Back To Reality - A Jonas Brothers FanFiction - Chapter Eight

Created by JoBrosFan3000 on Tuesday, December 22, 2009

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Chapter Eight

Kevin knocked on Nick’s bedroom door just like he did for the past fifteen minutes.

“What?” came a muffled groan from inside.

“Please… open the door.” Said Kevin as he leaned his head against the wall, “Pl-“

The door cracked open, “What?” asked Nick as he rubbed his eyes.

“It’s time to go to the studio.” Said Kevin flatly as he scanned Nick up and down.

“I don’t feel good.” Said Nick as he closed the door

Kevin thrust his hand in the little gap in the door way, “Wow there bucko!! You said that you didn’t feel good for the past three weeks!! Mom took your to the doctor and you are perfectly fine!! Now get out of our sweat pants, get your sweatshirt off and put on some clothes. We’re leaving in an hour, so be down stairs for breakfast in ten minutes.”

With that, Kevin turned around and walked down the stairs. Joe walked out of his room, “What’s his problem?”

Nick’s bedroom door slammed shut and the curiosity in Joe made him wonder what was wrong with Nick. Joe knocked on the door, “Nick? Are you ok?” Joe twisted the handle and walked inside.

“EW!!!” said Joe as he picked his left shoe out of a melted carton of cotton candy ice cream “What is that I just stepped in? Never mind, I don’t think I want to know! … Nick? Why’s your room all messy?”

“Why are we having guests?” asked Nick as he pulled a shirt over his head

“No…” asked Joe becoming very confused “Your room is just usually the cleanest in the house and now…it looks like a dump.”

“Why do I always have to the one that’s organized and confident all the time?! Can’t I just be unlike me for a while?” said Nick as he threw his sweatpants at Joe

Joe cautiously walked out the room backwards, “Ok…whatever you say Nick, whatever you say!”

Frankie ran down the hallway towards Nick’s bedroom with a bunch of papers and almost knocked Joe off his feet. He swung Nick’s door open, “Nick!! I need help!!”

“Go talk to Joe or Kevin,” said Nick as he ran his fingers through his hair

“But I need your help!” said Frankie as he sat down at Nick’s messy desk, “I just can’t figure out how to end this song and I know you can always think of someth-“

Nick rolled his eyes, “If you promise to leave me alone for the rest of the day, I’ll help you. Deal?”

A very confused Frankie stood up and said, “Ok…sure… whatever.”

Nick followed Frankie out of the door and downstairs into the dinning room. Nick looked at his brothers to his parents and sighed, “Morning.”

“Morning!” said everyone very cheerfully

“Sit down, honey, your pancakes are getting cold.” Said Mrs. Jonas

“I’m not hungry.” Said Nick as he sat down and took a dip of his orange juice.

Joe stood up, “You know what NO!! You will eat something because you haven’t eaten anything for weeks!!”

Mr. and Mrs. Jonas gasped “You didn’t eat for weeks!! What do you mean?!!” said Mrs. Jonas

“What about your blood sugar?” asked Mr. Jonas

Nick looked down, “I don’t know.”

“What do you mean you don’t know?!?” shouted Kevin as Nick’s eyes filled with tears. “Don’t you care about anything anymore?!?”
“W-why should I? Melanie’s never coming back!!” said Nick as he walked out of the room

“He’s this upset over a girl?!?!” said Frankie shocked, “Ew!!!”

Mrs. Jonas’ eyes filled with tears, “Paul… our little boy is-“

“Irresponsible? Not longer caring? Stupid? All of the above plus more?” asked Mr. Jonas

“In love.” Finished Mrs. Jonas as Joe and Kevin exchanged worried glances.

The boys ran out of the room after Nick. They saw him grab his coat so they ran and blocked the front door.

“Move.” Said Nick not making eye contact, “Please, move.”

“No.” said Kevin “Not in a million years.”

Joe looked down, “Nick…it’s not like we don’t trust you it’s just-“

“You’re afraid that my messed up head will make me do something I’ll regret.” Said Nick as he wiped tears from his cheek “But I won’t do anything stupid; I just wanna clear my head.”

Joe and Kevin exchanged worried, concerned glances, “Why don’t we start out in short increments and if you do ok with that you can have total freedom again.” Replied Kevin

Nick smiled, “Ok.”

“Now, let us ALL get into the dinning room and ALL of us will eat our breakfast before going to the studio.” Said Joe as he wrapped his arms around both of his brothers’ necks, “We’ll get everything back to normal…don’t you worry.”

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