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This is the longer version of Neko no Koi, my Aoyagi Ritsuka from Loveless one shot. I didnt have the heart to edit since ppl read the shorter version already so I decided to post the longer version as a new story. The starting is the same but the ending is longer and different(mayber a lil sucky but I had to rush >.>")! rate and enjoy reading!!

Created by littleangelickitten on Sunday, December 20, 2009

Neko no Koi (Cats in love)

Ritsuka’s POV

“Everybody this is the new student Tsuki Kira” the form teacher of class 3 grade 6, Shinonome-sensei, introduced the new girl. The girl bowed and said “Hello everybody, please to meet you all.” After saying that she stood up straight. My eyes widened slightly when I saw her clearly. She had short, straight black hair in a side parting that stopped above her shoulders, her bangs were long and it covered her right eye, a pair of black cat ears on her head, pale skin tone, perfect body, a pair of black headphones resting on her shoulders and also a long black tail but her tail wasn’t like mine, it had short fur but what made her stand out wasn’t only her beauty, it was her clothing. Her clothing was a black and grey sleeveless top, the straps hanging loosely on her shoulders with a corset on her waist, a black and purple slightly puffy skirt with black frills. A long black sleeve covered her right arm from a little lower than the shoulders till her wrists while her left hand had a black glove that was torn. She wore a plain black choker and a necklace with a Rosario dangling on it. Her shoes were black laced up boots. Her right leg was covered by a long black and purple stripped sock while the left was covered by a long black fishnet sock.

“She looks creepy” I heard a girl in class whisper to her friend “Yeah I bet that she’s the sadistic type that acts nice and all outside” her friend whispered back “She’s pretty!” I heard Yuiko exclaim. The new girl, Tsuki, walk towards the empty seat behind me and sat down. When she passed by me to get to her seat I could smell a light strawberry scent on her and noticed that her chest was slightly smaller than Yuiko’s.

Tsuki’s POV

I took a seat behind a black hair boy with a bandage on his cheek. I place my black sling bag onto the ground and grab my notebook and pencil box. I could hear whispers from other girls around me since my senses were like a cat’s. My aunt and uncle, who are both taking care of me and my older brother, Toushi, decided to move here to Tokyo. Toushi and my parents were murdered; it came out in the newspapers. My aunt and uncle loved me and Toushi like we were theirs; they didn’t have children since aunty was always busy. I wasn’t really shaken, I had gotten over the fact that mother and father died and so did Toushi. Toushi’s a nice, kind and caring brother who was protective of me. We love each other very much like every other brothers and sister does. He’s unique, he has wolf ears and a wolf’s tail instead of a cat’s though aunty and uncle treats us all the same.

But our little secret is that we are both blank fighters and is very special ones. I could control black flames without words while Toushi could control shadows and wolves, dogs or anything related to dogs obey him as do anything related to cats obey me. The both of us don't need sacrifices. We could use our full power without a sacrifice and we don't want one too. Even as fighters we only need each other and fight together to overcome any battle because he is ‘Lifeless’ and I am ‘Deathless’. He cannot die nor feel pain no matter how much you hurt him or even stab his heart as do I because I, Deathless prevents his from dying and feeling pain in battle while he, Lifeless, is able to take away lives and return them easily or he could shorten it or lengthen it.

I listen to what the teacher said and jolt down notes. Both I and Toushi knew how to hide our auras so other fighters couldn't find us at all, making things easier for us. “erm…” I heard the tall girl that looked like a high schooler next to the boy in front of me say. I look up and saw her looking at me. “Hi! My name is Hawatari Yuiko! Call me Yuiko!” she introduced herself, smiling widely. I merely nodded my head. The bell soon rang, signaling that it was time for lunch. I took my bento and headed towards the cafeteria. I took a seat at an empty table and placed my bento on the table. Before opening the bento box, I took my headphones and placed them onto my ears (not the cat ones) and press the play button. I listened to the male visual kei music as I opened my bento box and ate in silence. “Tsuki, can we have lunch with you?” Yuiko asks, her tray of food in her hands and the black haired boy from earlier next to her. I look up and nodded my head. Yuiko grinned and took a seat in front of me while the boy sat next to me. I removed my headphones and stopped the song so I could listen to Yuiko and the boy if they talked. “My name is Aoyagi Ritsuka, nice to meet you” the boy introduced himself. I nodded my head and smiled “Nice to meet you too” “Ah! Tsuki-chan do you have a cell phone?” Yuiko asks. My smile grew wider a little. “Yes” I answered her, taking out my black sliding phone from the small pouch I made myself that was strapped onto my upper thigh. “Let’s exchange numbers!” Yuiko exclaimed. And we did, I got Ritsuka’s and Yuiko’s numbers and vie versa. We chatted happily as lunch time flew by; I found out many things about them.


