Law and Order SVU: Part 2(a fanfiction)

Created by ilovefredandgeorge on Friday, December 11, 2009

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sorry it has been so long; school really sucks.


"Birth control pills?" Elliot repeated the doctor.


"Do you know how old she is?" Liv asked.

"I would say around 16 or 17." The doctor answered.

"Can we talk to her?" Liv asked

"Yes. She is awake and she is fine, but be careful and try not to overwhelm her."

"Of course not." Elliot smiled, and then he opened the door and he and Olivia walked in.

The girl looked up when they walked in. She looked very weak, but the detectives could tell that she is very pretty.

"Hi." Olivia said. "I am Detective Benson and this is my partner, Elliot Stabler. Are you Holly Watkins?"

Shejust nodded, not taking her eyes off the two.

"Are you okay?" Liv asked gently.

Holly shrugged. "What happened?" She whispered.

"That's what we need to find out." Elliot said. "Do you remember anything at all about last night?"

"No." She whispered, a little too quickly.

"You sure?" Liv asked.

"Yeah, I mean yes." She said.

"You were found in a trash can on 55 South street. Do you know anything about that area?" Elliott asked

"Only that it is a bad part of town." She answered.

Just then the door opened, revealing Munch. "Liv and Elliott, come here." He montioned.

"Just try and relax. If you remember anything, tell us okay, Holly?" Liv told her.

"Of course." Holly said.

And then Elliott and Olivia left the room.

"What's up, Munch?" Elliott asked.

"Well, the police did some searching in the trashcan that she was found in and they found this." Munch held up a necklace with a heart pendant and rhinestones in the heart, forming the letters LB.

"So we got to find out what this stands for?" Liv asked.

"Already way ahead of you. The LB stands for Lover's Bar...basically it's a strip club/ brothel." Munch said.

"What is a 16 year old doing working in a strip club?" Elliott asked.

"That's not all. SOme of the tests the doctor's run are done. She most most likely raped."

"Is there any DNA from the guy?" Liv asked.

"No, but he brands his victims." Munch said, sadly.

"What do you mean 'brands?'" Elliott asked.

"Come here." Elliott and Liv followed Munch to the computer lab and he pulled up a screen. On the screen there was a symbol, that was burned into the skin of young girls.

"All these are his victims?" Liv asked, astonished.

"Yeah, the bastard rapes the girls and then kills them." Elliott said.

"Yeah, and no one had ever caught him because his victims always die." Munch said.

"But this is our chance." Liv said.

"We got to solve this. For all these girls and all his future victims." Elliott said. "Let's get her to the room to question her after she gets better."

"And now let's question the person who found her." Liv said.

"Thanks, Munch."

"No problem. And good luck. No one has ever caught this son of a bitch."

Dun Dun.

Okay I will try to update soon if you guys like it. And like i said before I need some help on my "ima werewolf who lives with the cullens!?!?" so if you have any ideas, lemme know!

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