Agitated Desire (Kyo Dir en grey) 60

Chapter 60

Created by allyc2004 on Thursday, November 26, 2009

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Kaoru and Asaka left since Asaka was still fuming at Kaoru and his "Sexist way of thinking" and as much as you loved Toshiya, you were purposely acting like a royal bitch so he too would leave. When he finally got the hint and left Kyo's house, you sat sideways in the arm chair with your back towards your lover and stared at the wall. Kyo however sat on the couch staring at you in silence. Still ignoring him, you proceeded to stretch your neck from side to side trying to relieve the tension that was building up in your muscles. Kyo watched in silence as you continued to ignore him.
"Damn it woman, cut the shit!"
You turned your head slightly to the left and raised your eyebrow then right back to stare at the wall.
"I know you're not pissed about what was said, so cut the shit!"
Again, you turned your head slightly to the left only this time a small smirk forming on your face. You let out a loud sigh and slouched down on the chair so your legs were dangling over one end, and your head over the other. Now staring up at the ceiling, you let out another loud sigh.
"I'm sooooooo boooored!"
Kyo smirked to himself and shook his head as he quietly got up making you shriek as he flopped down, sitting on your stomach.
You looked up at Kyo in shock as he smiled his crooked grin at you.
"How the hell do you expect me to have babies when you're crushing my ovaries?"
Kyo's grin turned into a full blown smile and he started lightly bouncing up and down on you. "I thought you didn't want kids?"
"No, I want kids, I just don't want kids right now...but I guess I don't have to worry about that since you're CRUSHING MY OVARIES!"
He smiled at you again as he slid off you, pulling you off the chair.
"Come on, lets get out of here."
Without asking questions, you happily got up to put on your shoes. While your back was turned he rummaged through the outside pocket of his luggage, quickly placing a folded piece of paper in his pocket before walking out the door with you.

Rather than taking you to Kaoru's favored restaurant, Kyo took you out for a nice lunch of sushi, and laughed as a smile spread across your face.
As you both walked up to the door, Kyo chuckled "I knew you weren't mad about what was said earlier!"
"Mad? At that? was funny and true...women say that shit all the time. Hell we both know I'm guilty of it! Now Asaka on the other hand was pissed!"
As you both took a seat at the table, the waiter came over and stared at you. When he looked over at Kyo, he went wide eyed (obviously a fan) then quickly back over at you. Kyo rolled his eyes and without looking at the menu ordered food for you both.
"So how long do you think Asaka will be pissed at Kaoru?"
You looked at Kyo and grinned, then up at the waiter that was still staring back and forth between you and Kyo.
Kyo cleared his throat getting the waiter's attention and gave him an unamused look, making the poor kid bow and run off to the cook to place the order.
You laughed making Kyo let out a quiet growl and roll his eyes again. "So as I was saying" He looked in the direction the waiter ran "How long do you think Asaka will be pissed at Kaoru?"
"She'll get over it! More importantly, when do you think he'll propose?"
Kyo leaned back resting his elbow on the back of the chair "Knowing him and how he hates conflict, I'd bet tonight!"
His response kind of pissed you off. "Just because she's mad at him?"
"Don't get all snappy! Like I said, he hates conflict and he loves her, I know it's killing him that she's pissed."
"Well, that's a pretty shitty way to propose if you ask me!"
As if on que, the waiter arrived with the food and drinks. Kyo, sensing your previous nervousness with the subject, took it as the perfect opportunity.
"So how would you want me to do it?"
Unfortunately for you, you just so happened to be taking a rather large gulp from your cup as Kyo asked his question, making him and the waiter both jump over to you as you tried to choke your drink down your throat rather than spit it out all over the table.
The waiter went wide eyed and kept slapping you on the back "Are you okay?"
Kyo thankfully grabbed the waiters arm, stopping him from hitting you. "She'll be okay, thanks for your help."

