I'm Renemsee's twin sister and in love with the Prince of Volturi[Alec Volturi]1

hey!!! I'm starting another Alec story!!

Created by hellokitty14tae on Tuesday, November 17, 2009

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"Renemsee"Edward whispered

"Le-Let me see her"Bella croaked

Edward handed Bella their new daughter.Jacob was next to Bella holding her hand.Suddenly Edward gasped in shock.

"Wh-what wrong?"Bella asked.

"there another one"Edward said while picking up the other baby girl.

"ANother one? Twins?"Bella asked.

[Renemsee's twin sister POV]

(I'm not gonna say the girl's name yet!!)

I looked at my mom, dad and twin sister Renemsee.

I wonder what my name? I thought.

I looked over to my mother, her hair was like a bird's nest and blood every where. I enjoyed the time looking at my mother till Renemsee bite her. As the speed of light Renemsee and I were out of the room by Emse and Rosalie.

For couple days, I haven't seen my mom or dad. I didn't even have a name yet. Everyone just calls me baby girl. Renemsee has been hanging around with a guy name jacob. I think he's weird since his skin isn't cold, like everyone elses'.

I looked over to my left to see my mom and dad! YAY!! Mom looked very different, pale, beautiful! like always and have red eyes!!! SCARY!

My mom walked right over to Renemsee, passing me!! Like I don't even exist. Tears were escaping from me. Just then, someone picked me up and started rocking me back and forth. I looked up and saw Uncle Jasper!

"Awww, don't cry"Uncle Jasper cooed.

"huh? Renemsee not crying"Mom said confushed.

mom looked over at Uncle jasper and I, and gasped.

"I have another baby"She whispered.

"You don't remember, do you?"Daddy asked her.

mom shook her head as a respond for no.

That made me cry even harder.

mommy, forgot me. I thought sadly

"No, she didn't"dad said.

I looked up and mom gasped. She walked over here and gave Renemsee to daddy. She picked me up from Uncle Jasper's arm.

"why does she have blue eyes?"Mom asked dad

"well, I think it's because of her powers"daddy said.

"Powers?" Bella said confushed.

"yes, she can control fire but the fire is blue not red"Dad explained.

"oh, whats her name?"Mom asked

Daddy walked over to me and mom with Renemsee in his arms.

"Well, I didn't name her yet. I was waiting for you"Dad said

"hmm, how about Sapphire because of her eyes?" mom asked

"perfect" Daddy said

"Sapphire! PRETTY!!" I yelled in excitment.

Everyone began to laugh.

"She has my dark brown curly hair but has streaks of bronze too" Mom said

*week later*

I have been growing very rapidly! Renemsee and I look like 3 years old.Mommy was very mad at Jacob. Nobody told me the reason why though. With my FIRE power! I usally scare uncle Emmett with it. Its very entraining to watch him scream like a girl. As I was scaring Uncle Emmett, I heard glass breaking in the living room. I ran into the living room, I saw Auntie Alice behind the pile of glass.

"OH!! Auntie your in trouble!!"I said

Nobody reacted at my comment, hmmm weird.

"why?"Auntie Alice asked

"When"Daddy said with same tone as Auntie.

"Volturi"Daddy and Auntie Alice whispered.

"why?"JAsper asked

"They're comming"Auntie said

I felt someone pick me up, it was Seth.

"Immortal child"Grandpa Carlise said

"I'm here"I yelled raising my hand

Everyone just stared at me, uncomfortable!

I burried my face in Seth's chest.

"They think Renemsee and Sapphire are a threat"Daddy said "We all are Sentence to Death"

There was tons of gasps.

"Can't we reason with them?"Uncle Jasper asked.

Just then the door opened, revealing Jacob. He came in smiling.

"You didn't Jacob! "Daddy yelled.

*Im skipping to the part when they meet the Volturi!*(Renemsee and Sapphire look like 5 yrs old)

I was in daddy's arm and Renemsee in mommy's. We were walking in the clearing with our family, the werewolves and other Vampire that came along. All I knew that we were in trouble because of Renemsee and me.

We sat there for you knows how long. I was getting very bored. I struggle against dad's arm, I jumped off and started running around.

"Sapphire, come back here!"Daddy and mommy yelled.

"Lets play tag!"I yelled in excitment.

"No, now come back here"Daddy demanded.

"Gotta catch me first"I yelled running towards the fog.

"Sapphire!"mommy yelled.

I looked behind me, giggling.

"Catch me!"I yelled.

Then they all gasped in shock and fear. I turned around and almost ran into a male.

"Caught you"He said picking me.

He had long dark brown hair, pale white skin and red eyes.

"HI! I'm Sapphire!"I said cheerfully.

"Aro"He said with a smile"Alec, be a dear, and carry Sapphire"

Just then a young male came up by Aro side. He had short dark brown locks of hair, and the same pale white skin and red eyes. He looked pretty!!

"Hi!"I said

"Hello"Alec said with a smile.

Alec took a few steps back and stood next to a girl with blond hair and red eyes! She looked at me then Alec then back at me. She looked at me in shock. I wonder why.

"HI! I'm Sapphire!"I said to the blond girl.

"Jane, why Sapphire?"Jane asked

"Because of this" I said

I snapped my fingers then above it was fire but blue.

"Impressive"Jane said with a smile.

"Thanks!"I said smiling back.

Alec carried the whole way back to my family, well kind of. Alec has been starring at me alot, like admiring at me. We stood in front of my family only 20 feet away.

"Lovely child Edward and Bella"Aro said

They growled at his response.

Why are they growling at Aro? He seems nice! I thought.

"She very Beautiful, seems like she already capture someone's heart"Aro said while eyeing Alec and I.

Everyone gasped in shock except for me, Alec, Jane and Renemsee since she was confushed about this whole think.

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