Zack Fair's Biography

Zack's history! Tells his age, blood type, name, eye color, hair color, howetown, theme song, ect.

Created by Ikefanforever on Friday, December 11, 2009

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Name: Zack Fair

Age: 19 at beginning of story and 23 at the end

Birthday: 1986 (exact date I’m not sure)

Height: 6’3”

Blood Type: O

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Black

Hometown: Gongaga

Weapon: Regular sword at beginning and halfway Angeal’s Buster sword

Theme Song: It’s My Life, Your Guardian Angel

Life Story: Zack was born in Gongaga, and like many boys his age, dreamed of joining SOLDIER and becoming a hero like the famous Sephiroth. He left Gongaga and joined the Shinra Electric Power Company’s military forces at about the age 14 in 1997. (Remember this story is kinda like a future version of our time.) By October of 2000, he reached SOLDIER 2nd Class and was mentored by 1st Class Angeal. With Angeal’s words of wisdom Zack wanted to become just like him. Later on he became friends with 2nd Class SOLDIER Kunsel, who guided him in the ways of Shinra. He worked under Director Lazard in the 49th floor of the Shinra building, along with many other SOLDIERS. He later met 3rd Class Rachel, the first girl SOLDIER. He tried to find many ways to make her jealous, but each try just made her angry, not jealous. After leaving for awhile and coming back she was a 2nd Class SOLDIER then became her mentor. He later met Rachel’s old best friend named Cloud, they soon became the greatest of friends. After defeating Sephiroth with Cloud’s help he became Hojo’s experiment. When he woke up 4 years later he was weak and was killed by Shinra. Now he’s and angel and protects Cloud and Rachel in their future battles.
In the helicopter over the run away train.
Giving Angeal the evil glare because he told him to focus.
Telling Cloud to live.
His dream while being tested on by Hojo.
Is awesome landing from jumping out of a helicopter.
Zack dies...
Zack meets Cloud
Finds out Genesis is a monster.
Trip to Midgar

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