I'm not a teenage dragon

Created by XtriciamaruchanX on Friday, January 01, 2010

You’re probably expecting me to say not to read this or something terrible will happen. Well, that’s not happening in this case.

Most people would call this a fairytale. Others would call it fake.

But, they are wrong. This story is real.

Before I get carried away, I must tell you my story.

My full name is Jason Eric Serrano.

But Jason is my dad’s name.

So most people just call me Eric.

I just turned 15 in July.

I live in Seattle. Or used to anyway.

We just moved to California.


Goodbye dreary Seattle, hello sunny California.

Hello, hello, hello.

Sure Seattle was cool.

Big buildings, friendly people, safe, a lot of hot girls.

But to explain it all in one word.


All day.


Every day.

Clouds, clouds, clouds, clouds, clouds.

It was nice though.

But it’s even nicer to move to a new place.


Why do I say again?

My dad’s in the army. So we move around a lot.

We’re only staying here until he finishes some special training in San Diego.

So about 5 months. Which means my sister and I will be able to finish this next year of school.

And we leave about two or three weeks after.

It’s not easy however. We can’t get too attached to our friends. Because we know, we’ll have to leave them. I would love to tell you that it’s easy.

But I can’t.

It isn’t easy.

Backtracking a small bit, who is we?

My younger sister, grandparents, dad and myself.

But is someone missing?

Wow, you people ask a lot of questions.

But yes

It’s our mom.

We all miss her. But there is nothing we can do. She’s gone, forever.

You’re right if you guessed that she is dead. It’s hard to talk about. But since you’ve read this far, I suppose you’ve earned it.

It’s been a long time. 7 years almost. Sometimes just thinking about it makes tears come to my eyes.

It’s no one is at fault. It was just cruel destiny thinking that it was her time to go. I sometimes wonder who she’d be today.

How did she die? It’s a very long and complicated story; I don’t even fully understand it. I was only eight at the time.

But to put it simply, she died after my sister was born. 2 days after my sister was born to be exact.

Like I just said. We miss her a lot. And when he told me the news, he said to me, “Eric when you are down, don’t forget to look up. She will always be there.”

As unreal as it may seem, I don’t think I could have gotten though it without those words.

But she always told me to follow my dreams and never give up. That’s why I can and do play the guitar.

For her.

It was her dream to see me on the stage rocking out like a pro.

I do my best; I practice as often as I can.

So when I get all my homework caught up, I practice for hours until I fall asleep and my grandpa comes yelling at me.

It’s kind of funny actually.

He has the cane and everything. It’s like one of those 85-year-olds “back in the day” as my grandpa likes to say, yelling, “YOU KIDS GET OFF MY LAWN!”

Only my grandpa is 62. Just a few years short old buddy, just a few.

Which reminds me of one more thing that’s really important.

I have a really big secret you should know about.

I’m part dragon.

Yeah, I am serious.

I’m a European Divine Heraldic Dragon.

Whoa, big words!

Yeah, let me explain those.

Divine, mean that I am controlled by the wind and rain.

Heraldic, simply means when I’m in my true form, I have two pairs of legs, and I have wings.

Everyone that lives with me has these powers.

Except my dad. It’s complicated really. When he and my mom met, he explained it all to her.

Basically what he said is that when a Recombinant(a human and a dragon)meets a human, the two have to have a special ceremony that certifies that the recombinant has to give half of his power to the mate. So it’s like a dragon wedding. And they had two weddings so no one got suspicious.5 stars for thinking ahead and extra wedding presents.

Did I mention that we’re not supposed to tell anybody about it? Only if the mate promises to marry the Recombinant. And if they should get a divorce, both lose their power, and the human gets their memory erased with a nifty little potion.

It’s not as complicated as it seems.

Okay. I think you’re ready to hear the story.

You know too much as it is.

But you still need to know more, but I’ll tell you that as I go along. That is IF, you need to know. Which in most cases you might.

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