Love? (Solf J Kimblee love story) chpt 6

To my friend audry................ Do not put anything in your mouth before you read this other wise you'll just choke from laughter!!!!!!!!!! I'm warning you..... if I find out that you died because you choked laughing on the internet I sware at your funeral all I will do is say "I told you so!!!:"

Created by elric16 on Saturday, November 07, 2009

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Kimblee's havinf a flash bk of his dear old friend!!!

Flash back~

He yelled as he grabbed my hand "Solf! You tattooed those symbols to your hands?! That's a mark against god!!" I didn't bother to look at him and just took my hand away "Don't talk nonsense. You know I don't believe in this god you speak of." Jake studdered then said "But... but... Errr! your taking this dark magic to seriously! Tattoes don't come off!!" I looked at him "Would yo stop yelling at me? I understand that you think my decision was unexceptable but it' my joice. there's nothing for me her as a norm of this village, I have to head to Central." He sighed and said "Oh, man. I wish you wouldn't go though. Anyways, at least you'll be happy with what I got you as a present." I looked at him with interest "What'd you get me?" He shook his head "Not telling. Not till tomorrow." i patted his shoulder and said "Hey, drink water and you won't have another nightmare." I climbed up on the window sill "Where are you going, Solf?" I smirked "Out." I jumped off the sill and into town...

Kimblee point of view~

The usual grin on my face faded from my face as I thought about that kid "Jake". I sighed and looked at my watch, it was getting late so I shook Diana and then stood up.

Normal point of view~

I stood up and said "Sorry, I usually don't go to bed this late." He seemed not to have a smirjk on his face like something was bothering him, I walked backwards so I could talk to him and said "Jeez, don't get upset. Next time I promise I won't fall asleep on you jsut stop acting so serious, your starting to scare me." He shook his head "I'm not upset at you. I just... remembered something." I glanced at his sudden reaction to his own words amd then said 'Well, what is it?" He turned his head a little and said 'Let's just say it's personnal, okay?" I shrugged and began walking normally again. I snapped my finger and said with a dark grin "Hey, Kimblee." I looked at me oddly , I could see the gears in his head turning as he said "What?" I took out 40 gillrion (type of money) and said "How about a fight? I've been dying to know what your capable of and it would probably cheer you up if you actually won." He still looked at me oddly but replied "Hmm, fine. We are not battling for money though.... let's just battle and we will think of the consequences later, alright?" I was stupid enough to agree and then we shook hands tightly. Blue alchemy thin lightning spurted from our hands and we pushed each other away bouncing back to gain distance. I quickly pulled on my gloves and snapped my fingers, black lightning was in the palm of my hand and then I quickly threw it but missed and Kimblee jumped high in the air and clapped his hand and as he came down he slammed his hands to the concrete. The floor cracked and I jumped out of the way just in time to dodge his explosion. This went on repeativily for at least four and a half minutes. I was out of breath and had my hands in front of me in a defense position and said "This... is pointless... we shold have done hand... to hand..." He stood up straight and said "Hmph, I agree. We will just be wasting time and energy if we continue this way. We ran at each other with full speed, as our fists met at each other there was a loud crunch and we pulled back quickly. Kimblee went up for a kick to my upper side, I blocked it with my wrist and grabbed his wrist then flipped him over. Although he was a full grown man {I think} I still pinned him to the floor and said with a satisfying smile "I... won." Kimblee rolled his eyes at me "Please, you honestly think I go down that easy just because your a women?" He grabbed me and tossed me to the side as he jumped up to gain balance. I rolled on the ground and used a lamp post a launching pad and came at him again. As I came Kimblee grabbed my arms in the air then pushed me against a brick wall. He was so close to me that my legs couldn't move and his forehead was practically touching mine. I was pinned with no where to go, I "lost"! I blushed for a few moments and he just stared at me "Why are you turning red?" Someone had cleared their throat behind us to get our attention, we turned to see....


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