how I became a sex slave then a mate (sesshomaru) 4

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Created by crazgirl1990 on Sunday, November 15, 2009

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I woke and heard voices down the hall. “what are her symptoms?” it was an old woman’s voice. “upset stomach, mostly.” Sesshomaru’s voice stated. His voice was hard and cold towards the woman. My stomach lurched again and I ran for the bathroom. As I puked I heard Inuyasha voice say “where is your slave mate Sesshomaru!” I heard Sesshomaru’s growl and then he said “Inuyasha I do not want you here.” The old woman spoke up saying. “since your mate is from the future we need Kagome to help with this diagnosis. Inuyasha will not leave his girlfriend alone.” I finished puking and walked out to see the people who tried to take me away from Sesshomaru. I backed up and asked “your not here to take me away are you?” then Kagome said “no were not.” I sighed and Sesshomaru walked over. “are you alright?” he asked. “I’m fine. Just a little light headed.” He took my waist and held me against him. “this is lady Kiade she is here with the neko Kagome to help you.” I nodded and Sesshomaru helped me to the bed.

I laid down and he sat next to me. He held my hand and stroked my cheek. Kiade then said “Sesshomaru you must wait outside with Inuyasha.” Inuyasha walked out and Sesshomaru growled saying “anything happens to her…” then walked out. Kagome then looked me over she smiled and said “Oh my god. Your pregnant!” I smiled and stated “no wonder why I fell so strange.” Kiade then stated “were going to have to stay and help deliver the baby.” I nodded and then Sesshomaru walked back in. “what’s wrong with her?” Kiade smiled and said “your mate bares your child.” he froze. I got scared what if he didn’t want me to have his kid. Then he walked over and kissed me, I smiled and kissed back.

A month has passed and my stomach is round. I control my mood swings as to not piss off anyone. Sesshomaru is always by my side making sure I’m safe. He says he doesn’t want to let me or the baby get injured. We were in the greatest times. Kagome and Sango became my best friends and they don’t mind my mate so much anymore. Inuyasha and Sesshomaru act like real brothers fighting and arguing but they don’t try to kill each other anymore. I get strange cravings all the time.

I was in the new nursery looking everything over, I felt someone come up behind me. I turned and everything went black……



I woke in a strange room. I looked around then I noticed my stomach was larger, as if I was out for more then a day. The door opened and a long black haired man walked in. “hello my dear.” It was the man Naraku. “where am I?” I asked. he smirked nad said “my castle, your Sesshomaru’s mate are you not?” I glared and said “he’ll come for me!” he laughed and said “I sure hope so.” I glared at him some more.

[narrator’s pov the day you disappeared]

Sesshomaru was racing around the castle searching for his mate. He ran into Inuyasha and asked “have you seen Lita?” he shook his head no. Sesshomaru ordered all the guards to search for her. Every one searched for Lita. No one could find her. Months passed and still no sign of her. Nine months have passed and the baby would be born. Sesshomaru hasn’t been in the castle since he first found out she was gone. Inuyasha and his friends have been on the search as well. Naraku told you his plan he plans on taking your baby form you once it’s born and raising it to be his son. You were lying in the bed unable to move. Your water broke and you were about to give birth. As you pushed the baby out you screamed for Sesshomaru. You heard something break and continued to push the baby. ‘please someone help me’ you prayed. You gave birth and held your baby close as you passed out.

[your pov]

I woke in my regular room. I smiled and got up slowly. I walked to the nursery and saw my mate and his child. Sesshomaru looked up at me and smiled. I walked over and sat next to him. “how are you feeling?” he asked. I sighed and said “tired very tired.” He pulled me into his lap and watched over me and our son.

END realy. I hope you guys liked it. I know it was short but I’m working on an Inuyasha high school version. )


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