[ One Piece ] Burning Cold . Portgas D Ace one shot . Late birthday gift for xSenxMizukix . Mature

Ahaha. XD bit late dear but here it finally is. I hope you like it.

Created by Moonblizzard on Saturday, December 19, 2009


- Burning Cold -
a Portgas D. Ace one-shot
A late (very late) birthday present to xSenxMizuki

I hope you enjoy it dear. I did my very best on this one.
Let all that fallen snow melt away.

One, two, three. Counting till ten. Yes they were all still there. You wrinkled your nose and squeezed your eyes. Orange. Follow the orange spot. With little quick stepes you shielded yourself behind his back.

“You okay?”

You looked at the man before you. Looking way to amused with your discomfort. You squished your eyes some more at him and breathed out. Your breath visible in the cold air. Okay. OKAY!? How in god’s name could you be okay. Here you were walking toward s a unknown destination, for a mission sure, but still unknown destination.

On a godforsaken winter country where temperature apparently could drop from a nice 5 degrees to a mere, hmm, what was it oh yeah – 15. It was cold. You feared you’d lose a toe by the end of this adventure or at least your nose. GOD your nose was cold. Everything was cold.

Here you were huddling behind the Fire Fist. Closely. Which you told yourself was completely unconsciously cause, it was just the snow infecting your brain telling you to seek out warmth. And well Ace was warm. Hot. Even. Not saying that out loud though.But you couldn’t deny it either.

You could see Ace smirk at you as you huddled closely, of course he would notice. Things like this he always noticed. Things that made you embarrassed. It’s like he smelled it or something. Maybe it was a special D ability or something. Damn that stupid fruit ability of him.

Even in this freezing your ass off weather he still managed to look hot, he still managed to make your heart beat faster.


There he was parading around in nothing more but his usual shorts and booths, sure enough he was wearing a cloak, but it was still open. Still he was showing of that bare chest, those fine abs that made you wonder how they would feel under your hands.

Right, wait why were you feeling hot. Oh right so apparently these thoughts warmed you. Damn it, no. You were not scooping this low. You wouldn’t grant him that honor, even if he would have no idea of the honor you’d be granting him off.


Before you could blink your eyes a couple of times at the impact, you realized you were nose deep nuzzeling the fabric of Ace’s temporarily cloak. For a moment you wanted to stay like that. Warm, out of the snow by his broad chest and comfortable. That is until your mind started screaming. Ego. Work. NOW!

“Oi Ace, bit of a warning when you suddenly stop will you. “

You rubbed your nose in an exaggerated way. In return you only got a amused grin.

“I did. “
“You did what?” You inquired.
“Warn you. “

You saw his smile only grow wider as he nochantly tipped the hat on his head up with his finger. For a moment flames flickered, tickling the brim of his hat before they disappeared. You gaped. And you gaped a bit longer.

“No you didn’t.” you exclaimed after a what seemed eternity merely thinking of what it was you had to say again in such a situation.

“Yes I did, “ he leaned closer, and for a fraction your noses nearly touched. “ you shouldn’t daydream of me that much. “ he finished cheekily before grinning and pulling away to continue his way casually again.

Like he hadn’t said a damn thing at all.

And there you were standing baffled by his, arrogance, and wierd way of being really, really close to the truth. Damn it. You blushed furiously. But like hell that was going to away with such a comment. And that blush? Screw it, you’d shove it off on the cold.

“HEY, Take that back!” you took a sprint to catch up with him again.

“Why, sugar, it’s the truth. “

That vein on your head was now near popping. You clechned your fists. No matter how right he was, there was still your pride. And you weren’t going to let him get away with it. Like hell.

Within moments he let out a startled squak as you pounded on his back. The both of you stumbling into the snow, you pinning him down on his stomach as his face was pressed nicely into the snow.

“You know Fire Fist, I can still whoop your ass. “ leaning closer to his ear you grinned “ Wherever you’ve got nicely formed abs or not. “

Ha. Take that. You inwardly let an orchestra of triumph play a victorious melody.

Getting up from his back you stepped beside him. You should have guessed though that the Freckled face cutie wasn’t going to let you get away this easily. He had pride and honor as well. And he loved to tease you. Given fact.

Walking should be easy, but it was of course more difficult when a good 200 pound pirate was holding on to your ankles and nicely pulling.

“Let go.! “ You huffed out jumping on one leg as you tried to keep balance. One smooth movement of his hand and you were lying rather unlady like on your back in the powdery snow. Before you regained breath from the fall, he was above you in the flicker of a flame.

A predatory smile, if only for a small moment graced that god like face. And then it happened.

“Oh god! “ You spammed underneath, nearly kneeing him.
“what? “ He questionably looked at you before he started laughing. Which didn’t make you stop from twisting as snow got into your clothes, and god was it cold. It was freezing.

Snow trickling down your back. Didn’t feel pleasant. You turned on to your stomach. Unconcsiosly you failed to notice the reaction on the fire fists face at the contact your bodies made. How could you. For crying out loud, it was already – 15 degrees, and now there was damn snow running over your body.

