Falling. Yes, I am falling and he keeps calling me back again. Chapter Two Part Two

Created by DoIHaveToMakeAName8 on Thursday, December 03, 2009

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You turn to the now smiling George.
"Ello, darling." He greets you as he picks up your hand to kiss it.
You snatch it away.
"Something wrong?" He asks looking extremely puzzled.
"Is something wrong?" You mock him with a hint of acid in your voice.
"You drag me here from my 'regular' day." You begin. "You make me think that
I'm being stalked then kidnapped and you wonder if something is wrong?"
A short silence befalls the room.
"Yea'...I didn't realize how wrong that was." He says quietly, looking at his feet.
"Sorry, I just, um, I wanted to see you 'gain and Brian said I couldn't leave 'cause
I'd start a frenzy so I had to send 'im." He sighed. "I'm sorry."
You look at him, softening your anger a bit but still trying to hold on to it.
"I guess it's alright." You say calmly.
He tries to hide a smile beginning to stretch over his face still looking at his shoes.
"What'd you want?" You ask, looking down at the watch on your wrist.
"Well, we, I and my friends, finished the last show in New York last night and now we're moving
on to New Jersey..." His beautiful brown eyes meet yours.
"And?" You wait for the point.
He shruggs, his eyes wandering back down to his black suede shoes.
"I thought you'd like to come with."
"Why would I want to..." You trail off as realization hits you in the back of the head.
"Oh my gosh!" You smile. "Thank you." You hug him.
"But, uh..." You let go of him. "I don't know you all too well. How do I know this isn't--"
"It's not," he cuts you off. "I realize it sounds a bit sketchy but I'm bein' honest."
You eye him cautiously. "And you won't try anything?" You ask.
"I won't." He points to his chest. "But I can't really make any promises for Paul and John."
You let this seap into your bright brain...
"Will you make surre they don't try anything?" You ask.
"I will. I swear." He declares. "Full time bodyguard." He jokes.
"Well not full time, hun, I don't want you in the shower with me or anything." You smile.
And he kind of blushes in embarassment over your sentence.
You look him over, arms folded.
"Fine, I'll come." His eyes brighten. "But under one condition."
"What?" He asks.
You lean in..."You have to promise you won't fall in love with me." You were joking
but it made him blush and gulp at the same time.
"I'm kidding." You say, covering your mouth from your now occuring giggles.
"Oh," he sighs, relieved. "Good."
"Cause I think I'm already falling." He says this very quietly and you can't hear him.

"Well, I guess I should go pack my things at home." You say, pointing to the door.
He clears his throat. "Gear, I'll have Bri--I'll come pick you up and take you to the airport."
He smiles at you and kindly lets you out.

When you get home Max is there sitting on the sofa with a bowl of cereal and
a playboy.
"Hello, Maxwell." You greet him, throwing him offguard.
He turns to you, eyes bulging.
"Oh," He sighs. "It's just you. Jeez." You catches his breath, holding his heart.
"You scared me. Always were a lurker, 'chelle." He joked.
"Well, you won't have to deal much longer." You say, taking off your coat and going to your room.
He gets up from the couch and follows you.
"And why's that?"
"I'm leaving for the holidays, 'member?" You say, getting your suitcase out of small closet.
"I thought the train was late."
"No, you know the train was late." You drag the huge suitcase out. "I found another way to get there."
You held up a t-shirt from your floor to see if it was clean and threw it in your bag.
"How's that?" He asked.
You snatch some clothes from the floor. "Oh. you'll find out later tonight."
He was leaning against your doorframe, magazine still in hand.
He notices you're packing alot of things.
"Aren't the holiays just a weekend?" He asks, eyeing you.
"They are," You grab an old dress and throw it in the bag.
"But tours last up to five months or so..."
"Tour?" He asks. "A fucking tour? Jeez, Chelle, what're goin on about?"
You've quickly thrown all your underwear and two pairs of shoes in the suitcase.
You're now sitting on it, trying to close it.
"Well, you know those Beatle guys." It wasn't a question.
"Yeah, the love song, mushy-mushy dudes?" He asked.
"Those are the ones." You say, waving him over wit your hand
to help you.
He comes over and tries to close it with you.
"I ran into one of 'em last night at the station. I ran into him again today
and he said he'd take me to Jersey." You guys finally close it and you put the suitcase on the ground.
"You just met this guy and you're lettin' him take you to Jersey?" Max sat on your bedm staring at you.
"Pretty much." You shrugg, getting your toiletries together.
"Michelle," he gets up and grabs your shoulders to keep you from walking around.
"I know you're all about trust but you can't trust every person you meet.
What if he's planning to kill you or something Ripper like that?"
You pry his hands off your shoulders.
"Seriously, Max." You start. "The guy was in an empty train station
at night, alone with me. If he wanted to kill me, he would've done it already."
You walk to your nightstand.
Max sighs from behind you.
"Fine. I can't win with your dumbass logic anyway." He throws his hands up.
"But Chelle," he begins sternly. "Kick his ass if he tries anything. Alright?"
"Yes, sir, I will, sir." You salute him and get back to packing.

