Scream 2-My Version (Randy Meeks) Chapter Five

This is the halfway point and I'm so happy!

Created by BlackCat8888 on Friday, January 01, 2010

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On some small whim, the police decided that I should not be anywhere near the sorority house.Not that I was complaining.I didn't really want to see Cici's body.It was like Tatum all over again.So I allowed Randy to drive me to his dorm.Not that there was really another choice.Would you walk home a night when you'd just gotten a call from the killer.
"They'll find him."Randy told me, but it seemed like he was trying to convince himself just as much as me.
"They didn't last time."I said quietly.
"Last time we didn't think we'd get targeted.Now we know better."
I shook my head slowly.
"It makes no difference.Nowhere is safe.It could be anybody."
"Except me, you, Sidney, or Hallie."he said quickly.
"Doesn't matter anyway because they're all in trouble too.Somehow I don't think the killer will be too keen on me since I insulted him...Sidney is definatly gonna get targeted.Hallie is usually with her so she's will too.You're usually with me and It doesn't help that me, you, and Sidney are all survivors.Gale and Dewey are here too so they're potentiel victims.What are we gonna do?"
He pulled into the parking lot outside his dorm and looked at me.
"You're not gonna do anything.Tommorrow you're gonna get on a flight back to Woodsboro and stay there until it's safe again."
My eyes widened.
"What about you?"
"Well I'm...I'm staying here."he said slowly, avoiding my gaze.
It was a moment before he spoke.
"I'm gonna stay and help find the killer."
"No you're not."I said abruptly, shaking my head."You promised you wouldn't leave me, and I'm not about to leave you.If I'm going to Woddsboro so are you.If you're staying here, so am I."
"No Randy,"I told him firmly."I love you more then anything else.You know that.You're all that I have left and still, I'm happier then I've ever been.But I can't loose you.If something happens to you, something happens to me.End of discussion."
Slowly he turned to look at me.
"Why are you so stubborn?"
I smiled lightly.
"Because I'm stupid."
"Alright,"he said after a moment."We'll both stay, but the next time something happens, it's off to Woodsboro we go."
I stared at him a moment before nodding.
"Yeah, okay."
"And you don't go by yourself."
I smiled and leaned foreward to kiss him.
He kissed back happily and it went on like that until we got in trouble by the security officer and had to hurry to his room to...continue.

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