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Created by candygirl2008 on Tuesday, December 15, 2009

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You had gotten thru the leaf villages gates with the letter you received from the Hokage requesting your help with one of the Inuzuka ninja dogs. You were so lost in the letters directions to the Hokage’s office that you walked right into some one. You looked up to see a tall man with white hair and a mask covering his face.

You say “sorry I guess I wasn’t paying attention.”

He offers you a hand up and says “I’ve never seen you around here before are you new?”

You reply “Yes my name is Takara I’m looking for the Hokage’s office.”

He smiles and says “My name is Kakashi and I’d be happy to show you the way.”

You notice him pick up a book from the ground you smirked knowing the kind of book it was and say “I guess I wasn’t the only one not watching where I was going.”

Kakashi sweat drops and rubs the back of his neck replying “guilty as charged.”

You giggle and follow Kakashi to the Hokage’s office once there he says “here you are and welcome to the leaf village.”

You reply “thank you Kakashi and try not to enjoy your porn book while you’re walking.”

Kakashi blushes and replies “I will take it into consideration” then takes off down the street.

You were admitted to the office and behind the desk was a young blond male so you ask “are you the Hokage sir?”

He smiles at you saying “yes I am Naruto Uzumaki at your service and what bring you to our village?”

You hand him the letter replying “I received this request from the Inuzuka clan.”

He looks over the paper saying “ah yes we have been expecting you.”

You look at him confused and you ask “Hokage you’re not going to grill me since I’m so young?”

Naruto chuckles replying “no I’m not, and would you please call me Naruto.” He calls Tsume Inuzuka into the office and says to here “your specialist is here.”

Tsume says “thank you Naruto but where is she?”

You giggle saying “I was kind of expecting that.”

Naruto points to you saying “that is her.”

Tsume looks at you and asks “aren’t you a little young miss?”

You smile replying “my name is Takara I’m 18 years old. I may be young but I know what I’m doing and you’re welcome to test me if you like.”

Tsume says “that won’t be necessary if you don’t know what you’re doing I’m sure your patient will kill you.”

You smile asking “she’s that bad?”

Tsume replies “yes she is we were considering putting her down until we heard about your abilities.”

You sigh and say “looks like I’m going to be here for awhile.”

Tsume puts her hand on your shoulder and says “we have a spare bed room you will sleep there I’ll take you to the kennel where she’s being housed and introduce you to my daughter the vet in charge.”

You reply “well lets get started you lead the way.”

You wave good bye to Naruto as you follow Tsume to her home once you enter the from door your knocked down by Kuromaru you smile and say “well hello to you too.”

Kuromaru sniffs and smells you before finally getting off of you and barking at Tsume.

Tsume says “Kuromaru says you smell like a vet and welcomes you to our home.”

You hold your hand out to Kuromaru so he can smell you replying “thank you for allowing me to share your home.”

Kuromaru smells you and then goes lay down Tsume is surprised saying “well you do know how to behave around a strange dog.”

You reply “I would hope so otherwise I could be accidentally be bitten and that is never good for either.”

Tsume says “for 18 you are very smart when it comes to dogs.”

You thank her and follow her to the kennels.

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