Ball Gowns! :)

Pics of the prettiest ball gowns i can find! Send me a message if you like one, and want a high quality pic! :)

Created by CrazyLoveStar on Friday, November 13, 2009

Fourteen of the PRETTIEST ball gowns:

1)Dylandrss1.jpg 2) Ballgown.jpgDylandress2.jpg

4) Dylandress3.jpg5) Dylandress4.jpg 6) Dylandress5.jpg

7) Dylandress6.jpg 8) Dylandress7.jpg 9) Dylandress8.jpg

10) Dylandress9.jpg 11) Dylandress10.jpg 12) Dylandress11.jpg

13) Dylandress12.jpg 14) Dylandress13.jpg

These are my favorite ball gowns, but if you need any differet color, size, etc. send me a message! Also, for the masks, I found a great website that you guys can look at if you needs masks:

At Zounoko's request, MORE BLACK and WHITE DRESSES :) -

15) Dylandress15.jpg 16) Dylandress16.jpg 17) Dylandress17.jpg
18) Dylandress18.jpg 19) Dylandress19.jpg 20) Dylandress20.jpg
21) Dylandress21.jpg 22) Dylandress25.jpg 23) Dylandress26.jpg

24) Dylandress22FAV.jpg 25) Dylandress23FAV.jpg

26) Dylandress24FAV.jpg

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