Law and Order SVU/ A Fanfic/ Chapter 4

Created by ilovefredandgeorge on Friday, December 18, 2009

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Holly was released again from the hospital and she was back. She was in the interogation room, talking to a doctor. Elliott and Olivia were on the other side of the glass; the doctor said that they had no right listening to his conversation with Holly....part of the doctor/patient thing. So Elliott and Oliva were on the outside of the glass, watching Dr. Hector Monroe talk to Holly.

"He sure is cozy with his patients." Olivia commented, as Hector gently carressed Holly's arm.

"Yeah....I don;t trust him." Elliott spat.

"Maybe he is trying to get her to trust him. By being this way with her." Olivia suggested.

"Hey, Elliott and Olivia." Cragen said.

"Yeah?" Liv said.

"After this, you guys go and try to get some information on Holly at the Lover's Bar....see if you can find any one that has paid particular attention to Holly over the past few weeks."

"Will, do Cragen." Elliott said, as the door opened and Dr. Monroe walked out.

"How is she doctor?" Liv asked

"A little shaken up after almost being killed twice in one week." He said.

"Why were you all touhcy with her?" Elliott asked.

"Simply part of my personal practice. It helps calm the patient. I have to get back to work. See you." And then he walked out.

Holly was still in the room, and Liv went to get her, with Elliott waiting outside.

"Hey Dad!" A voice called. Elliott turned around and saw his 17 year old son, Richard.

"Hey, Dickie...what's up?" Elliott said, walking over to his son.

"mom wanted me to come here after school. And talk to you."

"about what?" Elliott sighed.

Richard handed him a piece of paper, and Elliott groaned. "you are failing English?"

"Yeah, dad I'm---" But he broke off because at that moment, Liv and Holly were walking out of the interrogation room. Richard stopped talking and stared at Holly, who stared back.

"Dickie." Elliott said. "Richard!"

"Holly..." Richard whispered.

"Richard." Holly said.

"How do you know her?" Elliott said, standing in front of Richard. "How do you know that victim, hm?"

"What happened to her?" Richard demanded.

"She was assualted and raped. And you will need to be questioned." Liv said.

"He didn't do it." Holly spoke up. "Richard is innocent. But he will kill Richard if I say who really hurt me."

Elliott, Richard, and Liv all looked at Holly.

"I can't believe I have to quesion my own son." Elliott said.

"you won't be questioning Dickie. Liv will take Dickie and Elliott you question Holly. And then go to the Bar." Cragen said.


"So, Dickie, how do you know Holly?" Liv asked.

"I guess I have to tell you everything, huh?"

"It would sure help." Liv sighed.

"Okay, well me and Holly have been dating for almost a year. I didn't want to tell my parents because they would freak."

"And where did you meet Holly?" liv asked.

"I met her in the park...when I was on a walk. She looked really upset, so I went over and talked to her." Richard said.

"Do you know where Holly works?"

"She told me, but she wont let me go there." Richard said. "I begged her to get out of it, bt she said it's how she makes a living. I told her she can come and live with me."

Liv said, "DId you ever tell your parents?"

"I was going to, because I wanted her to quit because she was talking about this guy who was obbessed with her." Richard sneered.

"Did she ever say who the guy was?" Liv asked.

"No, she didn't know. I want to beat him up with my bare hands though..."


Meanwhile, Elliott is talking to Holly.

"How do you know my son, Richard?"

"He is your son?" She whispered.

"Yes." Elliott said.

"He is a very nce person. Probably one of the only people who has ever really cared about me....Well, I met him over a year ago. He was on a walk in the park and he came over and talked to me, because I was really upset. And we started to hang out."

"And how long have you two been dating?" Elliott asked, almost dreading the answer.

"For a little less than a year. I am so sorry we didn't tell you or your wife.....he wanted to, but I held him back."

"Why?" Elliott asked. "You are beautiful and smart, all a father would ever want for his son."

"I thought I would be judged for my job. At the bar." She said.

"Yeah, well. And did Richard know that you worked there?" Elliott asked

"Yes, he did. And he begged me to stop, but it was all I could do to get money. He wanted me to come and live with his family....but...."

"And did Richard ever go to the Bar?" Elliott whispered.

"Oh, no!" She shreiked. "I didn't want him to see me that would be...not good."

"Well thanks for that. And Richard did not rape or abuse you?"

"Never." She whispered. "He loves me and I love him."

"All right, well, would you mind waiting here while Liv and I head out?"

"No problem....but can I see Richard please?"

"Yeah, I'll send him in."


"Well, Richard and Holly seem very close." Liv said, as she and Elliott walked into the Lover's Bar.

"Yeah, it just scares me that my son is dating a rape victim." He said, as a man walked up to them.

"Welcome. May I help you?"

"Yes, does Holly Watkins work here?" Liv asked.

"She something wrong?" He said. "Oh, I'm Lionel Mert, by the way."

"Yeah, Lionel, Holly was assualted and raped the other night, you know anything about that?"

"Oh, no." Lionel said. "Holly? Little Holly was raped?"

"Yes. Do you have any info?" Elliott asked.

"Yeah, i'll give you her file." He ran off and came back in a minute, holding a folder with a picture of Holly on the front.

"Here is everything..." He said. "And if you want to know anything about her, go and asked Chirsy. Christina!" He called.

"Yeha?" A girl said, with long curly blonde hair and an OKlahoma accent. She looked to be in her 20s.

"Holly Watkins has been raped. Do you know anythign?"

"oh my gooly-gosh!" She cried. "Holly! Come back here detectives and I'll tell ya everything."

Elliott and Olivia followed Christina to the back room. "Here is my and Holly's room."She said, unlocking a door.

The room was large and had an even larger closet.

"Seems like you and Holly were pretty close." Elliott said, looking at the pictures of Holly and Christina all over the walls.

"Yeah, she is like a baby sister to me. Will she say who did it?"

"No, do you know anything?" Liv asked

"Well there was that one perv..." She trailed off

"And? What happened?" Elliott asked

"Well, he would always dance with Holly. He would pay her at first and then he started to grind with her while she danced. His hands would be a-roaming all over, if you know what I mean." CHristina said.

"yeah, we know. Can you describe the guy?" Liv asked, as Elliott walked around the room.

"Not really.. I was never paying attention...I always had guys with me, so I never really saw his face...but he looked to be around mid-30s, umm, black hair and light blue eyes." Christina said.

"Is this what Holly wore?" Elliott asked, pointing to a jumper suit on the floor.

"Yeah, that is the last thing she wore." Christina said. "Oh, man! I got to go do a housecall.I told ye all I know. If you need help, dont be afraid to holler."

"A house call?" Liv said.

"Yeah, we have to go and entertain those pigs at their own houses." She shuddered.

"Did Holly ever do that?" Elliott asked

"No, Lionel wouldn't let her. Oh! And that guy that was stalking Holly. he had a ring on his finger. So he was married. Rich too, me paid her 2000 dollars once to dance for him. I got to go! But I hope everything turns out!" Christina said, as she flew out the door.

"Well, Christina has given us more information than Holly has." Li said, when they got back from the Bar.

"There are two are." the doctor said. "I ran some tests on the sperm found in Holly's system?"

"And?" Elliott asked.

"10 different matches." She said.

"They cant all have raped her." Liv said, astonished.

"No, since one of them is dead and one has been living in jail for 2 years."

"So how are they all linked?" Elliott said.

"They are all sperm donors. So we have no idea who really raped Holly."

"This is one smart son of a bitch." Elliott said, as he looked over at Holly and Richard sitting together; Holly had her head on Richard;s shoulder and was fast asleep.


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