“Oh get it out. “
“You want me to get it out. “
“wait no, “ you blushed, slightly but blushed none the less. “I’ll manage. “ You suddenly realized the position you were in. Him looming above you like this. It was like you lost control, but you were a person that liked to have control over things. And then this, him controlling, for a moment you freaked out, but then you felt at ease. The heat radiating from his body was nice, soothing. And yes. It felt heavenly. And the snow melted.

You blinked.

Crap. Wet snow, equals water. Water and clothes don’t go well together. Wet clothes and cold.

Complete and utter nightmare.

But it was too late, your clothes were drenched before you knew it. And this just had the fire fist grinning even more. After some punches to his shoulders and some annoyed exchange of words. You agreed. You’d find shelter. Especially as you noticed the changing patterns in the air. There was a storm coming, and yes Ace would probably come out of it alive but you wouldn’t.

Not with drenched clothes.


“You think this will do.? “

After closing the breached open door of the abandoned cotton you sighed. The searing wind that had picked up during the hike had been like knives cutting into your skin. And no your drenched clothes hadn’t helped. Shivering violently you saw all the possible furniture to burn. Oh there was a lord out there and he was smiling at you right now. Pushing ace in the back you urged him on.

“Well matchstick make yourself useful make a fire. “
“Wha, is that all that I am to you, a matchstick. ?”
“Well no, but you are convenient.”

You snickered at your own joke. Well it was partly true he was convenient. Like a little heater. And he was useful for baking eggs on and… well the list was endless really with him. Of course, all those little convenient things fell into nothing when it came to what he did by just simply looking at you.

How he did it each time, you didn’t know but with his gaze alone you felt as if he could sear your skin. You hated it. And you loved it. The countless imaginations you have had of him. Oh if you wrote them down, you could probably make a whole book and sell the hell out of it.

And why were you still cold.

You looked at Ace who casually had seated himself against the wall. And he was giving you that look again. And it was still cold. He hadn’t made a fire. In fact he was simply staring. And his eyes were drifting rather south. And yours followed.

“Gah, don’t look!” crossing your arms over your chest you send him an angry glare.

Wet clothes and female body. Why hadn’t you thought of this problem earlier when you were taking of your jacket. You could make out a little red on his cheeks. But that amused grin spoiled it all.

“Stop looking!”
“Why it’s a lovely view. “
“no it isn’t!”
“Yes.. it is. “ he finished giving you a thumbs up making even your ears go red.

There was a silence after that. Without fire. You were to embarrassed however to even ask ace again for a fire. However you couldn’t help your body from shaking on occasion. The cold was even able to get in and well yes you were still effected by it.

And why wasn’t this stupid blizzard ending already. Just dragging on, and on and on. And your eyes kept feeling heavier and heavier.

And then there was warmth. Warm soothing warmth. And you felt yourself drift off.


So nice. You inhaled deeply. This scent.

This delicious scent that made you think of fire.

You were lying on something, or more like someone and it was good. Wait.

Gears in your mind were starting to run. Mission. Winter island. Cold. Very cold. And then him.

But then you were lying on him.

You bolted up, pressing yourself up from his chest you met his sleepy gaze and cute freckles.

“Why hello, had a good sleep.? “

Something in that cheeky tone made your heart beat just pick up the slightest.

“Actually yes, but why was I using you as a pillow. “

“Well you looked cold, and seeing as I didn’t feel like playing matchstick, instead I figured I’d play your personal heater. “

You were silent for a moment. Heart beating faster than before. Why was he doing this to you and everything and. Invading your thoughts and. Screw it. You had been putting this off way to long. No way this chance was going to pass you by.

Pulling him closer by that weird necklace of him you pressed your lips firmly against his. Marveling at the contrast of your own cool lips against his warm ones. About to pull away you were stopped, his hand firmly pulling yours back against his own.

Lips moving against your own sensually. It wasn’t long before he pulled you snugly into his lap. Hands under your shirt freely scanning your skin. Blunt nails teasing but never scratching. You wanted to scold him, cause you could feel the amusement in the, dare you say it, mind blowing kiss.

But damn, this was too damn good to give up on.
Once you moved in the kill, you didn’t let go until you had what you wanted.

Or, of course being the case that you suddenly found yourself safely pinned to the floor, him looming above you and hungrily nipping away at your neck. You let out a soft moan, barely audible but he didn’t fail to notice.

And he did take advantage of that. Pulling your legs closer and casually drapping them over his own hips his lips were on your own again. Gasping out of surprise as he gave your ass a subtle squeeze you felt his tongue invading. Hot. Intoxicating. And you wanted more. Your hands scratched his shoulders, pulled his hair.

And his, hot, tracing every possible line your body had. Flames teasing and licking at your skin. It was maddening and you loved it. Hand tracing his abs, you marveled at how they flexed under your touch. But you didn’t stop. Tracing your hand over his crotch you, you could hear him groan biting your lip. It was bleeding, but that was just a minor detail.

Your hand was roughly pulled away, pinned down beside your head as he grinded his hips into yours. The friction nearly enough to send you over the edge.

