Im Renesmee's twin sister Yet I live with the Volturi Chapter 3 (An Alec volturi love story)

Ok so here is chapter 3 and thanks to XxMusicXAngelxX, LovexxMini, and LiveForYourself, nessievenessacullen for the messages you sent me.

Created by IatetheLASTcookieXD on Friday, January 01, 2010

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Chapter 3
When grandpa Carlisle opened the door his stressed out face turned into a cheerfull one.
"Hello Charlie," grandpa said as the man walked into the house.
"Carlisle," Charlie gretted quickly. "Wheres Bella?"
"Right here Dad," Mommy called from beside me.The man stiffens but continues to walk into where we all sit.He's beautiful for a human.Curly dark brown hair, pretty dark brown eyes likes mommy's when she was human.Grandpa Charlie's emotions hit me hard.Shock, Disbelief, Pain, Loss, Fear, Anger, Suspicion, and finally more Pain.I look up to see mommy biting her lip hard.I guess she had noticed his emotions to.
"Is that you Bella?" He whispered.
"Yup," Mommy said then winced at the sound of her high voice. "Hi Dad."

Charlie took a long deep breath and stepped back.
"Hey, Charlie," Jake greeted him from across the room. "How're things?"
Grandpa paled probally remembering what Jacob was then glowered at him for a second then turned to mommy.Slowly he walked across the room shotting a glare at Daddy at the way.He stopped afew feet away from us and his smell hit my nose.The smell was so overwhelming I bit my lip hard.What his blood would taste like.... No stop thinking about it.Beside me in mommy's arms Renesmee sniffed and mommy's arms tightened her grap on my sister.Granpa saw mommy's anxious look down at Renesmee and followed her eyes.
"Oh," he said, all anger had left his stressed face but leaving shock in its place. "So this is one of them. The orphans that Jacob said your adopting."
He turned towards Daddy and his eyes widened.He had seen me.

"Myneiece's," Daddy lied smoothly.He must have noticed the resemblance between Nessie and was too pronounced to be ignored, but how could he explain me.
"I thought you lost your family," Charlie said sounded like he didn't believe Daddy's lie.
I was no longer listening to them talk about Nessie, now I was staring across the room at uncle Jasper.He saw me looking and me a small smile.
"She's mine I want her," I heard mommy say beside me.I frown and continue to stare at Jasper.Mommy only refered to Nessie not me.I feel Jasper staring back at me and frowning.I guessed he sensed my disappointment.Daddy reading Jasper's sudden thoughts about me looked down at me and stared but quickly looked back up after reading Charlie's angry mind.

I look at Grandpa to see him start hyperventilating..His lips started to tremble and I saw his lips saying numbers.Jacob came over and put a large hand and Granpa's shoulder.
"Need to know, Charlie. Its okay I promise.Charlie swallowed and nodded then took a step towrads Daddy.
"Im sorry," Daddy said calmly, "but you need to know that the public story more than you need to know the truth. If your going to be part of this secret, the public story is the one that counts. It's to protect Bella, Renesmee and Scarlett as well as the rest of us.Can you go along with the lies for them?"
One on said anything and mommy did something humans would do.Finally Charlie huffed and turned to mommy.

"You might'vegiven me some warning kid," He said finally eneding the silence.
"Would it made it any easier?" Mommy asked
He frowned and knelt on the floor in front of mommy.Nessie peeked out even more from mommy's hair and waved at him.
"Whoa," Grandpa gasped, his eyes focused on her mouth, probally her teeth. "How old is they?"
"Three months," Daddy said slowly "rather, she's the size of a three month old, more or less. She's younger in some ways, more mature in others. Scarlett is smaller hen her."
Grandpa turned to Daddy and looked at me in his lap.His eyes softened any many thoughts ran through his mind. I nuzzled in closer to Daddy's chest not wanting to smell him.

Jacob came up and elbowed him. "Told you they were special, Didn't I."
Granpa cringed away from contact.
"Oh, c'mon, Charlie," Jake groaned. "Im the same person I've always been. Just pretend this afternoon didn't even happen."
As the sudden thought ran through his mind Charlie became pale, but still nodded.I turned my head and saw Nessie smiling to herself, She was enjoying all of this.

"I don't know how much we should tell Renee about this," Granpa said as Mommy, Nessie, and I stood at the door.He streched and his stomach growled.Mommy nodded.
"I know I don't want her to freak out. Better to protect her. This stuff isn't for the fainthearted."
They continued to talk as I felt me eyelids dropping.I looked at Nessieand saw she was curled into Mommy's side.
"Do I ever get to hold one of them?" Grandpa said waking me up.Mommy blinked and looked at Renesmee and saw she was sleeping, then she turned to she and saw that I was awake.
"Here," She said finally handing Renesmee to him.As mommy gave her to him he never toke his eyes off me.Mommy noticed thtat

"Rose come take Scarlett!"She called and turned to me, "Say good-bye to Granpa Scarlett."
Charlie bent down and smiled at me just as Rose lifted me out of mommy's arms.Ifight the urge to use my voice that no one knows about and yell at mommy to keep me in her arms the same way she does with Renesmee, But I don't.I don't think I will ever use my voice until I need to.

Well that was it. Sorry it took so long.and is short Banners? One Shots? Please Rate and maybe even send me messages.Love you all

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