It's only the beginning... Unfortunately. [An Eric Northman x OC one shot]

Another one shot for sweetxbloodxaya that's based on True Blood. Different character this time, though. Meet Izzy. (Because I'm partial to this plot, and because I could do more with it, I may add chapters, one of which may be a lemon, but for now it's a stand-alone.)

Created by xteasle on Monday, December 21, 2009

It was just an hour after the sun had set when a certain thousand year old blonde vampire began to prepare himself for what would turn out to be a long night. He dressed sparingly, sporting a pair of black slacks, an expensive long-sleeved dress-shirt, and a silky red tie, complete with a tie clip. The two fancy accessories were new, and an addition that the former-viking wouldn’t normally find himself in when he was on bar-duty, however, tonight was different. Tonight was not one of the many nights that sheriff of area nine was expected to sit on his throne, supervising the peons in the kingdom that was Fangtasia; the one place that Eric Northman felt that he was king. No, for tonight, Eric was on a mission for Sophie-Anne, the resident Queen of Louisiana: actual royalty. Unlike Eric, she had the run of the entirety of the vampires in the state, not just one bar. Tonight, it was the blond vampire’s duty to entise the daughter of the highest family in witch aristocracy. He was even flown into San Francisco via Anubis Airlines the day before, specifically to meet the young witch in the family’s main estate.
One may wonder why the great Eric Northman, sheriff of area five and owner of Fangtasia and various other bars and/or corporations was being set out to seduce a witch of all people, well, the answer is quite simple: Sophie-Anne was having financial problems. The way that she decided to remedy that fact, or at least keep up appearances, would be to hold a large supernatural gathering, and feature each of the sheriffs with someone quite influential on each of their arms. It didn’t really occur to the queen that the best way to go about this problem would be to regain the lost power, but that seemed like a lengthy process, and with the vulture-like vampires after her position, there was no way to assure that Louisiana would not be attacked. Though the mission seemed quite trivial at face-value, there was a deeper reasoning behind it, and the blond viking could not go against his queen’s will. He chanted this fact in his head like a mantra as he climbed into a sleek rented vehicle and made his way to family’s large estate quietly. Night had fallen a mere hour ago, and he was already dreading the night he would have to spend with the unknown mistress.
Eric tried desperately not to think of this menial chore as a demotion as he pulled up in front of the mansion and opened his car door, getting out and closing the hunk of shiny metal at light speed. He slowed his pace to a stop when he’d reached the large oak double doors and rang the doorbell. The man tried to contort his face into the warmest smile he could muster as he came face-to-face with a pair of open double-doors and a vampiric butler.
“Good evening, Eric Northman, sheriff of area five.” the seemingly knowing man greeted with a slight nod of his head in greeting. “What is your buisness here?”
“I am to meet the young Isabel, on the queen’s orders.” the blond disclosed, awaiting his invitation in.
“One moment please.” the man disappeared quickly, his smile fading. He was soon replaced by an older woman, presumably human, standing in the door.
“Please, make yourself at home.” the female gestured towards the inside of the house, breaking the magical barrier that was previously prohibiting his entrance.
“Thank you.” the viking gave another small nod in respect, this time directed at the older-looking woman.
“Isabel’s room is two flights of stairs upward, and the first door to your right.” she informed the thousand year old vampire, with a mysterious smiile, looking up the stairs expectantly.
Eric simply gave yet another nod, this time of thanks, and sped up the stairs, just a blur of colours due to his agility.
He reached the second floor in less than two seconds, and was knocking on the door by the time he hit two point five. A bored sounding voice bid him enter, and he did so, slightly less than enthused. He forced another fake-looking happy attempt onto his delicate features and opened the door to be faced with something most unexpected. Upon his entrance, he wondered if maybe he’d gotten the wrong room... Or perhaps the witch was just going through what parents deemed ‘the gothic phase’. Every inch of the room was painted either black or red, with the trim being all black. The bed was definitely what one without the luxury of bed-posts and canopies would be amazed at. Upon doing a full examination of the female’s living space, Eric’s eyes settled on the form of the mistress that he was to meet that night, laying belly-down on her bed, legs kicking away in the air. He was indeed in the right room. The young-looking witch was playing with what seemed to be a pink teddybear, and not paying her guest any attention. What he did notice about the girl was that she was indeed dressed in a gothic manner, but in a classy way, if that ever adjective applied to any of the stereotype at all. He was unable to get a clear look at her face due to the fact that she was diagonal, facing away from him. Taking a cautious step forward, Eric announced himself in a proper manner, waiting for a response.
The one that he did get took him by surprise even more than the initial impression he got from her.
“Eric. To what do I owe the pleasure?” a sweet sounding voice chirped from the female as she got up and turned to face him, flashing him a blinding smile. The voice soon turned bitter, a tone he didn’t expect. “You’ve never come to visit me before. Heck, you avoid me at any chance.”
The vampire in question recognized the voice belatedly, realizing that the witch standing directly in front of him, the very same witch that he was supposed to parade around with on his arm was his very own little Izzy. The Izzy that acted like a child all the time. The Izzy that went to his bar in rainbow-coloured clothing and drank only ‘popo juice’. The Izzy that he evidently underestimated. How he didn't connect the Isabel that he was to woo to his own Izzy was unapparent, in afterthought, but the shock remained. The night had definitely taken a turn for the worst, and the only way that Eric thought this might still work would be to calmly explain the situation and see if she’d help. If that failed, the vampire was not so prideful as to refuse to turn to bribery.
“The queen of Louisiana is in need of the assistance of several influencial individuals in the supernatural community, and you happen to be one of them.” the long-dead man explained monotoniously, feeling very unenthused. “Will you assist her by allowing me to escort you to a vampire ball in a fortnight?”
“Hmm. Let me think about that one...” the young girl replied sarcastically, “No. What has your queen ever done for me? Vampires in general seem often seem to forget to take into account the importance of witches and even make fun of their being 'on the fence' between the natural and supernatural world. Or so you said, at one point, if I remember correctly.”
He figured that it wouldn’t easy. The only issue with the task at hand was that, while he really wanted to give up and call it a night, the queen really was in need of the small girl in front of him, so he really had to win her hand by any means necessary.
“Alright. What do you want from me?” the vampire offered with open arms, inviting her to name anything for him to acquire.
“I don’t need any of your money.” she replied, shrugging. Her gaze grew mischievous as she stared at the floor. After a slight pause, she continued, “I may, however, be willing to do this for a small, unmaterialistic token.”
Thinking he had her in the bag, he gestured for her to continue.
“Two weeks of your time...” she began, her voice cold enough to make any ice cube jealous, “In your long life, that shouldn’t be too much to ask for. You have those two weeks to prove that you care for me, and want to escort me to this ball.”
Eric didn’t allow his facial expression to change, despite the superfluity of regret pouring from the very seams of his cold, dead heart. Two weeks was nothing to a man who’d lived for over a thousand years, but to have to feign feelings of compassion for the annoying female that stood in front of him for that time period? It felt impossible, but he knew he had to do it. He wouldn’t dare go against direct orders from his queen. After having to remind himself of this several more times, he gritted his teeth, and accepted the deal like a man.
“Oh, right.” she decided to add now that he’d already agreed, “If I’m not convinced, I reserve the right to refuse to go.
The man cursed in his old viking language under his breath, preparing himself mentally to completely let go of his pride for the next fourteen days.
“Now, rub my feet, will you?” the young witch suggested demandingly. "Oh, and once you're done that, you can massage my back as well. Hop to!"
And this was only the beginning.

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