Going Down - 20

Ha so I'm babysitting right now and I'm seriously having like a mental breakdown. Like I'm losing my mind. I might e going crazy. It's a little scary to be quite honest. Oh well don't worry about me. Here's the next chapter

Created by scorpiogirl3630 on Friday, November 27, 2009

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"Yep it's broke," Dr.Garrett said looking at the X-ray I had just taken.
"Great," I said sarcastically.
"Well you had to have had a clue I mean did you see it when you came in?" Derek asked.
I glared at him before turning back to the doctor who was about to leave the room. "So am I getting a cast?"
"Yep. I'll go see whta colors we have and I'll be back in a few."
He left the room and it was quiet for only a few minutes.
"Sorry I ruined your birthday."
"You didn't ruin it. I'll probably remember this birthda forever. Seriously how many people can say that their girlfriend suprised them with a broken arm on their birthday?"
"No many I suppose."
"Exactly. It great. I mean the story not that you broke you arm."
"Right," I said squeezing him hand a little.
The doctor came back in with a fw packages in his had and my dad following right behind him. Oh great. Well atleast it wasn't my mom. She would be prying to know what happen and wouldn't accept that it was an accident.
"Well we have puple, hot pink, light blue, red, and white."
I sighed still upset that it was even broken, "I guess I'll have hot pink."
"You dad figured you pick that and we brought it with us."
After getting it wrapped and what to do and not to do I was ready to go home. Derek drove us back to my place. We decided to stay there instead of at my mom's place.

"What really happened?" Derek asked after we had been talking for awhile.
"Amanda and who I'm assuming was Alyssa."
"Ohmy gosh are you serious?" Derek asked getting very tense.
"Yeah. I ran into them at the gas station while I was picking up a coffee. I said a few things about you and me and on my way back to the car one of them pushed me down, hard."
"Lacey that's aweful. Those witches."
"It's fine Derek. No real harm done," I said looking at my bandaged arm. "Do you miss your mom?" I realized what I had said and quickly apologized, "I'm sorry. I don't know where that came from."
"No it's cool. Not really. I miss her when she was nice and cared. But that was rare. You only met her once right?" I nodded. "Well then you never saw her at her worst. She was abusive accually."
"I didn't know," was all I could say.
"I know I never really talk about it cause I could never really trust anyone like I trust you."
"Derek do you know what happen that night?" Of course he knew which night I was referring to. The night of the party. The party that ruined my friendship with Amanda and the rest of the group.
"I know the rumors but not what really happen."
"Well we were drinking. Amanda and I. We were dancing with these two guys. Then we went inside the hosting house. The guys went somewhere and Amanda told me she liked one of them. Well when they came back the other one, the one she didn't like, took her out to dance. That left me and the one she did like alone. And It all happened so fast I don't remember anything inbetween I just remember being on the floor with a crowd around us, the guys tounge half way down my throat and then Amanda slapping me and calling me a whore and that she never wanted to seemy skank face again. Her make-up was running. She had been crying. But I didn't want to make-out with that guy, I didn't even know him." I finished remembering the make-up stained cheeks that were Amanda's. And the screaming crowd. The major hangover I expirienced the next day.
"Wow, that's some story," Derek said.
"Yeah, it sure was."

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