The Pedo Files:First Night

OK I had this weird stroke of..idk what but anyway ima try and make a comic with Vane reading the twilight saga ^ ^ im a non supporter and so is he xD anyway im not artistic soo if anyone else would do it... * nudge nudge * jk i'll do it...i think ^ ^

Created by setsuna335 on Friday, November 27, 2009

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The echo of male voices entered the room from the long hallway leading to the health classroom. Emery looked out the doorway to see Vane saying farewell to a group of male students.
"I never understood the bro hug thing." I shut the door behind him.
"It's a form of physical male intamacy,with no sexual intentions may I add, to show friendly feelings for one another."
"Are you insinuating something?"
"Huh?"he said without looking at me though I could see the smirk on his lips as he took out work to do while I finished mine.
"That's what I thought."
"I told Emily you were coming so shes picking up pizza on her way home from the vet."
"Oh okay."
Emily had been quite upsetI didn't converse with her before making the desician(sp?) but she let it go. She loves kids...I just hope she didn't want any in our future.
I finished grading reports from the sixth grade class while Vane sauntered around the classroom having completed his homework.
"Ready to go?" I sighed with a stretch.
"I was ready half an hour ago."
"Well...psh." I led him down the hall and out the door to the staff parking lot.I unlocked the Escape. Vane looked over it and climbed in as well,tossing his bag in the back seat.
We drove to our small home in silence. I thought about bringing up the topic of his brother but I decided to leave that matter alone for now. I led him up the steps on the porch and unlocked the door.He surveyed the surrounding areas of the connected neighbor's home and the adjacent houses.
"Home sweet home."I sighed,flinging my bag on the couch and going to change.
I glanced down at him from the top of the stairway analyzing his new setting from four until three in the morning when his brother came to get him.
_ _ Laleela boring parts la la _ _
"Emily this is Vane,Vane this is my girlfriend Emily."
"It's nice to-" Vane held out his hand but Emily had other ideas.
"Oh my God your so CUTE!"She pinched his cheeks.
My stomach sank,he was gonna kill her.
She tugged at his face and ruffled up his hair.His face turned red in what I thought was anger.
"Emily uh lets not scare the boy now."
I was quite shocked and frightenedto hear the boy burst out in laughter. "I like her Emery,"he chuckled when she stopped and apologized.
I ate in silence while Vane asked Emily questions about herself which she answered happily.He was extremely polite,and probably had better table manners than I did.
"Your homework all done?"I asked,washing dishes.
"Uh-huh."He dried the plate I handed him.I insisted he didn't have to help out he could just go watch TV or something but he responded that his brother raised him differently.
"You don't mind sleeping on the couch do you?"
"Not at all.It's probably better than my matress at home anyway."
"Well Kurt'll pick you up at three.You better be sleeping too."

AN:// Hullo readers! I'm a bit busy with a frew friends so I can't write too much...well and i'm skipping the second night and going right to the third. its like an artistic bomb ready to go off!...i sound like deidara xD well hope you stay tuned!

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