Haunted by death: Chapter 1

hey im doing this story with my cousin HORSEY269 visit her profile and rate thanks :)

Created by MuffinHead77 on Friday, December 11, 2009


It's was 10:29 AM on Friday morning because it was a snow day. I woke up to music blaring from downstairs. I yawned and walked downstairs and see my mother in the living room dancing with a pillow and see 3 beer bottles on the table. I sigh and walk by without my mom yelling. But then she screams “THERES THE DOOR USE IT PLEASE I NEED TO CHANGE MY SHIRT!” and she points and the ground, and I just walk into the kitchen not listening to her.

I made cereal thinking of where she gets the stuff. Doesn’t sh elove me enough to just stop and be a better mother.

I got dressed and went to the store for some candy and bread. I came back and called my friend and told her to pick me up. We drove to her house and talked about how we are going to find out where and how my mom gets drunk. I came back from her house about 2 hours later and attempted to open the door and its locked. I banged on the door and my mom answers the door with 6 pills in her hand.

“MOM YOU DONT NEED 6!!! YOU NEED TO STOP THIS!!! THE POLICE SAID THAT IF YOU STEAL BEER FROM THE STORE ONE MORE TIME THEY ARE PUTTING ME IN A FOSTER HOME!!!” I took the pills out of her hand and threw them out the door. I scowled at her. “Anyways mom, I’m going to a party in 30 minutes. I;m not even going to ask, so bye.” I went up to my room and pulled out my low cut, lavender silk, ruffle dress. I put it on. I twirled and laughed. Did I just laugh? I hadn’t laughed in a long time…. I finshed my make-up and heard my friends care horn.

I ran out and sat on the leapord print seats in my friends Mustang. We got to the party and stepped inside. All eyes on me…….Zak??

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