The last bell rang, signaling that school had finished. The students rushed out of the school grounds. I walked with Ritsuka and Yuiko, Ritsuka wanted to make ‘memories’ with me and I agreed. I spotted Toushi talking to a man with long brown hair. “Ah, Soubi-san!!!” Yuiko called out. The man turned his head to our direction. We ran up to them. I greeted my brother. Toushi smiled and patted my head. I introduced Toushi to Ritsuka, Yuiko and the man, Soubi and myself to Soubi while Soubi introduce himself to me and Toushi. We chatted for a while. I asked Toushi whether it was alright for me to hang out with Ritsuka for the day and he agreed though he added that I needed to call home if I was going home late. I waved at Toushi, Soubi and Yuiko, who was pouting a little, before walking off to the direction of the park with Ritsuka.

I smiled and laugh along with Ritsuka as he took pictures of me and us. “So this is how you make memories” I smiled at him. He nodded his head and took a picture of the sky. We were taking a break. I was sitting on a grassy hill next to Ritsuka as we chatted. We talked about our lives and all. I understood how it felt to lose someone precious. We talked and talked. I opened up to him and vice versa. “And that’s how it is…” he explained about his life “Hmmm, even if you’re not your mother’s Ritsuka but you are who you are, that Ritsuka was and is part of you. The you now is still part of that Ritsuka, even though you act different” I smiled at him “Being yourself is important, it’s not good to change your personality just for others to be happy because you won’t be happy. I think your mother knows that too but she can’t control her body…she still loves you, Ritsuka” I continued smiling sadly. He didn’t say anything but looked down and clenched his fists. “I read in a book before that adult who were abused during their childhood will abuse their own children in the future but they still love them no matter what, they just can’t control themselves. So please Ritsuka, I like you the way you are now, nobody is perfect.” I saw him unclench his fists and relaxed himself before looking up and smiled at me “So don't be sad Ritsuka! You’re a special friend to me and I like you the way you are now!” I smiled confidently at him before grabbing his camera and grinned as the camera flashed. A picture was taken. We laughed together and continued taking pictures as the time flew.

It was soon getting late. “Ah, I guess it’s time to go, It’s 5:30 now” I told Ritsuka. He nodded his head, smiling happily and agreed “Yeah, I took 60 pictures today; it was fun making memories with you!” I let out a light laugh and said “I agree! I never had so much fun with a guy before!!” I noticed it but didn’t think of it, Ritsuka had a blush on his face.

“Thanks for such a fun and wonderful day!” I pecked him on the cheek before running forwards a few steps. I stopped and turned around. I flashed a cute, sweet smile at him and waved a bye at him. He waved back and shouted “I’ll print the pictures for you and give them to you at school tomorrow!!! Let’s hang out again another day!!!” I turn around and smile widely “Yeah! Let’s hang out again another day!! And Thanks Ritsuka!!!” I saw him smile at me and he ran off. I turned around, the smile still on my lips and started to run home. ‘Yosh! I want to hang out with Ritsuka again! It’s fun being with him!’

Ritsuka’s POV

I smile widely as I ran towards my house. Hanging out with Tsuki was definitely fun. ‘She understands me and how it’s like to lose someone….but does she like me that way…?’ I opened the door and shout “I’m home!” before running up the stairs and into my room to work on the pictures.



“I’m home!!!” I shouted as I closed the door behind me and took off my boots. I ran into the living room, my sling bag in my hand. “How was your day Tsuki?” My aunt asks. I smiled widely and replied “It was great and fun!” “That’s good to hear!” My uncle smiled. I nodded my head in agreement before running up into my room and jumped onto the bed. I got up a few minutes later and made my way into the bathroom to get ready for bed.