“Ah. “
“I’ve been waiting for this chance for far too long. “ His voice was low and close to a purr, and you felt another roll of his hips make contact with yours. Biting to keep control of your voice you couldn’t help but grin.

Clothes were removed rather urgently, and you swore you saw your bra fly across the room only to end up hanging from one of the lamps. Though the same could be said from his hat, and pants. It would be a miracle if you found them back.

But you wouldn’t really mind if your bra got lost or not, you could do without for a past few days. Cause feeling his broad chest pressed against yours as he was kissing you like he was now. It was all worth it.

His one hand driffting lower to your breast, massaging it, slowly and firmly. You bucked your hips at the feeling. Damn those talented teasing hands that were able to send your body aflame. Hands firmly trapped above your head now with his other hand. You cursed you wanted to feel more of him. And he was in control. And your mind told you to take the control back, but your body right now didn't give a damn who had control. As long as there was some form of contact. So you bucked you hips into his again. And you grinned as there was another heated kiss.

Moans were leaving your mouth more frequently and more louder. And you wanted him. You needed him. Another roll of his hips and you were crying out his name. luscious and husky whispers floated into your ear as he occasionally nipped at it playfully.

“Say it. Ask for it. Tell me what you want. “

And you did. And he granted. His hands lifting your hips before he pushed himself into you. Giving you a moment to adjust he placed butterfly kisses. And you clutched on to him tightly. You felt him shake for a moment. He whispered something. or he whispered more you didn't really know. But this feeling of him inside you. You were sure of it. If there was a heaven, this was what it would feel like.

"Ace. " You tried to indicate to him that you wanted him to move. You needed him to. All you got was a playful nip at the neck.
"Don't worry, you'll be screaming my name pretty soon. "

Pulling out slowly before plunging back into you, a sharp intake of breath fromt he both of you gave the the rythem. You shivered as he pulled out and plunged back in again. A tingling sensation took over your body.

Like a burning cold fever.

You moaned, loudly. And to him it was the most delicous sound he ever heard. And he picked up his pace. Marveling at how wonderful you felt. He really had been waiting long for this chance. And he was going to make every second of it count.

The rythem was rough, hard and so good. Somewhere in it all your hands were released as he had used both to drag your hips closer to his. Sending him even deeper into you then before.And he was controlled. He was in control. Asking you to scream his name. And you did. Oh screaming you did. He filled you completly and this rythem. They were mind blowing really, so you told yourself you had a pretty damn excuse for giving him what he wanted.

His one hand entangling his fingers with a hand of your own, he plunged in rougly. And you saw white. You dug your nails into his one shoulder while the other digged into the skin of the hand holding your own. You shook as pleasure took over you. Moaning his name.

And all that, was to much for him. The delicious sound of his name rolling of your lips, the way your body shivered violently as pleasure took you over. A few more thrusts and the the tightening feeling around him and the beautiful sight of you were enough to send him falling a blissful fall down to earth.

Panting, both of you. Out of breath to really say anything. you stayed like that for what seemed eternity. The heat radiating from his body enough to warm the entire cottage. He gave you a cheeky grin before giving you a playful nip at the neck and a soft kiss on the lips. You giggled. which you didn't often. He decided he liked it.


His soft breathing made your eye lids flutter, and your own breathing slowed down as well. You’d replayed it all. And the very thoughts of what had played that night. Made your cheeks burn red. Yes burn. Perfect way of putting it.

Why was he so damn cute. And sexy. And why was he able to make your heart flutter with a simple smile. Maybe it was more than desire that you felt for the freckled fire user. But even if it was you were going to take your sweet time finding out. You knew he’d be up for it.You looked at his sleeping face and smiled. Well maybe it wouldn't take that long to find out wherever you loved him or not.

If his sleeping form was enough to give you fluttering butterflies in your stomach. That really indicated that you were crazy about him. right? But you wouldn't progress on that now. No, you had to know what his feelings were first. You really didn't feel like getting a cold from being turned down.

One thing was for sure. A great lover that he was sure to be.


“Ace, slow down. “

“What, even more?”
“Yes even more, let me enjoy the sun a bit. After all that winter cold I want to warm up a bit. “

You shrieked as your newly bought shirt was suddenly smoking at the rim.

“I could always do that for you. “

“Tempting, but don’t get to cheeky.” Giving him a teasing kiss you sat yourself down again. “I can still whoop your ass. “

His hands wrapping securly around your waist pulled you closer. The back of your neck was graced by his lips. You closed your eyes and let out a breath that you didn't know you had been holding.

"Ace your going to leave a mark. " You blushed and tried to hold back a giggle.

Which you only succeeded half at.

"I know, that's the purpose. "
"Wait, what?" You blushed even more now.
"You're mine, and I think I've got a right to show that to the world. "

You turned in his arms, you gave him a questionable look. or confused. both could do. Was he being serious? Alot of time to think you didn't get as his liips were on your own. Hot, yet lovingly. And you wanted to get lost in that kiss.

"I love you. "

The end.

I hope you enjoyed!
I had fun writing this.

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