Vampire Love and Sex 2

Created by bleh124 on Wednesday, December 30, 2009

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Ebba's eyes slowly fluttered open, reveling a strange room around her. As her eyes adjusted to the low lightly, Ebba slid her body in to a sitting position on the bed she was currently laying upon. Her brain desperatly tried to remember anything about where she was or even why she was here. That was when she remembered the dark stranger; Ayden. He had been following around her for weeks and then told her that he was a vampire. Only now, in a room unfamiliar to her, did she finally realize he was telling the truth. Sucking in a deep breath, Ebba braved a look down to her body. She sighed with relief to see that she was still in all the same clothing. The only thing that had been removed was her shoes.
Once she was assured of her clothing, Ebba truely looked around the room. She was surprised to see that it was filled to the brink ofwith items of luxury. There were rich silks on the bed and walls, each looking to be at least $1,000 a foot. Other items including rich wood furniture and expensive paintings. Apparently Ayden was rather wealthy. 'Another thing to add to the list.' Ebba thought with a light sigh.
Now knowing where she allegedly
was, Ebba couldn't help but wonder where her kidnapper was. Almost as if he had been summoned, Ayden arrived sitting infront of Ebba. He was smiling warmly, pleased to see that she was awake. "Good morning my darling Ebba. I'm glad to see your awake." he said while caressing her cheek lovingly. In responce, Ebba could only blush. No one was ever this intimite with her. Even pass boyfriends only got to holding hands.
Ayden seemed to notice her blush and only smiled more. "Now that your awake, you can get prepared for our wedding." he said, as if it was just a simple matter. Ebba's mouth hung open in shock. "T-today? W-w-were getting married today?" she asked in shock. She barely knew anything about this man, how was she supposed to marry him? Plus, she wasn't in love with him. How could she be? He had captured her from her family, friends, and expected her to get married.
While she was in her thoughts, Ayden took it as an oppertunity to get Ebba off the bed and into his large bathroom. He slowly started to undress her, which broke Ebba's thought stream. "W-What are you doing?" she practically shrieked. Ayden looked at her innocently "I'm going to give you a shower." Ebba blush turned as red as her hair. He smiled lightly and kissed her. First, on the cheek and then slowly made a trail of kisses leading to her lips. He stopped right before their two lips could meet.
Ebba looked up into his eyes, confused by his actions. Even though she barely knew this man, his kisses were sweet and gentle, why wouldn't he kiss her on the lips? Ayden seemed to read her thoughts and kissed her forehead. "I'm saving your lips for when we wed." he said and continued to undress her. He first pulled up her dress, tossing it to the side once he had pulled it off. Ebba continued to blush and wrapped her arms across her chest, hidding her bra covered breasts. Ayden didn't seem to mind, he would get to that soon enough.
Instead he pulled down her leggings, kneeling down to do just that. Ebba's breath started to hitch as he pulled her leggings off of her thin legs. He smirked at the sight of her creamy legs. "My, my. You are beautiful." he said looking up to Ebba's bright green eyes. Not waiting for Ebba to comment, Ayden stood up and lightly grasped her arms. Ebba looked up into his eyes, embarassed by her unclothed state.
Ayden lightly pulled her arms away from her chest and gently pulled down the straps of her bra. Ebba swallowed hard, and closed her eyes not wanting to see his reaction to her breasts. With her eyes closed, Ebba could feel Ayden's feather light touches make there way back to the clasp of her bra. Slowly, Ayden unclasped her bra hook by hook until it simply was undone. Her bra slide off of her arms and fell to the floor where her dress lay.
Ebba looked up to Ayden, embaressed that his eyes were glued to her perky young breasts. "A-Ayden." she whispered, hoping his gaze would adjust away from her boobs. Luckily, he looked away and moved his thin fingers down to the sides of her underwear. Slowly, slowly, he pulled the silky material away from her womb until Ebba was completely naked. Ayden took a step back so his eyes could ravish all over Ebba's petite body.
As Ayden slowly moved his eyes across Ebba's body, she tried her best not to move and cover her body, she knew that Ayden would likely do something.Once Ayden was done, he was quick to pull off his own clothing. What hid beneith his pants and undergarments weredefiantly a shock to Ebba. His man hood was standing tall and erect, much toEbba's embarassment. "This is what you do to me Ebba."he said when Ebba's gazewas on his penis.
Ebba merely blushed and looked away. Ayden picked Ebba upandplaced her into his marble shower.After stepping in himself, Ayden slid the glass doorshut and turned on the shower. As the water beat down onto their two bodies.Ayden picked up some soap and dragged it all over Ebba's thin body, making sure he cleansed every square inch of her body. Ebba, while being washed, tried her best not to moan as his hands lingered on her breasts and vagina. Though, a small moan did excape her lips, much to Ayden's pleasure.
He finished washing Ebba and soon turned off the shower. "Its time for you to get ready my dear. One of my servants will help you get ready." he said after he dried off her body. His lips rested lightly on her cheek as he breathed in her scent and wrapped the towel around her. Ayden grabbed another towel and walked off, leaving Ebba dazed, confused, and alone. 'What do I do now?' she thought desperatly.

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