I want more(Kiba oneshot)yaoi

Created by sexyfrog on Sunday, December 06, 2009


Ask was walking toward in house. He had finish his mission with is team. His green eyes were sad, still think about what happen during the day.


- Naruto you’re so stupid!

Sakura was yelling at Naruto again. Being best friend with the blond he took his side. He snaps his fingers and a small flame appeared on the tip of his fingers. Smirking he, sneak toward her and then yield


She turn and scream, hit the ground like a mad women.

Ask had throw a giant Flame above her head scaring her. Laughing hard he didn’t see the punch of the pink girl. He went flying twenty meter away and then she walk away, followed by Naruto.

End flashback

He sigh, Naruto didn’t even thank him. No, he prefer following the women like a puppy. Think about it he heard a loud bark coming toward him. He turns to see and was run over by Akamarou. Kiba dogs were all over him and licking his face like crazy.

- Happy to see you too. Now get off your heavy.

The white dog get off and sit beside him, Ask get up and look around. Then look back to the dog.

- Where Kiba, you big fur ball?

- Bark!

- Sorry I can understand that.

- He says, behind you.

A voice came from behind he scared Ask. He jump and throw a big gosh of wind to the person.

He saw Kiba flying like a rocket, he curse under his breath. He sends a big wave of wind to soft the landing of the boy. When he land carefully he ran after him. Still on the ground he gives him his hand helping him up. Kiba was still in shock, when he spook.

- Sorry bout that. But I am still a little jumpy today.

- It nothing, but why are you jumpy?

- Well, Sakura still want to skin me.

Kiba look at him curious and he shock it off.

- So anyway, before you sent me flying I was about to ask you if you want to est with me and my team mate?

- Sure.

After eating, Ask was playing with Akamarou, under Kiba lustful eyes. You see Kiba had being watching Him since the academy. Ask was; the best student under Sasuke, had master the element of Fire/ lighting/ wind, his Taijutsu was equal to Lee, almost smart like Shika, even if he end up failing his own plan but his silliness. But that was not what Kiba care about, Ask was to him so tempting; his body was flawless, his red hairs stand out like fire in the sun, how his green eye shine when he play with his dog, then way he laugh, his voice was enough to turn him on. Just think about it Kiba lost total control of his action. He walks to the boy in question lifting him on his shoulder and walk away to his house. Leaving a confuse Hinata and Shino.

Ask was playing with his favou fur ball, when he felt someone lift him from the ground and throw over Kiba shoulder.

- What the Hell! Kiba what are you doing!

He ask/yield to the boy. Who didn’t say a word. Soon he fined himself in Kiba house. Still on his shoulder he saw the sister of his kidnaper. She was him and smirks and walks out of the house. Leaving the two boys, alone in this big empty house. He was throwing on a bed and Kiba lean on him.

Ask Blush a Deep red when his lips was lock with his. His heart skip a beat and his mind just melt as those lips fell good and warm. He closes his eyes and kiss back with more passion. Kiba felling him kissing back smirk and bit his lower lips. Making him caps his tough enter the wet cave, exploring. Moaning in the kiss he raps his arms around Kiba neck pulling him hard against him. He didn’t now why, but his body felt like fire with every touch. Liking it, he wants more. He bites Kiba tough and switch position with him. Now on top he looks desire into the deep brown eyes. He lean and b lick Kiba jaw weaning a low growl. Smirking, he pulls Kiba cloths until he was all naked under him. Kiba blush a little, but growl when his hard dirk was sucks off.

- Fuck! Your dam good.

Sucking harder, he moan has Kiba seed explode down his mouth. Licking the leftovers, Kiba rip his cloths and pull him under him. His dick still hard robs against Ask’s. Making the boy, under him go crazy.

- Just fuck me senseless, Kiba.

- As you which.

He trusts inside him hard. Making Ask scream, in pain but more in deep pleasure.

- You’re so tight.

- Kiba, you big.

His partner only growl, like a wild animal as his start trusting in him.

- Dam it, Kiba go deeper. Harder.

As the boy asks, Kiba fuck him until he hit the spot. Ask scream in pure ecstasy.

They only collapse when the sun had started to show. Ask was on top of Kiba when he look at him. The boy was breathing hard and had his eyes close. He smirks and says.

- Kiba?

- Hm?

- I want more.

- Well, I guess you will have to wait, I dead.

Still smirking Ask start kissing Kiba neck and murmured.

- Well, I guess you will have to stay like that and take it.

- If I have to, well I have too.

He replied smirking.

Somewhere in Kohana.

- Were Ask and Kiba?

Yield Sakura.

Today Kiba team and hers were supposed to train together. Hinata and Shino look at each other, having a little though where those too could be. Kakashi saw and smirk under his mask and replied.

- Well, I guess, the train all night and need rest. Let start training with out them.

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