"George Harrison?" Sadie asks, bewildered.
You nod, smiling like a five year old.
"George Harrison, the beatle?" Lucy asks, leaning forward.
You nod again, very giddily.
"George Harrison? The one with the eyebrows?" Prudence asks.
All four of you were sitting at the dining room table, with a modest light on.
Dull enough for everything around you to be out of sight but bright enough to
see one anothers faces.
You nod again, giggling.
"How the hell did you pull that one off?" Sadie asks.
You shrugg.
"I don't know. No freakin' idea, Sades." You reply.
Lucy throws her head back in shock and amazement.
Sadie sits there grinning like a mischevious hornball.
And Prudence giggles into her jello.
Prudence smiles and says, "Make sure you get in his pants.
Tell us 'bout it." She jokes and the others laugh.
The guys were in the living room. Jojo was teaching Jude
the different chords of each guitar and Max was eating chicken
while listening to Jojo.
"Michelle." Jojo calls to you.
"Yeah, man." You turn to his direction.
"Put in a good word for me, alright?" He smiles.
"Psh! Jojo you don't need a good word." You say.
"The way you play, I should put a good word in for him
just to listen to it!" You smile.
Jojo laughs and looks back down to his guitar.
"So, where are you goin'?" Jude asks, turning to you from the sofa.
"Across the universe." You joke. "Naw, we're only goin' across the US."
"Get me somethin' from LA, alright?" Jude ponders.
"Like some shades or some'in."
"No problem."
"Get me a Les Paul, if you can." Jojo says.
"Will do...If I can." You laugh.
"Get me a girl." Max kids. "I'm lonely and I need somebody to love."
You laugh.
"Tall or short?" You play along with the joke.
"I'm 'bout 5'8" so give me someone short." He smiles, cheekily.
There's a knock on the door and Jude gets up to open it.
George stands behind looking very sharp and oddly lost.
" 'Ey there." He waves weakly. "Is..." He stops and blushes realizing he doesn't know your name.
"Yeah, she's here." Jude waves 'im in.
George enters the apartment and is immediately attacked by Max and Jojo.
"So, what're your plans with, Chelle?" Jojo asks, menacingly.
"Chelle?" Puzzled George asks.
"Hoho," Jude joins in. "Wants to take her 'cross America and he doesn't even know 'er name."
"Oh! I was planning to get her to her family and then maybe..." George trails off.
"Well, I don't really know after that." He finishes.
You decide to kiss the girls goodbye and rescue George for the more embarassing
questions that you knew would follow.
"Hey, George." You hug him quickly and pick up your bags.
He takes them from you like at the train station and waits by the door.
"Thanks." You say.
You run and kiss the guys on the cheek quickly, and stop at Max.
You point at him.
"Behave!" you say with your finger in his face and snaps at it, like he's going to bite it off.
You chuckle and kiss his cheek quickly.
"Love you all and goodnight." You say and walk out the door.
George follows and you hear Jude say: "Don't sleep with her on the first night!"
as you two are walking downstairs.
"Shaddup, Jude!" You yell and continue down stairs with George right behind you.

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