iCarly Fanfiction - Chapter 2: Near Kiss?

Second part of my fanfic for iSaved your Life. :]

Created by cookiesandmilk456 on Monday, November 23, 2009

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--Normal POV--
An hour later, Sam and Carly were sitting beside each other in the Seatlle Hospital. Just then the doors banged open and the girls jumped as a shrill and familiarvoice yelled, "WHERE IS MY SON? WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM?! HE'S ALLERGIC TO PUMPERNICKLE, AND I WASN"T EVEN NOTIFIED THAT HE WAS HERE UNTIL NOW? YOU'D GIVE HIM PUMPERNICKLE AND HE'D GET HIVES! AND-" "Calm down!" Another familiar voice said. "DON'T YOU TELL ME WHAT TO DO, SPENCER SHAY!" It was Spencer and Mrs. Benson. Carly and Sam leapt up, "Mrs. Benson he's right down the hall but the doctors said he'll be fine." Carly said shakily. "Yeah, he got hit by a car." Sam said bluntly. Mrs. Benson let out a shriek and sat down. "Family can come seem him now." A doctor said, emerging from a white corridor. "Okay so you ca-" Spencer was cut off as Mrs. Benson pushed him aside, "Move!" As she departed Spencer stared at the girls and gave them an, 'Jeez.' look and they giggled. He sat beside them and soon Mrs. Benson returned, "Shays and... Sam, I'm gonna go run out and buy a low fat fruit smoothie, the doctor says you can all go in now." She left. The girls turned to Spencer who gave a noncomittal shrug and they went down the corridor to Freddie's room. He was sleeping when they came in and Carly said to Spencer, "Wanna go get some smoothies?" Spencer grinned, "Oooh! Can I have blueberry?" "Spencer, you know that blueberry gives you a rash on you-" "Let's go Carly!" With that Carly and Spencer left to get smoothies. Sam sat in the chair beside Freddie's bed and he stirred.
--Freddie's POV--
The dark mist seemed to be lifting from Freddie's vision. He blinked and things were sliding in and out of focus. Through the screen of blur, he saw what appeared to be an angel. 'Damn! I died!' Freddie thought. But then things seemed to come into sharper focus and he saw it was not an angel, far from but just as beautiful, it was Sam. Wait, Sam? Beautiful? She's your friend. Girlfriend. No! Friend. But was that all he wanted her to be? Of course it was. Wasn't it? Well, he couldn't just lie here the whole time arguing with himself. He opened his eyes fully and Sam prodded him hard in the forehead, "Ow!" He said, half-laughing though, "What was that for?" She smirked, "For being Fredward." They laughed a little, and then they were just sitting there smiling, eyes on each other. Then, out of nowhere, Freddie sat up and leaned toward Sam.
--Sam's POV--
She was taken aback but she leaned in and then they jumpedback quickly as the door opened. "Spencer's got a rash so we had to stop at the pharmacy, that's why we took so long." Carly explained, setting down her strawberry smoothie down on the table. Dammnit Shays.

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