[ Lickie ] - Dante One Shot

Actually based on some random lol doesn't mean this is bad. I had first written it in my own language and then in English. Hope it came out good.

Created by SupahRed on Saturday, December 05, 2009


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Dante One shot 8D


The stores were slowly closing. Every store you were about to enter were closing. The safety bars of each shop were shaking and being loud while they slid down in front of the shop, while the owner was shaking his head when you looked at him with puppy eyes to let you in and buy something.

Horrible and heartless…

Didn’t they know you were walking with your lone-some self from one town to the other? Because your oh so great motorcycle broke down, which you had to leave behind.

You sighed deeply when you leaned against a tree. Sunset was a painful moment. The stores were closing, and what made it more painful was your hunger for food.

You already felt light in the head and decided to sit down against the tree.

“This is unfair.” You growled to yourself.

After a while of straying around the streets, the sun was finally down.

Je headed into an alley. A dark ally. The farther you came into it, the more horrible the stench of blood became.

“There was a murder. Or somebody has her period. An aggressive one.”.

The alley appeared to be a dead end, with a huge blood spot on the wall. You looked behind you, afraid. The smell of blood was horrible. Still fresh. Maybe the murdered was still around.


You looked up, in shock, and saw a demon staring down on you. He held himself up by clawing himself onto the wall of the alley with his huge body. Blood was dripping of his teeth onto your shoulder.

You did a few steps the other way, to the exit of the alley.

The demon got himself loose and landed on the ground.

“Where are you going?” it asked.

You didn’t answer and watched it with big eyes while slowly walking backwards, to the exit.

The demon did a step forward, where he accidently kicked a trashcan which almost hit you.

“Where are you GOING?!”

“Leave me alone!” you turned around and started to run.

The rest happened all so quickly…

The first moment you were grabbed by the demon, lifted up and the other moment his arm was chopped off and you were caught in the arms of somebody with a huge sword.

“Hold this for a while.”

And you held the bloody sword. The guy let go of your legs so stood on your feet. He grabbed his guns and shot the demon full of lead.


“T-thanks.” You stuttered, “I-I am… ___”

The man smiled, “Ok. I’m Dante. Devil hunter and… single. Wat are you doing in such a nasty alley on such a cold evening. Not mentioning the time!”.

You explained him the story.

Dante thought for a while, “You know what. You can stay a night at my place, if you pay the supper. A PIZZA!”.

You agreed.

You followed him to his house/store. Devil May Cry.

The door had been opened by a small blonde girl. “There you are Dante. Je had promised me a new dress. Everybody nowadays is walking around in-“.

She stared at you and you stared back.

“Patty, this is ___.

___, this is Patty.”

Patty smiled, “It’s a good thing I had cleaned. Dante is really messy.”.

“That gives character to the space. Now it’s boring and hygienic.”.

You walked into the house/store and saw that it was clean.

“What’s that?” Patty pointed at your schoulder, there was huge bloodspot on it.
“Ah! Ew.” You put your jacket off, “How gross!”.

Dante took your jacket and stared a the bloodspot, “Hm, I have no washing machine.”.

Patty grabbed your jacket, “I can try to get it clean if you want met to.”.

You nodded, “Yes please.”.

Dante dragged you to his desk, which was on the other side of the room. He was searching around the drawers and pulled out a menu card of a pizzeria.

“You can pay this right?”.

You nodded.

“Good, then I’ll be ordering pizza.”.

Not very much later the pizza arrived.

Even shorter than that ‘not very much later’ the pizza was gone.

“I’m full.” Dante said while rubbing his round belly.

“You should be. You had most of it.” You said a bit grumpy. Dante laughed evilly.

It became to head to bed. Dante threw you a life supply of blankets and pillows. “Sleep well, ___. If you can’t sleep you can come and sleep with me. Would be fun.” He winked and went upstairs.

You tried to make from the messy blanket collection a decent bed. You lay down in it. The tv was still on. And the images from the evening was still flashing through your head. You slowly closed your eyes. Maybe you were allowed to sleep with the tv on.

After a while you heard somebody going downstairs, and muttering in himself with a grumpy tone. Dante. He put the tv off and went up the stairs again.

You tried to keep your eyes closed, but fear was slowly becoming to much.

Your eyes shot open and you only saw a little bit of light coming from the window.

Maybe the demon was lurking in the shadows. Waiting until you were asleep deep enough and…

You hopped out of bed and put the tv on again.

You sat down, instead of lying and pulled your knees to your chin.
Not much later Dante went downstairs again.

“Damn, child.” He walked to the tv while you stared at him with wide open eyes. He did the tv off again, and didn’t even notice that you were staring at him.
“Do the tv on.” you whispered. Dante put the tv on again and turned to you.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, “You look quite afraid.”.

“Just… a little… afraid.”

Dante sat down next to you, “A little?”.

He wrapped his arm around you and pushed you against him, a bit rough. He rubbed his hand through your hair, “You’re VERY afraid, girl! If you were afraid you were allowed to come sleep in my bed. Come on!”.

Dante lifted you up and took you upstairs while you were pulling a blanket behind you.

Dante lay you down on his bed and lay down next to you. It was a two person bed, but Dante acted like it was only one person.

“A blanket with you? How cute!” he wrapped the blanket around you and then his arms, “I will protect you against that Demonnie-Wonnie.”


“Who will protect me from Dante-Wante-Pante-Poooo!”.

“Yeah, I’m very dangerous.” He said, “I lick ears!”.

“What?! Ew!” you said.

Dante licked your ear. Out of nowhere.

“Ah…no! I heard a SLLRPP.”

“Really? Nobody does that to me. Do you want to lick my ear?”.

You turned his way and stared at him, “What?”.

“Lick my ear.”.

So said, so done ( J )

“Ew, yeah it does! Say, should I lick your nose?”.

“My nose?”
“Your eye is also perfectly fine to lick.”.

“I don’t think so!”.

“Your ass!” and he slapped it, though there was a big layer of blanket over it.

“Your butt.” He said almost giggling, “So soft with the blanket.” And he pinched it.

“Stop pinching!”

“You won’t feel it through the blanket.”
“I do!”
“Oh… sorry.” He let go.

It was quiet.

Not fun quiet.

“Say…” Dante started, “Lickie?”.

You had to laugh, “Ok.”.

And Dante licked you over your nose.

“I was allowed to, right?”.


“Another lickie? “
“Hm, where?”
And he licked you over your lips.

“Is that allowed?”
“You already did to.”
“Did not.”
“Did to!”

And he did it again.

“Now I did.”
“Pfah! You’re annoying” you said and giggled.

Dante pressed his forehead on yours, “No, I’m not!”

“You do!”

“We’re having an argument.” Dante said fake shocked.

“We do?” you said, as horribly acted as he did.

“Should we make up with a lickie?”.

You were laughing again, “Dante, this is slowly starting to sound dirty.”.

“Dirty? It sounds okay to me.”.

“Why licking the whole time? Doesn’t a hug satisfy anymore?”.

Dante chuckled, “No… I want to lick.”.

“Waahh…! That sounds sooo wrong!”.

Dante laughed a bit and licked you again over your lips, it was quiet for a while and then he kissed you.

“Lickies.” He said softly afterwards.

“That was no lickie.” You softly replied.

He kissed you again.



Fangirling non-existing characters is kind of sad...

But can't help to think Dante's pretty hawt <3

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