A knock came from my bedroom door. I had finished getting ready a few minutes ago. Toushi opened the door and entered the room. He plopped onto the bed next to me and grinned “So how was your date with Ritsuka~?” He teased. “It wasn’t a date Toushi” I replied him bluntly “Aww your no fun today Tsuki!” he semi whined before proceeding to tackle me. We laughed as we tackled each other.


“Good morning Tsuki!!” Yuiko greeted me as I entered the classroom. I smiled at her and greeted her and Ritsuka “Good morning Yuiko, Ritsuka” I took my seat and proceeded to take out my pencil box when the teacher entered. We all stood up and bowed before greeting the teacher and sat back down afterwards. “Today’s subject is friendship; we’ll be drawing each other’s faces!” She said, writing the words down onto the board. Once she finished, she turned around and said “Now everybody find a partner! It doesn’t matter who as long as you like them!” A guy with long hair and spectacles walked towards me, Yuiko and Ritsuka. “Hi, my name is Yayoi, I’m a friend of Yuiko and Ritsuka” he introduced himself. “I smiled at him and said “It’s a pleasure to meet you Yayoi-kun!” “Who will partner up with whom?” Yuiko asks, her blank art paper in her hand. “”Anyone is fine with me” I told her “Then I’ll partner up with Tsuki. Yuiko, you partner up with Yayoi.” I heard Ritsuka say. We all agreed, though Yuiko was looking a bit reluctant. We faced each other as we drew. I had to teach Ritsuka how to draw nicely since I finished drawing fast. I was talented in drawing and sketching though my coloring isn’t really good. Ritsuka couldn't see the drawing though because I had flipped the page over and proceeded to draw Yuiko and Yayoi while teaching him how to draw nicely.

Once Ritsuka, Yuiko and Yayoi were finished, we exchanged our drawings with our partner. I gave Yuiko and Yayoi my drawings of them. “Sorry if it’s horrible” I smile sheepishly. “Horrible? It’s awesome!! The details are all correct and it’s so realistic!!” Yayoi, Yuika and Ritsuka exclaimed. “Ah, I brought the pictures” Ritsuka said, handling me an envelope. “Thank you Ritsuka!” I smiled happily at him. A blush appeared on his face though I had no idea why he was blushing. I caught a glance of Yuiko looking down sadly so I decided to change the subject “ano, my aunt and uncle asked me to invite my friends to our house today, so will you three come?” Yuiko immediately brighten up and agreed. Both Ritsuka and Yayoi agreed too since they were free today. I clap my hands happily and smiled brightly.


Soubi and Toushi were waiting at the gates of the school as me, Yuiko, Ritsuka and Yayoi exited the school building together. “Yo!” Toushi said while lazily waving his hand “So this is your new friendTsuki?” he asked looking at Yayoi “Yup! Toushi this is Yayoi, Yayoi this is Toushi, my brother!” I introduced them to each other. “Saa, nice to meet you Yayoi. Well let’s get going to our house now.” he said. “What about Soubi-san?” Yuiko asks. “I’m going back to my school to finish on a project” Soubi replied her, smiling before walking off, waving a hand at us. Toushi, Yuiko, Yayoi, Ritsuka and me all walk together to mine and Toushi’s house while talking.

After a few minutes of walking, we stopped in front of the gates of a very large house. Toushi took out his keys and opened the gates. Yayoi, Yuiko and Ritsuka’s jaws dropped “Tsuki and Toushi’s house is so big!!!!!” Yuiko exclaimed. I smiled sheepishly “I guess” We entered the house. I greeted my aunt and uncle and introduced everyone to each other. “It’s nice to see that Tsuki has so many nice friends. Well Tsuki why don't you bring them to the games room and enjoy yourselves? I’ll prepare some snacks for everyone” my aunt said, smiling. “Alright, Come on!” I said, walking towards the halls of the house with them following me. I lead them to a large room, where there was a big TV and an Xbox connected to it. “The playstations are on that self, game CDs and DVDs are on that shelf while movies are on that one. There’s food and drinks in the fridge over there so make yourselves comfortable!” I told them, pointing to everything I said. “Awesome…” Yuiko said breathlessly. She immediately headed towards the Xbox while Yayoi check out the games. Ritsuka took a coke out of the fridge and watch Yuiko and Yayoi as they played. I took a seat next to Ritsuka after grabbing a bar of chocolate out of the fridge.