Once you regained your composure and were able to breathe again, Kyo sat back down and started laughing.
"It's not funny Kyo that hurt!"
"You're right, it isn't funny...Every time this subject gets brought up you freak out!"
"What subject?"
"I don't freak out!"
"Arri, you just choked on your drink because I asked how you would want me to propose! When we were abroad you freaked when I asked you to try the ring on, and AGAIN when we got back and Kaoru said he now realized what the dozen roses comment meant." He got quiet and looked down at the table. "Do you not want that?"
You snapped your gaze at him and grabbed his hand. "Of course I do! Kyo, you're the only person I'd spend my life with. I love you more than you could ever imagine!"
Kyo smiled and nodded his head confidant with your answer "I love you too."

After your meal was finished, Kyo headed to your next unknown destination. While driving, he entwined his fingers with yours, lifting your hand to his lips kissing it gently.
"So, I was thinking."
You smirked at him. "Uh-oh!"
"Oh ha-ha! Seriously though, I was would you feel about you and Tooru moving in with me?"
You looked at him and smiled "Seriously?"
"Yeah!" He kept his eyes on the road as he spoke. "I was going to ask you when we were on tour, and now in light of what happened with the break in, and Kaoru getting ready to propose..."
He looked at you and smiled "Really?"
Your response was simply throwing your arms around his neck and kissing him.

You laughed as Kyo pulled up to your next destination, a mobile phone store. As you both walked up to the counter, the clerk smiled his fake, generic smile "Can I help you?"
Kyo reached into his pocket and pulled out the mangled mess that was once your cell phone, both of you laughing at the expression on the clerk's face.
"Wow, was it ran over?"
Kyo glanced at you and smirked. "Something like that!"
The clerk continued to inspect the phone "Well, I don't think we'll be able to fix it!"
Just as he finished his sentence, the phone completely broke in half making you both start laughing again.
Kyo shook his head still chuckling "Just give her the best you have." He looked at you then rolled his eyes "In pink if you have it!"
After Kyo signed all the paperwork (much to your protesting) and after the clerk managed to transfer all of your data to the new phone, Kyo turned to walk out of the store.
Kyo turned around to see you and the clerk doing something at the counter. He walked back to see what you were doing, only to smile and put his arm around you as you switched the Koi cell phone charm he won for you from your old phone to your new one.

"Not yet, I have one more place we need to go to."
You actually shrieked with joy as you realized where your final destination was...Aizen's Tattoo shop. As Kyo got out of the car he instantly had his guard up, and was looking around making sure Mitchell was no where in site. As you both walked towards the shop, Kyo had his arm around you tightly, and kept looking over his shoulder. As you reached the door, Kyo held it open for you, quickly ushering you inside.
You ran over to Aizen jumping into his arms as he spun you around. Kyo laughed as the sounds of the tattoo guns instantly stopped buzzing and the rest of the artists came running out to greet you. As you were surrounded by your fellow workers, Aizen walked up to Kyo and shook his hand.
"I was beginning to think you wouldn't bring her back to us! So how were the States? How did the tour go?"
"It was good. We're glad to be back home! With the exception of her and Toshiya going Skydiving, everything went great!"
Aizen looked at you wide eyed. "You went Skydiving? Now that's my girl!"
Kyo shook his head and laughed again. "Maybe my dad was right about you being out of your mind!"
Aizen laughed and slapped Kyo on the back. "If only you knew! So, was the big secret revealed?"
You turned to Aizen and laughed. "No, we told them the night we got back!"

A few customers came out of the booths to see what was going on, prompting Aizen to usher everyone back to work. As he did, Kyo noticed Ren anxiously standing in the doorway of his booth. Kyo smiled at you and pointed at him. "I think someone missed you."
You turned to see Ren looking at you nervously. As much of a pain in the ass he was, you had to admit, you did miss the idiot!
Kyo walked up to you and nodded at him. "Go on...go see him!"
You quickly kissed Kyo, then ran over to Ren and actually threw your arms around him. Aizen's mouth dropped open in shock, and Kyo laughed again. "I think the poor guy just wet himself!"
As you were talking to Ren in his booth, Kyo asked Aizen to go outside with him.

