The Sweet World of Witches - Chapter 6

And yes, I hate the italics.

Created by YuzawaUri on Saturday, December 19, 2009

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Even without the spoken truth, I knew that my chances of escaping this mess were horribly slim.

Half of my mind had been yelling at me that any effort to run was useless, since those two… since those three were clearly some force beyond a human’s dull world. This had been stuck in my mind ever since I heard the blast earlier on, and that fact had been tormenting me ever since.

The other half was my stubborn self, short on both rationality and sense that kept telling me to run, run far away from everything before it caught me by the neck and strangled me to death.

…However, my world wouldn’t ever be the same.

After all, I’ve just experienced something regular humans probably wouldn’t ever get to even have a taste of.

In a way, I’ve just realised why we humans were blinded from the occult.

If we did, we probably couldn’t take it.

So for now, I ran as far as my legs could take me.

“…Is anyone there?”

That wasn’t my voice. I wasn’t saying anything to myself. Was someone else there?

“Yes,” I replied, albeit muffled from mucus plus the saline tears streaking down my cheeks, “I’m here.”

“Do you have a name?”

…Now that I looked at it, even humans were so susceptive over one another. Is there really nobody you can trust in this world? Dying now and sleeping forever doesn’t sound like a bad idea, after all.

Wait, that means I’m giving up too easily, doesn’t it?

Irena. Hamano Irena.” I said, wiping off the snot from my face. That was how my name was pronounced in Japanese – the ‘E’ in my name pronounced as ‘I’, the ‘le’ substituted with a ‘re’.

The voice in the darkness stifled a yawn, and a noisy rustle in the bushes followed after. “Man, not another Human. We’ve had enough of you boring folk, especially those running around in the woods at night…”

What emerged from the trees was something that looked definitely like a human – wait, which person dared to wear a spotless white coat decorated with minute golden trinkets and liners in such a dark forest that threatened to ruin it?

The rest of his clothes held the same quality, as if they were a symbol of his status. He sashayed out of the bushes, and his olive eyes looked at me with scorn. I would’ve said that his hair was fashioned in a typical straight-down, if not for a single bundle of hair on the left of his head sticking slightly above the rest, looking quite like a cockerel.

“Ah, just as we thought; another lowly human.” He scoffed.

“Nice grammar for a chicken look-alike. Who the hell are you?”

His eyebrows cringed, and his hand clamped over my head in an instant. Pain erupted from where those five fingers touched my head, and it felt quite like nails drilling into it, no shit! “What the hell did you just call me?”

“Right, my bad; who are you, Mister?” I quickly changed, wincing from his increasingly painful grip. “Hey, this ‘aint funny. Let me go.”

“Hmm? You insult me in the face, wipe your snot on my clothes and yet dare address me like scum. Someone lacks respect.”

“I apologised, didn’t I?! Quit squeezing my head already!!” Of course, the pain got worse. Whatever this dude was, his grip threatened to smash my head!

“I didn’t hear anything. Speak louder, peasant.”

“LET GO OF MY HEAD!!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, pain and anger exploding into a wave the repelled those emotions into that… thing.

Of course, those things weren’t applicable in real life, but somehow, I wished to could work… somehow.

As if Fate heard my desperate cry, Cockerel-hair drew back his hand, and held it as if his fingertips got stung by acid. Sure enough, when I looked as he howled at the pain, the tips of his gloved hand were burned away.

What happened to the skin was much worse.

“What the- What in the world did you just do to my hand?! What did you do, what did you do?!” He screamed, those eyes stabbing through my eyes and bore straight into my scared soul.

Scared as I was, I could tell a chance to escape when I saw one.

Once more, I ran.

…only to be caught by the arm and slung to the floor. That’s impossible – Cockerel Fella was still where he was, clutching his burning hand.

I looked to the right, and sure enough, there was someone else with me. I first recognised her from the thigh-length, luscious brown hair in a soft yellow ribbon – Maryse.

“I implore you, Ms. Elena. Try using more of your brain than your guts.” She began, her eyes fixed on Mr.Cockerel, yet her iron grip on my arm never relaxed the slightest.

He, on the other hand, raised an eyebrow, and his pained expression lifted into a smile… a wicked, wretched smile that radiated a mass of evil. It’s almost as if these two met before, and it wasn’t a simple hello.

“Maryse, wasn’t it?” he began, and parted his clenched hands. For some reason, the red-black patches of his burned hand reverted to pink at the sight of her.

“Yeah. If memory doesn’t fail on me, you’re Sino.”

When he chuckled in a voice that sent shivers up my spine, it was clear that I was in another shitty situation once more.

“This is some grim shit I’m in.”

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