“Today was fun Tsuki! Thanks for inviting us!!” Yayoi said “Yeah! Time passes by too fast though…” Yuiko agreed. “You can all come again another day! Today was really fun!” I told them. Yuiko and Yayoi left first leaving me and Ritsuka. He looked like he wanted to say something but wasn’t able too since he spotted Soubi nearby “Soubi! What are you doing here!?” He asked the man. My eyes widened as I felt the aura of another fighther that wasn’t Soubi. I heard footsteps behind me so I turned my head and saw Toushi walking towards me. He placed his hand on my shoulder and nodded his head. “I guess this is the right time to tell you now Ritsuka” I said, gaining Ritsuka’s and Soubi’s attention. “Me and Toushi are both blank fighters and are special ones. I can control black flames without words while Toushi can control shadows and wolves, dogs or anything related to dogs obey him as do anything related to cats obey me. The both of us don't need sacrifices. We could use our full power without a sacrifice. We only need each other and fight together to overcome any battle because he is ‘Lifeless’ and I am ‘Deathless’” I explained. Ritsuka was surprised for a while but relaxed soon enough “Sorry for not telling you earlier Ritsuka…” I apologized. “It’s alright” he said

Two figures approached us; one was a female with curly brown hair while the other was a male with greenish, blonde hair. “Deathless and Lifeless, we who share the same name, Heartless, declared a battle with you. You have to be eliminated from this world. We don't need to fight with Loveless and Beloved’s fighter” The male stated. “Ritsuka, Soubi please don't get mixed into our battle, take 15 steps away from us” Toushi told the two males behind us. I flashed a lonely smile at Ritsuka before turning my attention to the two enemies. “Accepted, expanding system!” Both I and Toushi said. A gust of wind surrounded us. “Ice needles colder than death, covered in poison so deadly hit directly at the two enemies!” The male shouted. Ice needles headed towards me and Toushi. “Defenses up! Fire as hot as the burning flames in hell, melt every thing made of ice!” I shouted. A wall of black fire shot up and melted every needle. Toushi took this as a signal and acted quickly “Knives made of shadows, sneak up stealthily and stab them!” The knives couldn't be seen and the spell hit directly at its targets. Shackles appeared on the female’s wrists as she winced in pain. The male was shocked but recovered quickly and shouted “Rip! Obliterate!” “Defenses up! Spells cannot touch us; every spell sent our way is reflected!!” Toushi shouted back. “Defenses u-” before the fighter could finish his sentence the spell hit the sacrifice girl. “Useless, defenses are useless, every barrier crumbles” I said calmly. “Thunder strikes at the speed of light to its targets and electrifies them into the state of being unconscious!!” Toushi shouted. As he had said, thunder from the sky shot down and hit the targets, the sacrifice girl was hit but she was standing weakly, being stubborn. “If you give up now, you’ll live. You and your boss should know very well that two fighters are stronger than one unless you both wish to die” Toushi said calmly, smirking. I could feel Ritsuka staring at the both of us. It pained my heart as I thought about what he would think of me and my brother now. “We rather die than go back defeated to our leader!!!” The male and the female shouted. “Very well then. Darkness as thick as blood, wrap around the enemies and drown them in your dark bodies,” The female and male were immediately pulled down by their own shadows “Defenses up!!!! Defenses-” the fighter couldn't finish his sentence as his own shadow had already gulped him down along with the sacrifice.

“Why did you kill them!?!?” I heard Ritsuka shout at my brother. Toushi turned his attention to him and gave him a sad smile. I looked down onto the ground silently. “They are murderers who works for an organization called Hunters. The members are hunting for me and Tsuki to kill us. They’ve been chasing us for years already” Toushi explained “Why do they want to kill you two?” Ritsuka questioned. “We are the only two fighters in this entire world that do not need a sacrifice to use our full powers. They leader of Hunters finds us annoying as we always ruin his plan so that’s why he sends his followers to eliminate us” Toushi replied him “But he cant kill me unless he kills Tsuki first but that’s impossible since I can bring her back to life” he added. “Tsuki!!! I need your help with something!” I heard my aunt call. My eyes darted back and forth from Ritsuka to the door of the house. I bit my lip nervously but ran into the house to help my aunt.

