edward would be awesome. “I guess I could put you too one a mission together. How dose the desert sound.” he asked. “Um wonderful dust is everywhere. And there is lots of room to show him what I can do!” I said making a fist and pushing it in the air. “Them.” said Roy. I looked back at him. “What?” I asked no understanding. “Them, the Elric brothers.” my mouth dropped. “You mean I get to meet both of them!?” I asked. He nodded with a smirk. I started to Jump around then I hear a what the and I turn to see a blonde guy and a guy in armor. My eyes sparkled. I ran over. “Hello, I am Claire or the Dusty Alchemist.” I said pushing my hand out. He had a eyebrow raised. “I’m Edward and this is Alphonse. I’m the Fulmetal Alchemist.” he said trying to be nice I guess. “I know.” I said. “You know?” Alphonse asked. “Yup, Roy has told me about you and I have read some very intrusting things.” I said smiling. He looked back at I walked right up in front of him. “I thought you would a little taller.” I said I hear a teeth girding and then Alphonse put a hand on Edward’s shoulder. “Clam down brother.” I then put a hand on my mouth. “Did I make him mad. I am sorry I am sure your tall. Do you want me to bend my knees so I am shorter.” I said bending my knees. “No, just stop.” he said putting his hand up. I bite my lip. “Sorry just I am so happy I am going to get to work with you .” I said jumping a bit. “Your what?” I covered my mouth. “sorry.” I said and running out of the room.
How Edward got tick off~
I had gotten to work with both brothers. Right now we were in Xenotime. We were sitting at a table. I was playing with a little girl right now Elisa was her name. I smiled as I tickled her. “So what are your names?” “Well I am Edward Elric.” “and I am Alphonse Elric and this is Claire Diamondback.” Alphonse says. It got slinte and the men looked like they were going to kill us, well more them. “Now boys what are your real names?” hey asked. “Were the Elric brothers.” said Edward a little mad. “How are you the Elric brothers when there up with Mugiar.” said Elisa’s father. They started to fight but then we got thrown out. At the very minute we were looking in a library. “I thought you would come.” said a voice from a the only light in the room. We all looked over and saw a tall guy and little kid. The older one was kind of cute. “yea well I really don’t like Jackasses pretending to be me.” Edward said. They glared at each other. I put a hand on Edwards shoulder. “Hold on Edward you never know, they may have a good reason.” I said smiling sweetly at the little boy. Then older boy walked over to me. He grabbed my hand that was at my side. He kissed the top of it. “I am Russell.” he said then looked down at me. I bite my lip blushing. “Claire.” I said looking over at Edward he was red and Al was trying to clam him down. “Well Claire, If you would like you can come with me and you can forget the shrimp.” he said looking in my eyes. Edward tackled him but Russell was strong and did not fall over. “WHO YOU CALLING A TRAVELOCITY GNOMES!?” Edward asked yelling at the young man. I pushed Edward off him after looking at the young boy. “Edward stop your scaring the boy.” I said he just got off him. “whatever.” he said and left. Al’s shoulders fell. “What is it Al?” I asked. “Could you go talk to brother?” asked Al. I nodded. I left the room with Al be hide me.
How you too found love~
Running in the wood’s calling Edwards name. “What!?” he yelled. I turn around and saw a angry Edward. “Ed, what is wrong?” I asked. He seem to be having trouble picking his words. “You, you just go back to your boyfriend.” Edward yelled turning away and walking. I ran up too him. I turn him around and I did not know how close I was but our lips brushed. I gasped and stepped back we looked at each other. I was playing with my hair. “YOu look cute.” Edward said rubbing the back of his neck. I blushed. “O thank you.” I said. “Claire I would really like it if you would stay with me and Al, as we look for the stone.” he said stepping in front of me. “ok Edward.” I said he smiled and hugged me. I hugged him back then kissed his cheek. He started to walk back to town but I stopped him. “Edward!” I yelled. He looked back at me. “I really really like you.” I said with my eyes closed. I felt a cool hand on my face. I opened my eye and I saw Ed right up in my face. I felt his lips on mine pushing a little. I pushed back kissing him back.
How it happen~
I was ay Winry’s house. Ed had just beat his dad. He had just gotten a shower. I was in my shiny short nightgown. He was in his boxers he was sitting on the side of the bed we were going to share. “I cant believe he is here!” Edward said annoyed. I made an noise that said I agree. “I mean he is gone for almost 15 years then out of no where. Pop and what did he think we were going to run up to him and go daddy.” Edward said mad. I rolled my eyes. I put both my hands on his shoulders. I started to massage his shoulder. He moan a little, turning me on. I put my mouth by his ear. “not to rough?” I asked talking about my automail. He put his automail hand on mine. Then kisses it. I smiled and pushed my hands down his chest then started to kiss his neck. I nibbled a little. He turn around and kissed me laying me down on the bed. “You look beautiful.” Edward said kissing my neck. Rubbing his hands up my sides making me moan. He pulled the nightgown over top of me and started to massage my breast I moan loudly.
How you found out~
Edward had asked me to stay behide. As he left to go do something he would not let me know what he was doing but he made me promise on our love that I would stay here. So here I was. Good thing I did not go too. I was sick and I did not know why. So right now I was going to the only doctor in this town. I walked in when they called my name. I had already done the cup thingy. I wanted to get this other with Ed had been gone a week I did not know when he was going to get back. They had me do because I was a new. The doctor walked in. I smile at him. “Well Ms. Diamondback. I think I know why you have not been feeling good. But no worries you will be fine in about 9 months.” he said. “What do you mean?” I asked not understand. “Your going to have a baby.” he said not understanding. I smiled. Edward was going to have a surprised when he got back.
4 years later (kids are 3)~
When Ed did not come back but Al did. In his human form. I knew I went into a depression I never left Resembool. But I got out of it as soon as I got my angels in my arms. It went away. I named our boy Edward Jr. and our little girl Haye Lynn. Right now Lynn was running around in my shirt that she had slept in because she had a bad dream so I got her one of my shirts so she would feel I was with her. Edward Jr was in a toy car using his feet to move the car. Edward hit his sister and she was crying. I was doing the dishes. So I dry my hand and ran in. I held her claming her crying. “Edward come here please.” he open the car door and walked over almost falling when he got here. But I got him. He hit my automail hand and started to cry I picked him up and because he was crying she started to cry. I held him and her close. “Shh shh mommy is here. Please stop crying.” I said kissing both there heads. “Can I help?” asked a voice that I thought I knew. I turn around fast and saw Edward. I almost dropped Edward Jr. when I saw him. But Edward ran over and got him. He held him. Edward Jr. looked at him. He stop crying and looking at him. He had bug eyes looking at him. “IS he mine?” Edward asked. I nodded. “His name is Edward Jr. and this angel is Haye Lynn.” I said. Pushing her hair out of her face. He held her in his other arm. “There beautiful.” Edward help me put them down for a nap after playing with both of them. “Both of them for one night.” he said holding me on my bed. His arms around me tight as I laid there in my bar and night short. It was hot. Edward was in boxers. I cuddling in into him my back to his chest. “Well it was a great night.” I told him. He petted my head. “I have to leave soon.” I turn around. “No.” I said I pushed my chest on his. “sweetie, Al needs me. This was a lucky thing. I just need to know you were alright.” he said pushing my hair back out of my face. I kissed his lips. He kissed back. “I love you Edward.” I said pushing my breast into him. “I love you too Claire. Do you want something?” he asked I nodded. He smiled and kissed my neck flipping me over.


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