Aizen took the opportunity to light up a smoke. "Well, this ought to be good since you actually sent her to talk to Ren...What's going on?"
"This." Kyo pulled the folded piece of paper out of his pocket and handed it to Aizen.
Aizen looked at the id photo of Mitchell, instantly getting serious. "Why is he after my niece?"
Kyo looked at him in shock. "You know him?"
"He's been here everyday! He was just here two hours ago asking if she was back yet!"
"He was here? What did he say?"
"He said he saw the article in the magazine and wanted her to do some work on him...we've had a ton of people come in asking for her since the article, but this guy" He tapped his finger on the photo and shook his head "There was just something off about him...he was just too determined, asked too many questions about her. Who is he Kyo?"
Kyo was pissed and ran his fingers through his hair. "The fucker is her step brother!"

Aizen flicked his cigarette into the street and sat on the bench. "What's the entire story Kyo?"
Kyo slumped down next to Aizen. "How much do you know about her life after your brother passed away?"
"Well, her bitch mother took her away from us, and married an asshole that abused Arri, then kicked her out because she didn't believe her." Aizen was getting more and more pissed just thinking about it. "Even after my niece tried to slit her own wrist! After all these years, why is he here Kyo? Why is he after her?"
"We played a venue in the city she lived in. We didn't find out until after the show, but he worked security there. The fucker was in the same room as us, and stared right at her."
"Are you fucking serious? And now he's here...looking for her?"
"As soon as she saw him, she freaked out and locked herself on the bus."
"Did he abuse her too?"
Kyo shook his head "You can't say anything to her about this Aizen!"
"I won't."
"The fucker raped her on her Seventeenth birthday! Michael let him do it...he stood right outside the door as it happened and threatened he would do it next if she didn't get up before her mom came home! When she told her mother what happened, she still didn't believe her!"
Aizen eye's teared up. "God damn it Donna, you piece of shit! No wonder the girl's a wreck around her birthday! I'll fucking kill him!"
"No! Believe me...I want to too, but all that will accomplish is you getting into trouble. Think of her and your family!"

Kyo grabbed one of Aizen's cigarettes and lit up. "He broke into their condo the night we returned home. I couldn't see his face before he jumped out the window. He got away and we couldn't find him but I know it was him. I'd bet my life on it! She doesn't know he's here, and I don't want her to know. She can't handle it!"
"What do you want me to do to help?"
"If he comes back, tell him she called in and quit. Give everyone at the shop a copy of this and tell them not to let her see it, or even know about it! We just have to keep her away from him. I don't think the cops can do anything because there's no proof he did anything wrong!"
"What about when she goes back to the condo?"
"I already took care of that, I asked her to move in with me."
Aizen nodded in approval. "Good!"
"There's one more thing I need to ask you Aizen."
"She thinks of you as a father you know!"
"She's like a daughter to me too."
Kyo stood up and looked at Aizen. "I know...that's why I'm asking you for your approval to ask her to marry me!"
Aizen smiled and shook Kyo's hand "You have my approval, and believe me, you also have my mother's approval!"
Kyo smiled as you came back outside and wrapped your arms around him. You shot a questioning look at him and Aizen as they both looked around the surrounding area.
"Come on, I'll walk you two to the car!"

After saying your goodbyes, Aizen walked back to the shop. When you got back in the car, you pulled your hair up into a loose, messy bun. When you noticed Kyo still hadn't started the car you looked at him noticing a serious expression on his face. He just stared at you and lightly grabbed your chin.
You smiled at him "You okay?"
You raised an eyebrow as he ran his thumb across your lips, then crashed his lips down to yours. When he broke the kiss you were panting for air, a blush covering your cheeks as you noticed an older couple in the car parked in front of his staring at you both with theirs mouths dropped open.
"Wha-what was that for?"
He caressed your cheek with his thumb then brushed a few stray pieces of hair from your shoulder, using his finger to trace over the bite mark that he made. The look inhis eyes was now that of pain.
"This" he continued to trace the bite mark "Will never happen again! I'll never let anyone, including myself hurt you ever again!"

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