Toushi’s POV

I let out a sigh as Tsuki ran into the house. I turned my attention back to Ritsuka and Soubi “Ritsuka, do you still take Tsuki as a friend even after that?” I ask the boy. He was silent for a while, thinking before answering “Yes” I smiled at him “That’s good to hear, Tsuki doesn’t trust people easily. You’re the one she trusted and opened up to so quickly. Well, you two should get going, it’s almost 5:39 now.” I waved at Ritsuka and Soubi as they left. Once they were out of sight I entered the house. ‘Ritsuka, I trust you with my sister’s heart. She may not know it yet but she likes you’


Tsuki’s POV

I took a deep breath before entering the classroom, nervously avoiding Ritsuka’s gaze. I placed my bag onto the floor and sat down, not looking up at Ritsuka at all. “Why are you avoiding me Tsuki?” I heard Ritsuka ask. I lookup and saw him looking at me directly, waiting for an answer “But yesterday-” I was cut off by him “We’re still friends” he had a blush on his face when he said that. My ears perked up and I smiled happily “I’m happy!” He smiled at me before turning his attention back to the front.


Days passed as I got closer to Ritsuka, Soubi, Yayoi and Yuiko. I had even met Kio, Youji and Natsuo. They were all nice people to me. My brother, aunt and uncle could clearly see that I was really happy. The pictures that Ritsuka had printed for me were all placed neatly in a thick photo album where there is only pictures of him, Yuiko, Yayoi, Soubi, Toushi, Youji, Natsuo, Kio and me. The pictures were all precious memories for me. There’s also this feeling in my chest whenever I’m near Ritsuka. My heart would skip a beat and I could feel butterflies in my stomach. It was soon obvious to me that I like Ritsuka. And having a brother like Toushi teasing me is not something good at all.

I let out a yawn as I passed the park. My aunt and uncle had left yesterday for England so it’s only me and Toushi at home. Every time our aunt and uncle left for business, it’s either me or Toushi who will stay at home instead of going to school to take care of the house for two days. Toushi needed to go to school today so I had taken the liberty to stay at home instead of going to school. Toushi had phoned my school and had informed them already. I stopped suddenly when I caught a glimpse of a person who looks exactly like Ritsuka on the park bench. I headed towards the bench, a small smile crept up my lips when I saw that it was Ritsuka. “good morning Ritsuka! What are you doing here? Don’t you have school?” Ritsuka looked up and his eyes widened in surprise “What are you doing here?” he asked. Soon I learned about what he intended to do and decided to invite him over to my house so he could sleep instead. I had explained about why I wasn’t at school to him already.

I insert the key to the front door and entered the house. I pressed the switches to the house lights and brought Ritsuka upstairs after placing the bag of groceries that I was carrying. “Sorry but you have to sleep in my room since I don’t have the keys for the guest rooms and Toushi would have my head if he knows your sleeping in his room…” I smiled sheepishly at him. “Would it be alright..?” he asked. I nodded my head and brought him into my room.

Ritsuka’s POV

Tsuki’s room was large. The walls were painted a soft lavender and mint green color. Two large, filled bookshelves next to her study table. Stationary, books and a laptop was on the study table. At the corner of the room there was a large furry cream carpet with stuffed toys on it. Her bed was king sized; it had a few pillows on it and a large stuffed dog on it. The room had two other doors which were probably the closet and the bathroom. Tsuki pulled the binds of the curtains closed and switched on the air conditioner. I climbed onto the bed, closed my eyes and drifted of to dreamland.

Tsuki’s POV

I smiled lightly at the sight of the sleeping Ritsuka before turning my attention to my laptop. It would ne a while before RItsuka would wake up or TOushi would be home so I entered a fanfiction sight and proceeded to type away while listening to the music playing through the headsets of my mp3.


Time had flown by and it was almost 4pm. Toushi has SMSed me earlier and said that he would be home late since he had soccer practice. I lightly shook Ritsuka as he woke up. He sat up straight and let out a yawn before blushing at the fact that my face was close to his. “What time is it?” he asked “It’s almost 4pm” I told him smiling sweetly before getting off the bed. “You should get going before your mom fines out Ritsu-” I was cut off by Ritsuka’s lips which were on mine. My eyes widened in surprise before slowly melting into the kiss.

