Twilight - Werewolf: Paul Imprint Story ~ 1

Created by KiyoshiS on Sunday, December 13, 2009

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I threw my travel bags into my beat up silver Audi then yanked the driver’s door open and climbed in quickly. I slammed the door shut and rammed my keys into the ignition before taking of the hand break and reversing off the driveway then speeding off down the road. I sighed in relief then clutched my chest as a pain shot through it. Its a long drive until I reach my destination but I really don’t care, the further away from home, the better.

After I had gotten far enough away from home to relax, I turned on the radio then cranked it up as Animal I’ve Become by Three Days Grace filled the car. A smile spread across my lips as I started singing along quietly. I ran my hand through my long black hair before reaching into my backpack and pulling out a pack of cigarettes. I took one out and put it in my mouth before rummaging through the front pocket for a lighter. I groaned slightly, watching the road and trying to find something was more difficult when your mind was racing out of control. I was free, finally and able to start a new life.

When I finally found it I light up before taking a long toke. I opened the window and blew the smoke out of the car. I hated myself for smoking and promised myself when I was younger that I wouldn’t start but I guess things don’t always go as you plan. I flicked some ash out the window before digging my phone out of my pocket. I glanced down at the screen and noticed I had 9 missed calls and 5 new texts, I whimpered slightly, they were all from him. I threw my phone onto the dashboard then finished my cigarette.

After a few hours I pulled into a petrol station to refuel, I filled up the tank and paid before getting back into my car and driving out onto the main road. Burn It Down by Avenged Sevenfold suddenly started playing so I looked over at my phone. I leant across and managed to reach it, I looked at the caller ID and a wave of fear passed right through me. I pushed the accept button before holding my phone up to my ear shakily. I jumped as my dad’s voice blasted into my ear. “You stupid bitch, you’re going to turn around and come back here right now!” “N-No I’m not, I’m never coming back.” Tears started to fill my eyes as I tried to prevent myself from crying. “YOU WILL COME BACK, NOW! Besides, you have nowhere else to go, I’m all you have left.” The sound of my dad’s sinister laughter echoed through my head. I wasn’t going back, I could never go back and I could never let him find me. I took a deep breath, trying to calm myself down and organise my thoughts. “Bye dad.” I hung up the phone and chucked it on the passenger seat before gripping the steering wheel tightly with both hands. I glanced down at my hands as Numb by Linkin Park started playing quietly through the speakers. I pulled over to the side of the road and put my car into park as I dropped my head down to rest on the steering wheel. Had I made the right choice? I couldn’t wait for my brother any longer, I had to leave, he would understand right?

I hit my head on the steering wheel before pulling another cigarette out the packet and lighting up. I climbed out my car and sat on the hood while I finished my cigarette. When I finished I put the cigarette butt in my car. I may smoke but I hate it when people jus t chuck their fags on the floor, it’s a dirty habit as it is without polluting the landscape with trash after. I slid back behind the wheel and continued on my journey. I had planned it a few months ago, I had everything sorted out, somewhere to stay, money, school and possibly a job. La Push was the perfect place to hide from my asshole of a father, it was small, quiet and a long way from home.

After an eleven hour car journey without breaks I was exhausted when I pulled up on the road in front of my new home. I grabbed my phone, lighter and cigarettes then stuffed them into my pockets before grabbing my backpack and suitcases out the back of the car I stumbled up the steps then knocked on the door, a smiling face opened the door and Helen engulfed me in a tight hug before ushering me inside. I’m not sure how we’re related but I know she’s from my mum’s side of the family. “I’m so glad your here. How was your journey? Are you hungry? Oh my, you’ve grown since the last time I saw you, what was it...12 years ago? You look so much like your mum, she was a beautiful woman.” I smiled at her before thanking her then started answering the list of questions she bombarded me with. After I had finished she showed me to my room ad left me to unpack while she went to cook dinner downstairs.

Unpacking didn’t take as long as I thought it would have. I walked out the door then turned back to look into my new room. A grin spread across my face, the room was smaller than my last room but it was perfect. I walked downstairs then into the kitchen and offered to help Helen with the cooking. She accepted and I started to peel potatoes. When she had put the chicken in the oven she walked over to me and placed her hand on my shoulder, other than my brother, she was the only one that knew about my past. I smiled at her and the look in her eyes told me everything. I threw my arms around her and hugged her tightly, she wrapped her arms around me and hugged back. We stayed like that, in silence for a few minutes before she gave me a quick squeeze ad stepped back. I gasped in pain as my hands flew to my abdomen. Helen looked at me with a worried expression. “Are you ok? What happened?” “I’m fine...just give me a minute, it will pass.” “Oh my goodness, we need to get you to a hospital.” “No I don’t need to go, I’m fine, really.” I stood up straight, using the work surface for support. Helen raised her eyebrow before setting the oven and grabbing her keys. “Come on, we’re going, now.” The look on her face told me there was no point arguing with her. I sighed then walked towards the front door. She unlocked her dark blue Vetra and we both climbed in. The drive to the hospital was quite long and I realised that we weren’t in La Push anymore, that kind of made me feel uneasy. La Push was my sanctuary, my perfect hiding spot and I wasn’t there anymore.

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