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The more I tried picturing someone literally sweeping Paul off his feet, the harder I laughed. For the first few hours of shopping with Rachel, I overlooked her comment as a joke- something to make me 'fess up. Afterwards, I started getting a bit uneasy. My two best friends... dating? I don't think that'd blow over too well with me. I needed my fair share of attention, too...

Paul and Rachel... Rachel and Paul...


I laughed once more at the thought, flicking through my notepad as I skated to the order window. It had been about a week since I had first started at Thelma's. Lynne, Pat- the head chef, and I got along just fine. I showed myself off, making it clear I was nothing like this Edith person and now I had found two new friends. Not best friends, though- Paul would forever own that spot.

"Hey Pat!" I called, skating over to the order window, and looking down to my orders. "Burn one, take it through the garden and pin a rose on it, will you?"

"Got it, Lay," He grinned, firing up the stove. "Anything else?"

"Frog sticks painted red with a cup of mud!" I called over my shoulder, hoisting a tray over my shoulder.

"Got it!" He yelled back, proceeding to put in my order.

I went to the counter, making change for one of the customers seated at the breakfast counter before leaning against it, yawning. It wasn't exactly the most demanding job- but there wasn't a lot of down time. I woke from my trance when a hand came in contact with my hip, swiping my order pad clean from my apron pocket. My eyes met the dark ones I would recognize anywhere.

"Now I know that none of what you just said is written here." Paul furrowed his eyebrows, showing me the paper.

"I know." I grinned, taking it back and stuffing it back in my pocket.

"Then what language are you speaking, woman?" He demanded, laughing.

"Waitress lingo." I responded like it was as common as Spanish.

"Ooh!" He showed off his straight and perfectly blinding-white teeth. "Teach me! Teach me!"

"I could teach you lots of things." I moved my eyebrows up and down.

"Time and place, babe." He smirked, his arms twining around my lower waist.

"Now. Back room." I narrowed my eyes, willing him to make the next move.

Did that mean I wanted him to...?

"If you insist." The next thing I knew, my eyes widened to ten times their normal size as my feet came off contact with the tiles.

"I didn-"

"Backing down from your challenge, are you?" He smirked, proceeding to carry me towards the back room.

"No!" I hollered.

"Then what?" His smirk taunted me so I leaned in.

Before my lips could touch to his, I swerved to the left, making for his neck instead. I planted a few soft kisses there, winding my arms over his shoulders and locking them in back. I bit lightly at the skin to get some kind of reaction out of him but he was strong. I continued to search for his sweet spot, unsure of what exactly I was doing myself.

Paul and I were close but... not at quite this level. He hadn't stopped me yet and I found myself not wanting him to. I kept going, memorizing the way his hands gripped my back and just under my mid-thigh, not slipping on his grip for even a minute. The way his head tipped back as I kissed more and more, moving upwards. The way his body tensed, forcing himself to stay quiet if it took all he had.

From what I could tell, it did.

"Lay-" He got out finally.

"Yeah?" I paused, nuzzling my nose into the crook of his neck.

"We- I-" He stopped himself, sighing.

"Stop." I guessed though it wasn't a question.

"I-I..." He let me down, looking straight into my own brown eyes- though they were nothing next to his. "I can't lose myself with you."

"What do you m-?"

"I have to go." He shook his head, rushing off and messing up his short hair with his hand. I watched him as he continued out the door and down the street, leaving me alone and feeling rejected.


First he's three seconds away from cracking then we go a bit beyond limits in the back room and now he doesn't bother to talk to me? Yeah, if you're thinking what I'm thinking then you're thinking that someone should do something about this! About him! I was only a tad furious with my best friend. No girl liked to be played with and I sure as hell wasn't a board game. I wasn't some frickin' welcome mat and I wouldn't allow him to walk all over me anymore.

I finally got up after taking my short break, straightening out my outfit and tying my hair back in a lose ponytail. Enough mourning, enough fuming- time to get to work and take my mind off things. I served a few stragglers- seeing as it was almost eleven. La Push was dead at these hours- all that we got were a few drunks trying to work off a hangover or some excitable teenagers, thinking they were beyond cool being out past their curfew.

"Hey," I chirped to a guy, hiding his face behind a drink's menu at the breakfast counter. "You ready to order?"

"Sure." He responded casually and for some reason my heart thumped faster at the sound of his voice. "What's good here?"

"Um..." I bit my lip. "I haven't really tasted the food so I can't be sure if it's toxic waste or not,"

"What about drinks?" He chuckled.

"Hot chocolate?" I suggested, posing my pen over my notepad.

"I'll take your word for it."

"Oh... Don't sue." Leaving him in laughter, I walked off and prepared a mug full to the brim of hot cocoa and spraying some whipped cream on top.

"Don't spill!" I lost my balance for just a second at the loud outburst.

"Asshole." I muttered, setting the cup down in front of him. "I mean- um... sir?" I said after Lynne's fierce glare.

"It's cool." He shrugged. I looked up, my eyes meeting hazel ones.

Everything about them was different from Paul's. They were warm and light but his... They were dangerous and inviting. They made me feel wanted and sexy, like his eyes were on me and only me- as if I was the only good-looking cake in the bakery. My heart thumped but I tried not to let show the effect he had on me. I wondered his name... Did it go with his dark hair and intriguing eyes? His strong build? His nonchalant and smooth personality?

I wondered...


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