Once we broke off, both I and Ritsuka had bright blushes painted on our cheeks. “Sorry” he shuttered out. I nodded my head. It was an awkward silence. He cupped my face and made me look up before leaning in unsure whether he could continue or not. I pressed my lips onto his lightly. Both of us were panting lightly after we broke off the kiss, bright blushes painted on our cheeks.

We weren’t looking at each other but the ground instead in embarrassment. “I think I love you Tsuki” I heard his say lightly. My eyes widened in surprise before realization hit me. A smile crept up my lips as I pecked his before replying “I love you too.” He smiled brightly “be mine…?” he asks unsurely. I nodded my head in agreement. “I’m home!!!” I heard Toushi’s voice yell. Both mine and Ritsuka’s eyes widened in surprise before we quickly scamper out of my room and sprint towards the game room so my brother would think that we were playing games the whole time. We rushed into the room and quickly oned the Xbox and simply choose a game and pretended to be playing it.

Toushi opened the door, an eyebrow quirked at the sight of me and Ritsuka playing the game. “Don’t tell me he skipped school, you found him somewhere and decided to come over here and played games the entire day?” his question was more like a statement. “eto…” I smiled sheepishly. Toushi smacked his forehead and said “he should get going it’s 4:37pm now” before leaving the room. Once Toushi left the room, both me and Ritsuka let out a sigh of relief before looking at each other and burst out into a fit of laughter.

We exited the room and made our way towards the front door. I waved a bye at him as did he to me as he walked away from my house. I reentered my room and proceeded towards the kitchen to cook dinner for me and Toushi.


Weeks quickly passed as me and Ritsuka grew closer to each other. We had taken many pictures together with Yayoi, Yuika, Soubi and my brother. The Hunters were strangely being less active as mine and Toushi’s suspicions grew.

Currently, Ritsuka and I are hanging out together again. We had just exited the library and decided to head towards the park to make more memories. After taking some pictures, I was taking random shots of Ritsuka with my own digital camera until I got an idea and enough courage to do it. “Ne look Ritsuka!” I said pointing at a small dog a few miters in front of us. Ritsuka turned his attention from the right to look at the puppy. I took this as an opponent to peck him on the cheeks as my camera flashed, signaling that the picture was taken. “Wha…?” Ritsuka managed to shutter out, a bright blush on his face. I smiled apologically at him, a light blush on my face and said “Sorry I thought that it would make a cute picture”

It was an awkward silence for a moment before I burst into a fit of giggles. Ritsuka gave out a few chuckles. “Sorry to interrupt your moment but we, Timeless, from Hunters wish to fight with Deathless” I heard a pair of voices say behind us. I turned around quickly and threw a fire ball at the two people behind us. A dagger flew towards at Timeless’s fighther as Toushi came into view with Soubi. “Challenge accepted! Systems expand!” I shouted. “Soubi protect your sacrifice! There are more hunters heading towards here! Don’t show any mercy at all!! They’ll jump at the chance to kill!!!!” Toushi shouted at Soubi who nodded his head

“Fire that reaches over 1000 degrees melt and burn any person who dares to fight with Lifeless, Loveless, his fighter and me!” I shouted as black flames headed towards Timeless and his fighter. “Water as cold as ice, extinguish the hot flames!” Another voice shouted. “We who share the same name Warmless will be fighting together to eliminate every single distraction from our goal!” Two new voices shouted. More hunters came forward from their hiding places and surrounded me, Toushi, Ritsuka and Soubi. “I guess that we have no choice then. We have to fight unfairly” Toushi said smirking as the shadows of the hunters swallowed them while I created a ring of fire around us to protect ourselves. Soubi was slaying the hunters after receiving an order from Ritsuka to kill all the hunters.

