Why Do You Care So Much [Georg Listing] Epilogue

This Is It....great movie...but this really is it. thank you guys so much for enjoying this story and i can only hope that you will like the sequel just as much hehe

Created by Iyana08 on Wednesday, November 11, 2009

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“Angela I think I am missing a bag. Did you count 9 or 10?”

“I counted 10…you know, you’d think this would come easy by now considering how many times you’ve done it.”

“Who can concentrate when a beautiful woman like you is in the room?” I rolled my eyes.

“Stop sucking up.” He smiled and kissed me on the lips.

“It’s not sucking up when it’s true.” I grabbed his hand and we walked into the living room where Ali was playing with her dog Hagen. She looked up when she saw us coming.

“Daddy are you going to bring me back something again?” She said while walking up to Georg.

“Don’t I always…but I think we are running out of countries.” He picked her up and twirled her around while heading towards the couch.

Ok pause…

I couldn’t possibly continue this adorable moment without filling you in on what has happened in the past 4 years. So where do I start? Well…after I moved with Georg to Germany that December of 2009, Ali and I stayed with him and Gustav in their apartment. In March we went on tour with them to promote their new album. I really enjoyed being able to experience the thrill of their career. We visited a lot of different countries that I never thought I would see in a lifetime. Eventually I warmed up to it, and Ali seemed to be doing fine as well… not that she really knew what was going on. The first couple of months were a little rocky when I moved here I must admit. Georg and I would fight about the most ridiculous things. There was one point where I actually didn’t talk to him for a whole week. Yeah…it was pretty tough, but I managed it just to prove that I could. There were some petty fights that would be solved with a kiss, and there were some that escalated to the point where the band would be uncomfortable around us. It was hard sometimes, but eventually after our last escalated argument had settled, we realized that no matter what, we still wanted to stay together and we did. During that tour, I discovered that I had some fans of my own. At random times if I was outside of the arenas or something, fans would come and tell me how much they admire our relationship and wished us the best. Yes unfortunately the paparazzi got pictures of Ali, but I didn’t care anymore. The concerts were great, the music was great, the fans were great, everything was just great.

After that tour, Georg and I decided to make our engagement official. He did the sweetest proposal when we were at dinner one night. W started planning for it, with the help of Michelle and Simone, and we got married in March 2011. My mother, sister and Avie had visited around that time to help me with the wedding. Avie was so happy to be able to see everyone again. We hung out and I showed her some of the places that I had become familiar with. She’s now a professional artist in New York and she has her own art gallery. Nothing in the romantic field with her at the moment. She claims that she is too busy to focus on a real relationship, although she and Tom were close while she was here…as always. My mother on the other hand seems to have jumped back into the dating pool. Some guy she met at work has been wooing her apparently. I don’t know why I figured she would not date anymore. She just always seemed so happy when I saw her that I thought she was happy with the way her life was going. The guy is pretty sweet though, so hopefully I won’t have to worry about her.

So honeymooning in the Caribbean is a great idea if you ever plan on getting married. Georg’s mother kept Ali while we went and…yeah…I think you could probably guess how most of it was spent. When we came back to Germany, we decided to shop for our own house together. The house we ended up buying has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a dining room, a kitchen, a beautiful spaced out living room, and Georg had a music room built in. We have a patio, pool, and your average playground set for Ali. It’s like we finally have the setting to be a real family. It’s the perfect place and I could never ask for more. Oh did I mention there was a laundry room. There’s something about doing laundry that puts me at peace. Speaking of laundry…I have some clothes that finished drying. I left Georg and Ali and walked to the back where the room was. When I finished folding the clothes I walked back to the front to see the rest of the band sitting down talking.

“Hey guys, are you all set?” I ask them while sitting back next to Georg.

“Yep. We have to get going in a few.” Tom said while Ali was sitting on his lap.

As for the remainder of Tokio Hotel; everything is great with them. Our quiet Gustav finally found someone to love and they are getting pretty serious if you ask me. The lucky girl is named Melanie. She works with me at the accounting firm that I work at downtown. I invited her over to dinner one night when the guys were there and they just hit if off really well. We are all very happy for him. At the moment Tom is single, but he says he’s not really looking. Of course I think that maybe one day he and Avie will try to make something official. He says he’s content, so that’s all that matters. Unfortunately, Bill hasn’t found that special someone yet. Last year he actually started dating this one chick, but she couldn’t handle his lifestyle when they had started to promote their music again. I didn’t really like her that much anyways, but I hope that one day he will find love. We all know that that girl will be lucky. Well…I would love to continue telling you about everyone’s lives, but they have to leave in a bit for their 2nd world tour to promote their 5th studio album. Yeah…their pretty damn big now…

“You know I still hate having to say good-bye to you after all of these years.” I said to Georg while standing by the door. The others had already said their good-byes and were outside. Georg wrapped his arms around my waist.

“Five months and I’m back here to be with you. It’ all planned…just stay busy.” He kissed me on the forehead.

“I know. We’ll be fine. You know how emotional I can get.” He smiled and gave me a hug.

“I love you Angie.”

“I love you too.” He pulled away and knelt in front of Ali.

“Are you going to make sure Mommy is taken care of?” She nodded and jumped into his arms. “I love you baby girl, and you know I will call you everyday ok.”

“Ok Daddy.”

“Can I get a kiss on the cheek to take with me on the road?”

“Uh huh.” She placed her hands on his face and kissed both of his cheeks. He smiled and laughed.

“That’s my girl.” He stood back up and kissed me one last time on the lips. “I’ll call you tonight.”

“Yeah…” He turned around and walked towards the black Cadillac.

After touring with them for 2 years, I decided to start staying at home and focusing on my own career. When I had got my degree, I immediately searched for a position and found one to my liking. Now I guess you can call me Angela the accountant who has a rock star husband. I learned German so the language isn’t a barrier anymore. Ali is happy being here and within the next year she will be starting school and will learn German as well. My life is exactly how I want it to be. I’m happy, I’m safe, and I’m loved by an amazing man. Hopefully these 5 months will pass by quickly, because Georg and I have our own little miracle we have to bring into the world. Yeah…did I forget to mention that too? I’m 4 months pregnant at the moment with another baby girl and the guys will take a break from touring when it is time for me to deliver and then pick it back up after a month. I’m blessed to be able to give Georg his own child to love and care for as much as he does Ali. He’s given me so much in life and I look forward to spending the remainder of my life with him.

You know…even after all of the stuff we have been through together, after the countless times he has proven his love to me, every now and then, I still find myself asking him ‘Why do you care so much’.

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