The Shadow King (Kyoya Ootori) Chapter 4

Created by DawnUntilDusk on Monday, November 23, 2009

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"You finally made it Haruhi. You're so late."
"I could be wrong, but my calendar says it's still early spring." Haruhi said.
"Cuddling under a kotatsu table and fearing the cold is nonsense. Besides, the heating system we have is the best." Tamaki told her.
"Do you have a problem with the way we run our club, Haruhi? Be careful what you say. You owe us 8 million yen, remember?"
"Kyoya, you're scaring her." I said.
"Gentlemen don't bundle up in bulky clothing. It may be chilly, early spring out there in the real world. But here at the club we want to surprised our chilly little kittens with a warm tropical paradise. Oh yes, we've turned this place into Nirvana. A tropical island of everlasting summer!"
"That's funny because I feel a massive chill right now."
*~*The Host Club is now open for business*~*
"What heartlessness. Even with my lustrous skin shining like brilliant ivory exposed by my Balinese king outfit, I'm no more than a slave before my Goddess."
I turned to Kyoya with a disgusted face. He just chuckled when he saw.
"Ew. How can girls fall for him?"
"Well, Ai, you've known Tamaki since you were little kids. You grew up together in France, moved here at the same time. Of course his charm doesn't work on you."
"The guests seem to be even more worked up than they usually are." Haruhi pointed out.
"Oh man! Haruhi, don't sneak up on me like that!"
"Sorry, Ai-senpai."
"Showing some skin proves popular with the ladies."
"Of course it does, Kyoya. You're stupid sometimes."
"So, are you the one who came up with this tropical idea?" Haruhi asked.
"I have no decision making authority. All of the club's decisionshave been laid out by the king, Tamaki. But, I suppose there's no harm in admitting to casually slipping a Bali photobook onto his desk."
"That's why everyone calls Kyoya the Shadow King. It makes perfect sense. he makes most of the decisions, and then finds a way to relay it to Tamaki."
*~*After Host Club's closed*~*
"Hey, Boss, why don't you stop eating that commoner food and come help us with the party planning?" Hikaru said.
"Does it really bother you that Princess Kasuga has taken a liking to Haruhi?" Kaoru asked.
"He shouldn't be surprised. She's had the illness for a while now, hasn't she?"
"What illness?" Haruhi asked.
"She's got the Host-hopping disease." Hikaru said.
"AKA, the 'never the same boy twice disease'." I said.
"Usually our customers choose a favorite Host and then see them regularly. However, Princess Kanako tends to change her favorites, on a regular basis."
"That's right! Because before she was with you, she was with Tama-chan."
"Oh. So he's upset because I took her from him?"
"Shut up! I couldn't care less! I'm running out of patience! Haruhi, it's time you started dressing like a girl!"
"I don't understand how you could be so popular with the ladies when you yourself are a lady! No one in the entire school knows the truth except for those of us here!"
"Yeah, she opted out of taking gym classes."
"And the attendance numbers are all mixed up so no one can tell."
I sighed and went through my bag, finding my ipod. I sat down on one of the couches and turned it on, blocking out the Hosts. I saw Tamaki pull out a giant picture of Haruhi when she still had her long hair.
He really shouldn't blow up other people's photos without asking... It's creepy...
"Momma! Haruhi's using those dirty boy words again!"
I pulled the headphones from my head and looked at Tamaki.
I guess no amount of music can drown him out for long...
"I'm sorry, but who is Momma?" Kaoru asked.
"Based on club position, I assume it's me." Kyoya said. I walked over and stood next to him, leaning slightly on his arm.
"You alright, Ai?"
"Kinda tired."
"Look, I don't see what you're crying about. Working as a Host, I can pay off more of my debt and that'll never happen if I'm just an errand boy."
"Hate to change the subject, but do you have formal dancing experience? You'll need it at the party." Hikaru asked.
"No, but the party doesn't have anything to do with my quota, right? I'm not interested in going to events, so if I could be excused..."
"Definitely not. A refined gentleman must know how to dance. If you want to live the life of a Host that badly, you're going to have to show us how far you're willing to go, Haruhi. I order you to master dancing the waltz in one week and you will demonstrate it for us at the party. Or I'll tell the entire school that you're a girl! And I'll knock you back down to errand boy."
"Tamaki, would that really be necessary? I mean, how would she pay off her debt?" I asked.
"This doesn't concern you, Ai."
"I think it does. It involves my best friend since childhood, and the only other girl here who also happens to be a close friend. Tamaki, get your French butt over here."
"You're French, too!"
"Actually, no I'm not. Both my parents are Japanese. I was just born in France."
"But France is in your blood. You lived there for 14 years! You are a French woman at heart!"
"No, that's you."
"Ai, why must you be so mean to me?!"

Ai Himemiya

Kyoya Ootori

Tamaki Suoh

Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin

Haruhi Fujioka

Takashi 'Mori' Morinozuka

Mitskuni 'Honey' Haninozuka

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