After an hour or so of fighting many of the hunters were slayed only four were left standing. Ashes of the hunters littered the entire area after being burnt to death by my black flames. Finally the leader of the hunters decided to show himself. “You really like killing all my men don’t you Lifeless and Deathless? You have even dragged Beloved’s exfighter now Loveless’s and Loveless into our fight.” The leader smirked. Toushi charged at him and slashed the leader with his sword made of shadows. Wolves and black panthers were approaching toward the battleground and was helping us fighter the lower members of Hunters. I threw fireballs at the leader as both Toushi and me worked together perfectly. Bloody wounds appeared on the leader as minutes passed. Soubi was helping the wolves and the panthers fight the other members.

Suddenly lightning struck towards Ritsuka. I acted quickly and reflected the lightning with a spell. Toushi’s body came flying and he hit the ground before getting up, glaring at the leader of Hunters. Chains suddenly appeared and grabbed Ritsuka, Toushi and Soubi. I stood on my ground and glared at the leader. “It’s your life or theirs Deathless, I have found out another way to kill people even if your preventing it with your powers” he chuckled. “Don’t listen to him Tsuki!!!!” Ritsuka shouted. I gave him a sad smile before walking towards the leader. The leader smiled and mockingly praised me “Smart choice Deathless”

Once I was in front of him, the leader grabbed my chin and made me look up at him. Chains grabbed me and chained me onto the ground. Suddenly I felt something jabbed into my stomach. My eyes widened as silent tears escaped my eyes. The leader, also known as Painful, had stabbed me with a dagger. Blood dripped from the wound and my mouth as Painful pulled out the dagger. The chains released me and I fell weakly onto the ground. “TSUKI!!!!” I heard Toushi and Ritsuka yell. I glanced at them and saw Ritsuka clenhing his fist and was glaring at Painful along with Toushi and Soubi. “YOU BASTARD!!!!!” Toushi shouted at Painful. Painful did nothing but laugh, clearly enjoying the sight. I smirked and got up slowly before lunging forwards and sliced Painful’s head off his shoulders. His body fell onto the ground as the head rolled a few meters away. “Burn in hell” was what I managed to shutter out. Black flames burned the corpse of Painful along with the other dead bodies. The wolves and black panthers had left with some of the corpses as food.

Ritsuka’s POV

The chains that were binding me, Soubi and Toushi disappeared as the corpse of Painful burned. I ran towards Tsuki who blacked out and fell onto the ground. “We have to get her to the nearest hospital!!” Toushi shouted as he carried Tsuki bridal style. All the corpses were ashes now and had been blown away by the wind. We ran out of the park and towards the nearest hospital. Worry cling onto my heart as we ran. ‘Don’t die Tsuki’ I prayed mentally.


Days had passed and Tsuki was saved but had entered a coma in the hospital. Her aunt and uncle rushed back from their business trip and visited her everyday. They wanted to know what happened but since they didn’t know about fighters and all Toushi had to lie to them. He said that a gang came out of nowhere and surrounded us. I watched Tsuki as she slept calmly on the hospital bed. It had been four days already since the event. Soubi, Toushi, his aunt and uncle had left me alone. They knew of mine and Tsuki’s relationship 2 days ago when Toushi read Tsuki’s diary. Their aunt and uncle had allowed the relationship as did Toushi.

Suddenly, Tsuki’s hand which was in mine twitched. I stared at her face waiting for her to open her eyes and she did.

Tsuki’s POV

I opened my eyes slightly and blinked them painfully, adjusting to the bright lights “Tsuki!!! Your awake!!” I heard Ritsuka’s voice next to me. Nurses and Doctors rushed into the room and gave me a checkup. Ritsuka had gone to call some people and came back with Toushi, my aunt, uncle, Soubi, Yayoi and Yuiko. They surrounded my bed once the doctors left. I smiled at them as they all talked in joy of my awakening. After a while they all left me with Ritsuka alone. He pulled me into a hug and hugged me tightly. I smiled softly and hugged him back. I felt wet drops of water on my neck. “Please don’t cry Ritsuka, I’m awake and fine now” I whispered into his ear softly. “but you almost died” he said, pulling away from me. “but I’m fine now aren’t I?” I told him before pulling him into a kiss which he responded back to. “I won’t die until the time is right Ritsuka” I said silently pulling him into a hug. Ritsuka smiled and hugged me back. We took a picture together before proceeding to chat about what happened when I was asleep. The only thought that crossed my head as I listened to Ritsuka was ‘We are just cats in love now.’

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