An arranged marriage to my pre-K school crush? Shit (2)

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Created by RPgirl4ev55 on Thursday, December 03, 2009

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Chapter two
Sheila's POV
Matthew Catena. Shoot me now. Fuck my life to the damnest hell.
Let me explain this to you. Matt and I were inseperable in Pre-K school and when I moved to another town when we were 4, well we didnt get a chance to eachother that much. The last time we saw eachother we were both around 8 or 9 years old. We had a bit of a spat. It so was not my fault. I hate big words and he used alot of them to prove he was smarter then me. Asshole.
"Sheila? You remember the Catena Family right?" I nodded slowly
"My, oh my, you have grown into such a beautiful young lady." Matthew's mother Martha said with such fondness that I truly did not understand. Matthew looked confused on why they were here but gave me a nodd noticing that I was here but wouldnt even look at me. Not that I minded because I really did not want to be here. His little brother Aaron came running up to me to hug me though. I guess he remembered who I am. He was around 6 or 7 when I last saw him. I guess he is about 14 or 15 now.
"Sheila!" he seemed happy to see me. I hugged him back.
"Aaron! How are you?" I asked keeping my tone light. It wasn't his fault his brother is an ass using big words.
"Good! I am so happy! I haven't seen you in forever and mom and dad told me I couldn't say anything but I am so happy that-" He was cut off by his father glaring at him and his mother changing the subject.
"Kids they say the darndesst things." She smiles sickly sweet.
Roger then walks into the room with a somber expression but his eyes say he is pissed.
"Martha, George, Matt, Aaron. This is Roger." My mom introduces quickly. I turn and see Rick and Beth with pissed expressions and I am absolutley confused.
"Pleasure." Roger says curtly.
"Ok well dinner is ready let's go eat." My mom says hurridly.
I turn and Rick and Beth and see they are giving me an appologetic glance. Something is up. I will find out.
Dinner was so beyond akward. You could cut it with a knife. My mom poked at her food like Rick, Beth, Martha, George, and Roger. I wasn't really hungry so I pecked as well but I am so curious on what is going on.
"Sheila, Matt. We have something very important that we need to discuss with you." George starts off first. This should be interesting.
I sat there and the tension got thicker and Aaron was jumping up and down in his seat. Eager for whatever his parents and my mom and Roger were going to tell us. I made sure I kept a poker face. Matt did the same thing.
"Well, when you were younger..." Great a story. Just what I want to hear. Ok is it me or did it get more akward in here? I looked at everyone and my mom is in tears and Matt has a shocked expression.
"I'm sorry I zoned out what?" I really couldn't be bothered.
"You two are getting married." fuck. I kept my poker face to keep from giving them a reaction incase they were kidding. That would seriously suck if they were kidding. I turned to look at everyone and no one was laughing. Matt's face was a bright red like he was ready to explode. Which being the stupid idiot that he is...did.
"WHAT?! What the hell?! Why would you do this?! This is insane! We don't love eachother! We've hated eachother for years!" Ok ouch! I don't hate people unless they deserve it! I got up while he continued to yell and scream at everyone and grabbed my car keys. I walked out calmly and got in my car and drove the park. I called my friends and told them what happened. They were pissed as hell. They asked where I was but I said I was fine. I hung up with them and just stayed on the swings for a little bit. knowing Matt, he would keep yelling and no one will notice that I am gone until he does stop. That was how it always was. I was fine with it. It always gave me time to think. I felt my phone vibrate. It was a text from Rick.
Where r u? R u ok? ~Rickman
I'm Fine just needed to blow off steam. How is everyone? ~Shielala
Matt is pissed as hell but calmed down and now everyone just realized you left. Well everyone but Beth, my dad and I. We saw you leave and figured it was best. ~Rickman
Thanks <3 I needed to. I am debating on if i should come home or not. ~Sheilala
Come home. It's safe. ~Rickman
Ok I'll be home soon. ~Sheilala
I put my phone away and started to head to my car. All I keep thinking about is how screwed up this is. My mom kept calling my phone but I refuse to talk to her.
What if I did get married to Matt? My name would be Sheila Catena. Great more rhyming! I hate this. Why would this happen? Well I guess I will find out soon....
Here is chapter 2!!!!!! Hope you like keep messaging me and I will keep posting! Thank you!

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